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Whats the best thing you have bought that has actually SAVED you money?



  • gilligansyle
    gilligansyle Posts: 4,124 Forumite
    Just thought of something though not sure if this counts.

    'Friend' was in financial difficulties, business gone bust, negative equity. Agreed to buy half the house to help out, various things happened and the purchase never went through, but I lent him the money (£2,000) to clear the arrears and got a charging order on the house. So technically I still own part of a house, valued in 2002 at £57,000 and is probably worth more now.

    As we fell out big style, he probably won't sell just to spite me, but.....

    Then again, if I hadn't lent the money, I would have it now, and wouldn't be in debt!!!
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  • Puzzledbubbles
    Cordless digital phones for £34.99

    Bear with me here - my nanna desperately needed a cordless (the only phone point downstairs is in the hall and upstairs in her room so she has been charging around the house for years in order to run and get the phone, only the other day she fell over, while on the phone to me - hence the need for a cordless)

    Only i went over to drop it off and she had sorted our a lovely breadmaker for me (i sneakily looked in the catalouge and found it at £65) also her OH gave me a charger for my phone for the car (£20 as i nearly bought one a few days before) and then when i put the charger in my "secret compartment" i found my handsfree blue tooth thingy that had been lost for months and i was going to replace at £15.99.

    So that £34.99 phone set actually saved me a total of £66 and my nanna is a lot safer which is the most important thing
  • cady
    cady Posts: 668 Forumite
    the best mony saving thing is my clothers airer sves me loads instead of using the tumble dryer on elec!!
  • almar_2
    almar_2 Posts: 393 Forumite
    In no particular order - all these, we have found save us a fortune.

    * Microfibre cloths - save me a fortune on cleaning products.
    * Soapnuts - each wash is now 3p compared to the occasional whites wash @ 19p with Daz tablets.
    * Slow cooker - brill
    * Artisan bread in 5 mins (book) - home-made bread/rolls/pizza without a bread maker.
    * Bt internet broadband £15.99 pcm - I use to pay a fortune on dial up.
    * Toilet rolls from Netto 12 good ones for £2.50 - instead of 9 for 4.50 at Tescos.
    * Tesco voucher codes for on line shopping save me at least £10 per shop.
    * Energy saving light bulbs
    * Card making kit - making my own with - especially for you by ... on the back - for pennies instead of ££££sss
    * Selling at least 2 items per week on e-bay.

    Best of all -

    * My Tesco clubcard plus card - gives me double points then I swap them for Deals and have a free holiday/ meals out / RAC cover/ dry cleaning etc all for free.

    All the best

    Quidco £196 - Voucher Codes £408 - GC Saved £603
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  • painted_lady
    painted_lady Posts: 1,020 Forumite
    First Post
    I bought another clothes airer this week, given the weather isnt so good and I seem to have shed loads of washing to get through now.
  • summermummy
    Skype - I make several phone calls a day, some long distance to America - totally free providing you are speaking to another skype customer, even to mobiles if it is a skype mobile.

    Also buy reduced foods that a freezable. Yesterday and today bought 2 salmon steaks, 2 packs of organic sausages with 8 in each pack, 400g block of mature cheddar cheese - all for 60p from Co-op.

    I do this pretty regularly so save a fortune on my monthly shop - especially as I have two young children.
  • scubaangel
    scubaangel Posts: 6,600 Forumite
    First Anniversary
    My railcard, only bought it 2 weeks ago and its already paid for itself in discounted train fares, and its saved me money on fuel and parking as I dont have to drive the rattletrap to the midlands every weekend.

    My diving kit, spent a small fortune 8 years ago and got top of the range stuff at the time, still using it today, its costing me £200 a year in servicing but has to have saved me far more in hire charges for the amount of diving I've been doing in those years.

    Other than that not really a purchase but my tesco clubcard, so far the points deals have paid for almost 1/3 of my OU degree courses (fingers crossed I pass them now).
    It’s not worth doing something unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren’t doing it.
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  • Mellika
    Mellika Posts: 506 Forumite
    My best money saving buy was a decent cookbook!
    When I decided to start pulling in the purse strings the first thing that I thought should go was the convenience food so I had to bite the bullet and learn to cook (much to hubbys dismay!:rotfl:).
    Now instead of a standard meal for the three of us costing upwards of £5 I can do a whole days worth of meals for us all for under £5!:T

    Which cookbook was this please???
    GC March Wk1 £28.72/£30 Wk2 £28.4/£29
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  • rog2
    rog2 Posts: 11,650 Forumite
    First Post Combo Breaker
    I see that a lot of you mention your 'Bread Makers' as having 'saved you money'.

    About five years ago, I bought a 'Bread Maker' from Tesco - it was on offer at £29.99, which was less than half of the original price of £80.00.

    I took the BM home, and the reaction from my wife was a bit like the reaction of 'Mrs. Doyle' when Father Ted bought her the 'Tea Machine' at Christmas.

    My wife proceeded to 'demonstrate' that she could make bread without the need for a machine that would 'only use electricty'.

    The result has been great - we have home-made, hand-made, bread - not all of the time, as we still 'buy bread' when it is reduced. Home made 'pizza to die for' and the best cakes in the street.

    As for the Tesco Bread Maker - well, after a couple of years of it being stuck in the original box, in the garage, I sold it at a Car-Boot sale for £40.00.

    So I guess it did save me money in the end. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    I am NOT, nor do I profess to be, a Qualified Debt Adviser. I have made MANY mistakes and have OFTEN been the unwitting victim of the the shamefull tactics of the Financial Industry.
    If any of my experiences, or the knowledge that I have gained from those experiences, can help anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances, then my experiences have not been in vain.

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  • taplady
    taplady Posts: 7,184 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    Like Hypno I've got a clipper set (with various comb fittings, scissors, clips etc) - can't remember how much they cost me but not a lot. I used these to cut DS's hair.

    I also have a good pair of hairdressing scissors - I cut my own fringe and OH does the back for me when the ends start to split. OH is the only one in our house who has his hair cut at a barbers (though he does dye it at home).

    I also bought OH a Thermos flask for £5.99 from Aldi a year or so ago. When OH is out all day he takes a flask of coffee which saves him a fortune on buying coffee when he is out.

    I agree with both of these - the hairclippers are a top moneysaver and the flask has saved us a fortune - we take it everywhere - even shopping:D
    Also agree with those suggesting their PCs and the 3 tiered steamer!
    Do what you love :happyhear
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