July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    angelnikki wrote: »
    Did you actually boil the onions? Thanks for the recipe BTW - it does sound yummy :drool: I love minced beef & onion pie. Think I'm gonna do this as a way to use up some of the 7p puff pastry stash that I've got. :D Thanks for the idea.:A


    Yes, I usually put the carrots, onions & parsnips in together till they have just turned soft (just bring to the boil and then simmer for a couple of minutes) I also had some celery that I had to use up, but that softens so easily, I put them in at the end. Then I added the gravy mix to the veg, added the mince & oats and put it all into the dish with the pastry on top. NumNumNum... It was really nice, but you only need a small amount (not the great big serving we all had! :D ) because it's really filling.
    PS: Took a bit longer than I thought too, so might be better on a higher temperature for about 30 minutes. HLH
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    I have just updated my signature and I am running on £257.75 for the month, but that doesn't include the trip I made to the wholefood wholesaler this morning (need to deduct a few items for friends before I know the total) to get breadflour (huge great big sack!) etc.

    Herewegoagain - you tomatoes have got 'blossom end rot'. It's very common with toms grown in greenhouses and conservatories. I find watering little and often is best.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

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    Hi everyone well i'm about at the end of my budget,just £5 left. today got meat from butchers went late so got loads at knock down price,also got fruit and veg from market.few whoopsie's from Tesco.should have enough in till end of month.
    Thanks MRSMCAWBER for the muffin recipe will give that a go tomorrow.
    have started my meal plan for Aug.
    July 2008 Grocery Challenge.[£200/£200]
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    Found this too while I was looking for the other one!

    Lemon chicken with basil and tagliatelle

    350 g dried Italian tagliatelle
    2tsp olive oil
    500g fresh chicken breast
    150g frozen peas, defrosted
    Juice of half a lemon
    3tbsp half fat crème fraiche
    1 pot of fresh basil
    Salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet. Drain and return to the pan to keep warm. Meanwhile slice the chicken breast in to 1cm slices. Heat the oil in a large pan and fry the chicken for 4-5 minutes until lightly browned and cooked through. Add the peas and cook for 1-2 minutes. Stir in the lemon juice, crème fraiche and seasoning. Heat gently to coat the chicken, then stir in the drained pasta and basil. Toss gently to mix. Serve with a green salad.

    This one came from a Waitrose recipe card. The original had a 125ml bottle of Waitrose Lemon Juice – so I am guessing the amount of lemon – you may want to taste and adjust it.
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    Good to have you back Mrs M :)

    Budget is completely blown for this month, we are now £40.62 over :o Not helped by a quick trip to Mr T for "a few bits" for a picnic tomorrow as we are off to an open air concert (yes, I am praying the weather improves!!) Anyway, bits came to over £12 :eek: We were going to get a chicken from the butcher tomorrow and have a roast on Sunday, but have now decided to see if we can live off what we have till I get paid next Thursday, so we don't go any further over the budget. Got loads in the cupboards and freezer, so should be OK.

    Just but the BM on to make some cheese & marmite twists and may have a go at breadsticks to take with us tomorrow too.

    Off to try a slice of the chocolate yogurt cake I made on Wednesday now - am amazed we've managed to resist it for so long!!!

    Oh, and not sure if this is a GC thing, but does anyone have any tips for getting blood out of clothes? Seem to remember soaking them in salt water is good, but not sure if I'm making that up!!!
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    Hi all
    But knew it would be!! And am consoling myself in the thought that had I not been doing the GC would have spent much more- am not going to include what we spend when we're away as have some money aside for that but will need to to do a shop when we return so it will still go up :eek:

    See you all when we get back

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    angelnikki wrote: »
    jediteacher sorry to hear your DD's poorly. You could try giving her a gingerbread man ;) as ginger is supposed to be really good for settling tummies (avoid any ginger biscuits with nuts in though as she's under 3). I found it worked really well for me when I was preggers and had a bit of reflux. HTH. :grouphug: give her a hug from me x.

    Thanks angelnikki :A Will try and make the gingerbread men this weekend.

    Thanks to everyone else for their kind words.

    My little one is feeling better today. Put her on the dried food and she's eaten it all - infact she's being eating us out of house and home! So, fingers crossed we've caught it in time.

    A NSD today. :j

    Had an excellent day at school. I'd arranged a fun science morning for the kids. We had loads of fun making colloids, mini explosions, foaming mixtures, static electricty etc. It was a really good way to wind down from such a long term. We break up next Wednesday so, I'm very envious of all those who have already broken up.

    Sorry, went off topic.
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    utterly butterly 500g 2 for £1.50 ends 29th

    del monte orange juice half price 54p ends 5/8 cheaper than value ;)

    single cream 150ml 27p / double cream 150ml 41p

    linda mccartney veggie sausages half price 84p ends 22nd

    huggies pullups BOGOF ends 22nd

    selected pampers/huggies 2 for £16/ 2 for £10 ends 22nd

    value plain flour 1.5KG / SR flour 1.5KG 35p I think this has gone down

    batchellors condensed chicken soup 25p
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    MRSMCAWBER wrote: »
    Have enough flour, cheese, marscapone etc to last several months (just need to track down marscapone recipes):D

    Hi Mrs M,

    I can highly recommend Tomato & marscarpone pasta sauce. Dh insists on having it every week, very creamy.

    If you're interested, I can let you have the recipie.

    Thanks to all the lovely people on here I have managed to cut my hours down to 2 days a week, allowing me to spend more time with my gorgeous Children. :j
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    Yes, should do, but if you notice one that's slipped through the net, let AngelNikki know and she'll add it on for you.

    Oh no, I haven't noticed one has slipped the net, was just wondering because I was going through every post looking for recipes and thought I had read some where about them all being put together.
    But thanks as that has saved me going through how ever many pages there are.
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