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Bulk LPG - Cheapest suppliers / supply route?

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Bulk LPG - Cheapest suppliers / supply route?

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molokoidmolokoid Forumite
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Hi all,

Moved into a house in Jan that has a bulk LPG tank, which was previously supplied (and the tank is owned by) Calor. The contract they were really keen for me to sign was quite a restrictive lock in one and after speaking and a bit of negotiating they dropped the standing charge and discounted the pence per litre by 12%. This only made me sceptical that they had a lot of fat in the price anyway and there seems to be limited information available on the net about bulk lpg supply (lots of websites that will find you the cheapest supply for a fee!). Seems to be crying out for a MSE article if there are enough bulk lpg owners out there.

Anyway, i read that there is some sort of regulation coming into the market which allows me to choose the supplier i wish and in turn they buy the tank off the previous owners. This seems to be a more market competitive way of doing it, but i can't find out when this is due to happen.

Are there any bulk lpg owners out there that can give me some advice?



  • abigbillabigbill Forumite
    26 posts
    I'm trying to get some transparency on LPG rates for home use, so I'm posting on sites like this: There has been government legislation on this with some small regulation, but LPG suppliers tell me not yet law. Thus, one day the tank will be filled by all suppliers rather than solely the owner of the tank. :Flogas: June 2008. I've just been charged 43ppl + 9ppl surcharge for my 1200 litre tank. 13pp days rental. I used 7700 litres this last year June-June 2008. I'm in Bucks. Not a mansion, but circa 1540 Period & G2 Listed so no way to properly insulate, so a real gas guzzler. So I am looking to change. I've searched sites. I'm being ripped off rotten. Have had a survey (they insist) and Calor quote 36.9ppl for one year then 40.xx odd ppl but want 150 to install. 2 year tie-in. But I need Flogas pipe removed at my cost to fit theirs. So add another 5-600. Cos Flogas own my underground pipe and the surface tank. Still cheaper than Flogas after a year. But then I'll have to pay another 600 no doubt to remove Calor's pipe if i wish to change again.

    Please submit your offered deals so that we can all compare. Prices vary wildly and we need to know what is in the market. I'm being taken for 4+K a year. I've looked into owning my own tank which is 1200 to fit, but then I find no one will fill it, or if they do , not at a viable rate. Any one played this game before me? I would love to know if i can get away from Calor gas and Flogas tie ins. It seems I have no choice. Pay or freeze?
  • lpg_2lpg_2 Forumite
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    when you change supplier it is normally free to do a roll over they dont touch the pipe work they only change the tank and the first stage regulator. if you buy your own tank most companies will fill it as long as you have the tank test certificate
  • abigbillabigbill Forumite
    26 posts
    Thank you. So a change of pipework is not nomal. Calor's surveyor/salesman wanted to replace the Flogas tank which I understand, and then replace all pipework past the tank regulator up to the gas-tap before it becomes my pipework to the boiler/ hob dryer etc etc. Told me they would not be happy to connect to existing pipework for safety reasons. (pipework is now 6 years old) and I assume was installed by Flogas up to mine. But Flogas pipe is underground for a 25-30 foot run so a new trench is needed. Costly. It ws a deal breaker, and I had to send Calor away even though 150 tank 60 pa rent and 36ppl for a year from June 2008 was atractive. BP over the phone say they won't need new pipework. So who is correct?
  • lpg_2lpg_2 Forumite
    27 posts
    i change tanks ever day you don't need to change the pipe work it is plastic it won't rot. personally i would stay a way from calor ;)
  • i spoke to calor today and they mentioned the law coming soon about being able to change supplier easier. 7700 litres :( i hope my house doesn`t use that much... I have a 1930`s 4 bed with 2" cavity that needs insulating.. whats an average for an old 4 bed house????

  • The competition commission today took another step towards making switching suppliers viable according to some rules.

    11 July 2008
    Domestic bulk liquefied petroleum gas investigation: Notice of intention to make an Order (standard domestic installations), explanatory note and response to consultation published
  • cairndogcairndog Forumite
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    My bulk calor is now 40.65pl plus standing charge 16.90p per day
    The're asking for a d.debit of 250 per month now.My average use is 5000litrs per year and this is with a new(supposedly more efficient condensing boiler installed 2 years ago) I also have a very old property difficult to insulate;have put thermal lining onsome outside walls.
    Trouble is LPG users have few options and no price controls.We are on fixed income and feel powerless to do anything as moving's not an option.
  • nath812nath812 Forumite
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    I feel for you. We are currently about to move into a home with lpg bottles! After a lot of research Im going for a multifuel boiler stove. Most local tree surgeons sell wood for a relativly cheap price and it means I may loose a bit of my beer gut and become buff......or not! What I do know is that it looks like the cheapest option at the mo.

  • Changes are in the pipeline. Soon we will be able to switch suppliers without having to have the tank taken out and replaced with the new suppliers tank - a complete waste of time as the new tank and pipework are exactly the same - it's just a way of trying to stop us switching suppliers or squeezing more money out of us is we do decide to switch. If they didn't charge such excessive prices we wouldn't feel obliged to switch. We changed suppliers about 8 years ago. At the time we were given a brilliant new rate but for the last 3 or 4 years have seen it soar - way above our previous supplier's rate. To switch back is a huge upheaval but it looks as if later on this year all that will change. Take a look at - this site will give a clearer indication of what's going to happen soon.
  • Once it is settled, this business of not changing the tank, I will be checking lpg prices again.

    The last time I had a phone around Countrywide were the cheapest suppliers of LPG. They usually supply farmers but will supply anyone actually. At the time it was too much hassle to change as the tank would have to be swopped....

    I cannot remember how much cheaper they were but it was a fair bit at the time.
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