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    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 5th Jun 17, 6:20 AM
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    determined new ms
    What small DFW things will you do this week? w/c 05/06
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    • 5th Jun 17, 6:20 AM
    What small DFW things will you do this week? w/c 05/06 5th Jun 17 at 6:20 AM
    When we start out on the DFW trail we do loads of "big stuff" that makes quite a difference to our situation. These include having our lightbulb moment, cutting up the credit cards and cancelling Sky and the gym.

    But once we have done the bigger stuff, we often feel that we are not making the same amount of progress, when in fact the small steps are helping us form good financial habits and helping us get closer everyday to staying in control and becoming debt free, or staying debt free.

    Examples could be hanging washing out instead of using the tumble dryer or leaving your purse/wallet at home to avoid the risk of spending.

    So be proud of those small steps, they really are important
    DF as at 30/12/16
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    • PurpleFairy26
    • By PurpleFairy26 9th Jun 17, 6:40 AM
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    Morning all

    Hope you're feeling better dawn

    FVD I notice you say that quite often your son eats your lunch during the night. Can't you say to him 'anything on X shelf in fridge is out of bounds' and always put your lunch in the same place. Just a thought to save you from pr3t

    List for today:
    Wrap and post and other small flea bay sale, something random I found whilst clearing out garage a few weeks ago that I've not used for about 5 years
    Breakfast overnight oats and fruit from the market yesterday
    Lunch I'll get on expenses and I'm going out for dinner tonight with some friends. Won't be extravagant though or affect budget as it's planned
    Hot drink for commute
    Something out of freezer for smalls and DH tea
    Check surveys, banking and for
    DH pay day so updated master spreadsheet account looks much healthier now
    Quick fly lady of the bathroom to keep on top of things

    Think that's about all for now, have a good day folks.
    • Twins
    • By Twins 9th Jun 17, 8:47 AM
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    Morning all!

    Hungover here. Head hurts. Was a good night though and the only money I spent was topping up the Oyster and cab home both of which will be expensed back when I have the energy.

    Today's going to be a pretty non productive day:

    * Drink plenty of H2O
    * Figure out dinner plans tonight, haven't planned for that
    * Try and get a walk in later but my feet hurt from wearing my heels all night

    That's all I can muster for now. Have a good day everyone
    LBM April 2011 Debt £30,800 now in DMP land
    Self Managing my DMP May 2017

    Slowly chipping away at my debts: April 17 £17,388 June 17 £11,268.06
    Debt free date: Jan 2023 Dec 2022. April 2019 I will be free
    £2 Savers club #39
    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 9th Jun 17, 9:28 AM
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    Back on the wagon today, I've just reread my post from last night and I actually sound a little more in control than I felt but I'm feeling a lot more positive today.

    You're right purps , the bottom drawer is usually out of bounds but my fridge leaks water at the bottom (under the drawer) and it's a bit splashy to pull it out at the moment so I've not been using it. I will mo it up at the weekend.

    All food from home today and I have taken moussaka out of the freezer for tonight.

    Post on zapper Facebook page to ask where my cheques are.

    List bouncy castle on ebay

    Bloke is hopefully coming tonight for guitar
    Do clothes washing/drying/putting away tonight to free up Saturday for more listing of stuffs to sell.
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 9th Jun 17, 1:21 PM
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    15p from payout on Prolific and 1.75p pending...
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 9th Jun 17, 5:16 PM
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    Evening all
    Made it to Friday - thank goodness... Still as busy as anything and I'm also on the run foodwise. It is really helping me to stay healthy but costing me a fortune. It's much cheaper to buy a sandwich and a bag of crisps than to buy fruit and a salad when you're in a hurry. But I'm going for health rather than cash at the moment.
    Still exam marking but hoping to get the first batch of it mostly finished this weekend. I enjoy it but am missing my relaxation time and my crochet (an awful lot).
    DFD 6 Nov 15 - paid £28,447
    • Happy Kitties
    • By Happy Kitties 9th Jun 17, 7:38 PM
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    Happy Kitties
    A very short post from me today as not a lot going on.
    Some paperwork done today and I must get tidying up the house which is beginning to look very messy at the minute.
    Banking all checked first thing.,would have been a NSD except for needing the new kettle, but was much needed.
    Still eating doughnuts-so fed up of them now.
    Did have some good news yesterday, after 5 weeks of treatment missing kitty now home was finally signed off by the vets, no more B12 needed, intestine back to normal. They want her back in August to check on her weight as she is back to a good weight now,they don't want her getting overweight again like she was pre missing. Her scavenging at home has also settled down, so all is good.
    Have a good weekend everyone x
    2017 birthday savings shopping frugally = 481.15:money. 2018 birthday savings so far=359.51
    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 9th Jun 17, 8:57 PM
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    Just sold my guitar for £80, I need to get up early enough tomorrow to pay it into the bank.

