IT'S BACK !!! M&S "Dine in for £10" (merged)

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    It's back - Thursday 27th Aug to Sunday 30th


    British Steak
    The Grill Ginger, Lime & Coriander Chicken Breast
    Fresh to dress Seabass with Mediterranean Dressing
    Cook! Chicken Breasts with Mozzarella & Pesto
    Cook! Lemon Sole Fillets with White Wine & Herb Butter
    Lasagne Al Forno
    Roast Whole Chicken
    Rotisserie Chicken
    2 Mushroom Garlic Crispbakes (v)


    New Potatoes with Butter & Herbs
    Traditional Summer Vegetables for Roasting
    House Salad Bowl
    Caesar Style Vegetables
    Parmentier Potatoes
    Mediterranean Vegetables
    Gastropub Chips
    Asparagus Tips
    Cauliflower, Brocolli & Carrots


    Profiterole Stack Filled with Fresh Cream
    2 Belgian Chocolate Souffles
    2 Prosecco Rose Summer Fruit Puddings
    Mixed Berries
    2 Sicilian Lemon & Ricotta Cheesecake Slices
    2 Raspberry Pannacotta
    2 Raspberry & Vanilla Mascarpone Slices
    2 Melt in the Middle Puddings
    Strawberry Trifle


    Le Froglet Shiraz
    Le Froglet Chardonnay
    Le Froglet Rose
    Apple Presse twin pack
    Valencia Orange Juice 2 litres

    There's ALSO 25%OFF WINE if you buy 6 bottles - and that will be off FULL PRICE - so worth getting 6 of the £10 deals if you can club together with relative, friend, neighbour, or if you've just got a large family.

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    will this work if i jus buy one meal and 5 bottles of wine?? how much is 20% worth?? and has anyone tried using the 15% voucher which is sent through the post with the credit card vouchers??

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    When they have 25% off wine it will work if you buy 1 meal with wine + 5 bottles (least it did for me}
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    Does anyone know what the current menu is?


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