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IT'S BACK !!! M&S "Dine in for £10" (merged)

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    Ooooo, great. Will get my running shoes ready for tomorrow then
    :T :T :T
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    Yes definitely started yesterday and sad to report the "Whole Bird" size MEDIUM - is EXACTLY that !! A few have tried LARGE at the till but the offer has not worked. Looks like you are aiming for about a £8.50 Chicken if you want to "max out" the Medium range.

    Cook Chicken & Cider
    Gastro pub Fish & Chips
    2 Salmon Fillets
    Gastro Paella
    Cook Meatballs
    Medium Whole Bird
    Short-crust Chicken Pie
    Large Vegetable Mousakka

    Roast Potatoes
    Traditional Vegetables for Roasting
    Mediterranean Vegetables
    Caesar Vegetables
    Winter Vegetables
    Tomato & Basil Potatoes
    Ultimate Mash
    Garlic Ciabatta

    Sticky Toffee Pudding
    Christmas Crumble
    Strawberry Tarts
    Syrup Sponge Pudding
    Small Profiterole Stack
    Melt-in-the-middle Chocolate Pudding
    Belgian Chocolate Souffl!
    Cheese Selection
    Chocolate Mint Selection
    Fruit Collection
    Divine Bread & Butter Pudding

    Cava Brut
    Cape Quarter Chenin Blanc >>>
    Cape Quarter Shiraz >>>
    Valencia OJ
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  • next deal starts Sunday 28th Dec, will give you all details when I know
  • any news on the £10 m & s deals it will save me cooking anymore !:beer:
  • jamespirjamespir Forumite
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    is this on today
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    no, it starts tomorrow, and according to the member of staff i spoke to, its 3 boxes of party food (ie canape type stuff), and a bottle of wine

  • 166444742.gif
    16 Bacon & Cheese Rolls
    12 Bacon & Sausage Rolls
    50 Cocktail Sausages
    12 Mini Burgers
    12 Mini Pork Pies
    40 Sausage Rolls
    Mini Chicken Kiev's
    Bacon & Pea Frittata
    Mini Toad In The Hole
    Mini Steak & Ale Pies
    12 Duck Spring Rolls
    12 Oriental Duck Select
    18 Oriental Prawn Selection
    18 Indian Chicken Kebabs
    12 Yakitori Chicken Kebabs
    12 Chicken Satay
    Oriental Chicken Selection
    10 Beef Yorkshires
    12 Mini Beef Wellington
    Duck Spring Rolls
    Antipasti Selection
    12 Brie & Cranberry Parcels
    18 Cheese & Garlic Bites
    12 Vegetable Vol Au Vents
    12 Mushroom Spinach Filo Tarts
    12 Cheese & Tomato Frittatas
    Mushroom Risotto Cakes
    Parsnip & Pecorino Wraps
    12 Oriental Vegetarian Selection
    Vegetable Spring Rolls
    Olive Selection
    Cheese Selection

    9 Smoked Salmon Appetisers
    12 Salmon Cheese Bagels
    12 Smoked Salmon Belinis
    18 Crispy Prawns
    Coated Prawns
    12 Coconut Prawns
    12 Prawn Toast Selection
    6 Lobster Spoons
    6 Salmon Shots
    12 Scallop Rosti
    12 Scallop Prawn Tarts
    10 Salmon & Crab Canapes
    Mini Salmon En Croute
    Lemon Sole Goujons
    Battered Haddock Goujons
    Prawn spring Rolls
    12 Mini Coq Jacques
    [FONT=gothic,serif]Mixed Selections[/FONT]
    12 Vol Au Vents
    12 Mini Quiches
    50 Party Selection
    12 Mini Pizzas
    18 Indian Selection
    36 Oriental Selection
    Enclos Les Pins Merlot
    Enclos Les Pins Chardonnay
    Cava Brut
    Valencia OJ twin pack (2x1 litre)

    Happy new year everyone here are the options for the deal
  • lili2008lili2008 Forumite
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    I think there's another 2 dine for a tenner on the way. I saw a member of staff trying on a promotional t shirt the other day.
  • Here's the new 15-18 January offering:


    2 X Lochmuir Salmon Fillets
    Gastro Paella
    Ready to Roast Honey Gammon
    Cook! Scallops and Butter
    Medium Whole Chicken
    Butternut Goats Cheese Lasagne
    Cook! Chicken and Pesto


    New Potatoes - Herb
    Dauphinoise Poatatoes
    Winter Veg Medley
    Ceasar Vegetables
    Traditional Vegetables For Roasting
    Sage & Onion Stuffing
    House Salad Bowls
    Roast Parsnips
    Parmentier Potatoes


    Lemon & Ricotta Cheesecake Slice
    Divine Bread & Butter Pudding
    Hot Chocolate Fudge
    Puff Apple Pie
    Profiterole Stack
    Cheese Selection
    Fruit Collection
    Berry Punnet
    Chocolate Mint Collection
    Extremely Fruity Blueberry Smoothie


    Cobborah Shiraz
    Cobborah Chardonnay
    Coborrah Cabernet Merlot
    Enclos Les Pins Merlot
    Enclos Les Pins Chardonnay
    Cava Brut
    Valencia OJ
  • excuse my ignorance but i am just about to have this for my pudding. do you just have this on its own or do you ave it with custard. never had bread and butter pudding before and not really sure what to expect. thanks
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