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Slow Cooker Recipe Index

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Old 01-05-2005, 6:41 PM
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Default Slow Cooker Recipe Index

Slow Cooker Recipe Index

Recipes are grouped as Beef, Chicken, Fish, Lamb, Pork, Vegetarian, Sweets, and Miscellaneous

If I have put your recipe in the wrong section, or your recipe could go in more than one section - please PM me and I'll be happy to change it.

You are very welcome to add your own favourite recipes to our slow cooker collection. To do so please Click Here

If you have joined us from the book:-


Pull up a nice comfy chair, have a drink of your choice
beside you, and be prepared for a long and interesting
read. Many new visitors frequently find that they have
all spent hours browsing the fascinating posts and help
that is to be found here on Moneysaving Old Style.

If you'd like to read more on all sorts of subjects then do
please click on the link below:-

Please scroll down for more on
Slow Cooker Recipes

(Board Guides are asked not to merge these threads in order to preserve links from the book)

Any Meat you'd like...

(Where the poster has suggested using any meat in the recipe I have collected those posts here. Other recipes a little more ingredient specific are listed in the categories below)

The "any meat" recipes are collected here:


(Steak and Kidney Pudding... Coca-Cola Pot Roast... and... Brisket! Then there's Spanish Meatloaf and of course good old Chlli... )

Beef recipes are collected here:


(From Chicken Stock Soup to... Fridge Stew and... Turkey & Ratatouille and even a Whole Chicken in bigger pots. Then there's Duck... )

Chicken recipes are collected here:


(We start with Congee... )

Fish recipes are collected here:


(Lamb Shanks anyone? Or Moroccan Style... or a Curry...)

Lamb recipes are collected here:


(Sweet n Sour Spare Rib Chops... Pork Steak and Mushroom... )

Pork recipes are collected here:


(Don't miss out on the recipes that "just don't happen to have meat in them". Lots of these make good accompaniments to other meals and dishes too. We start with a Mexican Beany Thing... )

Vegetarian recipes are collected here:


(From the Christmas Pudding to... Dried Fruits... Rice Pudding...)

Sweets recipes are collected here:


(From Rabbit with White wine to... Fruit Punch and Mulled Wine. There's a Breakfast Caserole, Lasange, Liver, and even Porrige and a Yoghurt!)

Miscellaneous recipes are collected here:


Chicken on foil or cooked dry
Dumplings - when to add them?
Recipe quantities?

Slow Cooker threads on Old Style

Food Safety - cooking meat in a slow cooker

Small (tiny) slow cooker - how do I use it?

In my slow cooker today

Is gammon good in a slow cooker?

I've got a new toy

How do I pot roast beef in a slow cooker?

Slow cooker desserts - esp rice pud

Another use for slow cookers

Recommendations for a slow cooker please

Another question about slow cookers

Slow cooker desserts

Is it big enough?

Slow cooker cookbook recommendations

Slow cooker cook book

TIP - Cooking small quantities

Handy web sites:

CONVERSION CHART (Crock Pot Cooking) (recipes for download in PDF format)

Slow Cooker oven cooking times converted


Just One Pot

The Slow Cooker Recipe Book

last indexed to post #972
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