IT'S BACK !!! M&S "Dine in for £10" (merged)

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    ebsay2000 wrote: »
    Check out Channel5 news n their website to see how these so called 'freedom' chickens are treated!!!! :mad:
    Thank you. Here is the link to the bit of film on the Channel 5 news website:
    I'm sure you don't have to even be a vegetarian to be appalled by this.
  • Thanks Harryharp.

    I'm no good at doing links!
  • YOUNGE1YOUNGE1 Forumite
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    If you buy 6 deals you get 10% off your wine too.
    I saved another £3.80 on the wine!

    Grreat deal.

    I got 6 large Oakham chickens, 2 chocolate desserts, 3 lemon souffles (each has ceramic ramekins), 1 raspberry and strawberry cheesecakes, 1 salad, 3 broccolis, 2 baby potatoes.
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    I plan to pop in tomorrow and buy some for meal for two when the kids are in bed :) Missed out last time, :(
  • gyinnitgyinnit Forumite
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    Went to M&S in Talbot Green and they'd cancelled the offer today because they hadn't received their delivery of desserts :-(

    I'll be back tomoro!
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    For £10 we got:

    Large Oakham chicken £4.80
    Caesar veg £2.99
    2 Fruit tarts £3.29
    Classic Claret £6.49

    From memory I think the following were:
    Salmon fishcakes £3.99
    House salad £2.99
    Chocolate puddings £2.49
    Pinot Grigio £5.49

    SAs were restocking all the time we were there - apparently it had been manic!
  • RustyFlangeRustyFlange Forumite
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    I am popping down today ... there is a m&S food at Kingston Park so plan to go there and get a couple. Ideally would like a chicken, not sure what else though will probably come home with 2 chickens!
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    Do M&S still have 25% off wine when you buy six bottles ? and the 5% off in the instore brochure ? last time they had this meal deal I got three of the meal deals and three extra bottles of wine, I think it worked out I had paid about £3 for the extra 3 bottles of wine. Something like £33 for 3 meals and six bottles of wine.
  • ebsay2000 wrote: »
    Check out Channel5 news n their website to see how these so called 'freedom' chickens are treated!!!! :mad:

    A Friend of mine had a very bad experience with their Oakham chickens :eek: - (it still makes me feel ill thinking) about it but the chicken had a bad smell when cooked and emitted a brown liquid when they served it. Needless to say it was inedible and returned to the store and ... they are still waiting for some compensation from M & S!!!
    Saving, saving, saving - thank you Martin! :money:
  • dazzer68dazzer68 Forumite
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    went in first thing this morning, was like a fish market in there!
    bought ,meals for six days!
    some of the wines,classic claret are £6.50 a bottle!
    the reciept showed £97 and paid £55 ! got 10 discount for buying 6 bottles so a weeks meals for £55 execellent. just got to get the other bits now bargain milk and bread anyone?:j
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