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Bulk LPG - Cheapest suppliers / supply route?

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  • The competition commission today took another step towards making switching suppliers viable according to some rules.

    11 July 2008
    Domestic bulk liquefied petroleum gas investigation: Notice of intention to make an Order (standard domestic installations), explanatory note and response to consultation published

    Received a letter from Flow Gas today asking me to renew my supply agreement with them New contract with minimum sign up 2 years is this a sign of things to come
    I am not happy with them and there prices currently 44.19 litre variable and a 5 p surcharge litre vairable standing charge 11.71 p per day
    Has any one else had same
  • I to had a letter today (06.09.08) from flogas, they want me to sign a new 2 year contract, charging me 46.25ppl, + a surcharge of 3ppl and 11.71per day standing charge, if i decide to move to another supplier they said that they would also purge the supply pipe from the tank to tap on the out side wall with expanded foam so i have to relay a new pipe, even though i dug trench and put the pipe in, they supplied plastic pipe, so they do seem to hold people to ransom
  • moo2moomoo2moo Forumite
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    We got the same letter. We've had the same LPG tank for 16 years and have nver previously been asked to sign anything other than the initial contract which was with British Gas prior to being taken over by Flogas.

    Will be phoning them to jump up and down on monday. Wonder what will happen if we don't sign? The cover letter seemed to be a thinly veiled threat that the tank wouldn't be covered by their insurance but equally reading between the lines if they are charging daily rent on the tank and its not fit for the purpose.... I'm getting more confused by the minute.
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  • moo2moomoo2moo Forumite
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    The rear of the contract that came with todays letter state

    "2.4 The pipes installed at the Site remain your property and responsibility at all times"

    If they fill that with expanding foam against your wishes then they are in breach of their own contract
    Saving for a Spinning Wheel and other random splurges : £183.50
  • lpg_2lpg_2 Forumite
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    if you do change supplier, i can not see flo gas filling the pipe with foam i have never heard of anything like it and i change tanks ever day. They are just trying it on mate
  • dont sign the flogas contract - they told me the reason behind the contract was the eec has outlawed rolling contracts!!

    I think the real reason is the new legislation that will allow other companies to take over the filling of your existing tank

    If you are in a contract with flogas you will be stuck with them for 2 years if you sign the new contract ie you cant change companies

  • I had a supply agreement renewal form from flogas today(09-09-08),dated 05-09-08. 2 to 5 yr agreement, 41.5 p ltr, surcharge 5p ltr, and standing charge of 15.29p per day.They like to remind you that the tank remains their property,therefor the tank maintenance and repair must, surely remain to be their responsibility.I have yet to see anyone visiting to make a tank inspection/test.(tank installed 5 yrs ago).
  • If they're anything like Calor then their website will say 'our highly trained drivers will complete a full inspection before each delivery'...

    As for the Calor Price - currently £ 0.3565 per litre (excl. VAT) with a price rise due on the 19th of this month - so get your orders in early if you're a Calor customer!

    I wish there was a wiki for this type of price comparison info rather than scrolling through the forum.

  • Can't believe how many different variations there are from the same company!
    Just received my new Flogas Supply agreement - 44.35p/l + 5p/l surcharge + 14.74p/day standing charge.
    Installed bulk gas tank when we moved in 1991 - no mains gas in village then and none now. With Totalgas, taken over by British Gas. Can't remember how long we signed for but have found a signed agreement for 1 year dated October 2000 and don't believe I have signed one since. I think it was only for 1 year as the tank was due to be replaced in 2001 at 10 years.
    Am afraid I intend to ignore this agreement with the proposed new rules being imminent.

    Thanks moo2moo for pointing out clause 2.4 - how on earth did you manage to read it, it's miniscule ;-D !? Will certainly keep that in mind.

    Am seriously looking into getting Flogas to remove the tank and having our own installed, so that we can look into shopping around for supplies each time we need a fill.
    Does anyone have any information on how to go about purchasing your own tank? Or is it possible to 'rent' a tank and purchase lpg wherever you choose?
  • I have also just received a Flogas Supply Agreement . They are asking me to sign an agreement which does not appear to have any benefits for me. However the agreement would tie me into a contract with Flogas for between 2 to 5 years and if I wanted to terminate the contact I would have to pay £120 to have the tank removed and compensate them for breaking the contact.
    If I don't sign I presumably would not have to pay for them to collect their tank and not pay any compensation.
    I guess I won't be signing the contract.
    My contract is for less than 42p/litre including surcharge. They have tried several times in the past to increase the price but I have said that I would change supplier. It does look like some LPG suppliers will charge whatever they can get away with and they do not publish their prices. It may be a good idea if more people were to publish how much they are paying to help get a more competitive market going.
    There is a web site (I have no association with this site) and if LPG buyers report on how who their suppliers are and how much they are paying per litre we may all benefit.
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