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IT'S BACK !!! M&S "Dine in for £10" (merged)

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  • hotpot4hotpot4 Forumite
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    Is this on again this week? :confused:
    Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.
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  • klb_3klb_3 Forumite
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    hotpot4 wrote: »
    Is this on again this week? :confused:

    No, they've got this deal instead.
  • The next dine-in deal is planned for Thursday 11th and to run for that weekend. Don't know what is on it yet. There is also a planned "Party-in for £10" special in the few days leading to NYE. I'll let you know what is on next week's deal as soon as I find out. There could be last minute changes bearing in mind things in retail are moving rapidly as we get close to Xmas.
  • nikflonikflo Forumite
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    any more new on if its on this week??
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    I manage to make four main meals for under a tenner and that's going to Sainsburys and buying good fresh stuff and making it myself and everday they have some great price reductions on fresh fish and meats, some great bargains to be had.
  • nikflonikflo Forumite
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    i agree with you tabunny, but i do that most nights the m&s deal is more of a treat, and the fact it comes with a bottle wine makes it worth the while for us.
  • This offer is a special treat for many of us, not part of our basic shopping. I'm looking forward to seeing what's on offer this weekend.
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    Is it definitely on for tomorrow? Not seen or heard anything :confused:
    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift - the present. ;)
  • This is the selection available for this weeks dine in offer (it is definately happening!!!)


    Cook Chicken & Cider
    Gastro pub Fish & Chips
    2 Salmon Fillets
    Gastro Paella
    Cook Meatballs
    Medium Whole Bird
    Short-crust Chicken Pie
    Large Vegetable Mousakka


    Roast Potatoes
    Traditional Vegetables for Roasting
    Mediterranean Vegetables
    Caesar Vegetables
    Winter Vegetables
    Tomato & Basil Potatoes
    Ultimate Mash
    Garlic Ciabatta


    Sticky Toffee Pudding
    Christmas Crumble
    Strawberry Tarts
    Syrup Sponge Pudding
    Small Profiterole Stack
    Melt-in-the-middle Chocolate Pudding
    Belgian Chocolate Souffl!
    Cheese Selection
    Chocolate Mint Selection
    Fruit Collection
    Divine Bread & Butter Pudding


    Cava Brut
    Cape Quarter Chenin Blanc
    Cape Quarter Shiraz
    Valencia OJ
  • Yes starts tomorrow (Thurs) - having to do this from memory so not my usual definitive list, but the deal includes....

    Whole Fresh Chicken
    Gastropub Paella
    Gastropub Fish & Chips
    Cook! Chicken in Cider
    Salmon fillets
    Veg Moussaka
    Gastro Meatballs

    Various prepared vegetable sides or garlic ciabatta

    Various hot sponge puds
    Fruit Salad
    Christmas Crumble
    Profiterole Tower

    Drinks include red and white wines, also Cava.
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