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Old 28-02-2009, 4:43 PM
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OK, here we go, the great re-posting as promised!

Low carb recipe list

baked egg custard


almond cake microwave # 314619

mascarpone choc dessert #3211 st18303731

bakewell tart #2536 #post17532423

bakewell porridge #3137 #post18234945

almond/flax bread #2937 post18060807

flax cracker #2383 post17392595

instant bread / cake

cauliflower pizza

sesame crackers #2728 723125

pancakes e#post17335019

flax pancakes (ta, hanspan!)

Sazbo's flaxbread

Aubergine Parmigiana

Gravy ideas

Badger Lady's jellies!

Mexican fudge

Salmon treats

Mazzers lasagne

Parmesan crisps

Coconut muffins

Buttery chicken

HC's Moussaka

Strawberry Cheesecake (Rose Elliot)

Coco Candy!

Mockolate Danish and Mock Danish recipes

Mazzers' curry / buttery chicken and bhajis

U4EA recommends (for recipes)

Flax cracker type thing

mazzers roasted peppers

HC's chicken pesto, ta sweets!

sweetserendipity's salmon fishcakes

marrowgirl's Spinach Cheese Dumplings

Some lovely recipes from zerodashzero!
Pizza alternative

Pesto Chicken#2

Crustless Quiche #2

Mazzers bread recipe

Chocolate biscuits - ta Mazzers!

sotonsaverjen's coq au van

yummymummy79's choc soyaprotein pancakes

Mercy's Almond Slices

Tasty spicey broth

Beef mince curry

Totally the best chocolate sponge in a low carb stylee EVER!

More low carb resources

HanSpan's chilli choc

HanSpan's chocolate microwave sponge thingy

Flaxy foccacia, from Hanspan - busy girlie!

Chance Cheese sauce

Sweets' cheesy leeks!


Bacon crisps, nutty or not

Gers' strawberry dessert

Always Harassed's black forest gateau tasting dessert

Always Harassed's tasty meatballs

Sarah's salmon and anchovy good stuff

Gers' tomato soup

sweets' butternut squash soup - with notes

Daisy's chicken pie

GG Crispbreads - 85% bran! Link and details from sweetserendipity

shykins waffle variations

Mercy's Chicken Korma

Always harrassed Kedgeree

Mazzers alternative to flax bread

Linni's peppercorn sauce

Always harrassed's koftas

mazzers best soup yet

Alias' chicken amazingness

Pink Princess's Pavlova!

Pink Princess again with Vanilla Ice cream

sistercas with Coconut Pancakes

Pink Princess Cajun spiced pecans

Pink Princess Full Chicken Mild Madras

Pink Princess Yassa Chicken - Senegal Stew

Gloomendoom's missis' baked cheesecake (link)

Mazzers bread link

Mrs Gloomendoom's cakes (link)

Murphydog's Chocolate muffins

Mercy's spinach and chicken fried egg omlette

Mercy's amazing omlette with spinach and cheese fried egg omlette

jm2926 Daikon au gratin

daska's butter chicken

AudreyHepburn's Cauliflower hoummus

murphydog's links to biscuit/cracker type things

andrewsmum's baked swede and CHEESE SCONES!!!!!

daska's fridge raiders

murphydog's Butternut Squash Soup - for 1 whole squash

andrewsmum' flax porridge and jelly

Sheilas Courgette Surprise

murphydogs Prawn n Asparagus Quiche

murphydog's Cream of Broc n cauli soup

daska's celery/cereriac soup

Mercy's meaty casseroles and big burger

Andrewsmum's cauli soup

Andrewsmum's guacamole

absolutebounder's chicken curry

Jerryjerryjerry's fried green tomato curry

Daska's perfect pasta substitutes

3 from murphydog here
coconut / berry smoothies

veg soup anyone? Carbs list of suitable veg

Coconut / almond pancakes

Pink Princess' Muffins and Cookies!

Mercy's flax fruit n nut bread - also said to be 'malt loaf' Not strict.

Enjoy this lovely food!
low carb recipe list - link on page 1 low carb support thread
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