    Three more biggish ticket items I can sell.

    Good news and bad news, I found out today that I didn't get the job I wanted as it has been downgraded to a more junior level but they have asked me to hang on in freelancing there as there will be big changes in a few months and they want me to be there if anything else more senior comes up.
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • Twins
    • By Twins 10th Jun 17, 9:46 AM
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    Morning everyone,

    I'm feeling a little more human today. I had an early night however I woke up with a sore throat Hoping that goes away.
    The sun is out is it looks like to be a lovely day. Today's plans:

    * Washing on and hang out to dry
    * Hoover and dust downstairs
    * Get bath mats into wash and clean bathroom
    * Chicken out of freezer for tonights dinner
    * Need to pick up some naans -really should attempt to make these myself
    * Possibly get in a home workout depending on how I'm feeling
    * Check eBay items that end today
    * Find more items to list

    That's it, have a lovely day
    LBM April 2011 Debt £30,800 now in DMP land
    Self Managing my DMP May 2017

    Slowly chipping away at my debts: April 17 £17,388 June 17 £11,268.06
    Debt free date: Jan 2023 Dec 2022. April 2019 I will be free
    £2 Savers club #39
    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 10th Jun 17, 11:25 AM
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    Gorgeous day here, sunny but windy, I have all the doors and windows open to blow the cobwebs away!

    I've watered the garden and spent an hour sitting out there drinking a cup of tea, stroking the cat and admiring my hard work! I've harvested my first courgette and found a caterpillar on Auby so I snipped off that leaf and deposited it out the back of the house.

    I've listed a couple of biggish things for sale on Facebook and have cancelled going out this evening so I can photograph and upload lots of other smaller things.

    I'm going out with my mum this afternoon as she needs to buy a new washing machine and printer. I'll take her a couple of packs of my YS strawberries as she loves them too.

    Hope it's so quiet on here because everyone is off having a lovely moneysaving day
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 10th Jun 17, 11:27 AM
    • 5,119 Posts
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    Twins, pitta bread with a piece of cut garlic rubbed over it is a good, cheaper substitute for naan bread.
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • Happy Kitties
    • By Happy Kitties 10th Jun 17, 12:20 PM
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    Happy Kitties
    Have really rubbish weather here. Was hoping to get my last geranium in today but that's not going to happen. Have family visiting for the day, once DD has finished work we're going to pop over with their Easter gifts.......with an Easter egg down........due to a slight chocolate craving last week.
    Abit of housework planned for today, other than that all is quiet
    Have a great weekend everybody x
    2017 birthday savings shopping frugally = 481.15:money. 2018 birthday savings so far=359.51
    • Julie67
    • By Julie67 10th Jun 17, 2:38 PM
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    Afternoon all,

    Back from holiday. we had a lovely time but ready to get back to NSD and throwing everything we can into paying off the debt and savings.
    DH is working all today and my plans are

    -Catch up with all the holiday washing and drying
    -Pick up birthday cards for all the June birthdays
    -Make a salad for tea and use up some sweet potatoes
    -check the bank accounts
    -write a meal plan for next week
    -go over the paperwork on our dmp and decide the next course of action

    Hoping for a much quieter weekend. Have a great Saturday x
    Started Self Managed DMP 10th May 2017.
    Working hard to get rid of our debt.
    • princess_pea
    • By princess_pea 10th Jun 17, 3:12 PM
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    Hi everyone,

    I really need to get back into the habit of posting on here! Mr Pea and me are trying to be super money saving at the minute. We're having a nightmare with our alcoholic, nutty upstairs neighbour (we live in a 1 bed housing association flat) so are trying very hard to save up for a house deposit so we can move. Neighbour tried to repeatedly head butt Mr Pea in the street last week!! He obviously has issues but I now have no sympathy for him.

    So, we're living like hermits (not easy when we hate being at home) and trying to spend as little as possible. Mr Pea has listed loads of old games consoles, accessories and games for sale (£900 worth ) and I'm trying to sell my wedding dress, furniture etc. He is having more success than me. I'm working my final month of extra hours but this money is going towards a weekend away in Rome and two upcoming cottage holidays between now and the end of the year (with hindsight we shouldn't have booked these, or maybe just gone on one. Next year we're sticking to camping!).

    I'm in the process of switching my current account, credit card and help to buy ISA to Nationwide. So far they have confirmed my new account but not when the switch will happen. Hopefully this will start next week! I get £100 as have been referred by a friend so this will go straight in the mortgage pot. My new credit card has a slightly higher limit than my old one but I'll continue to pay this in full every month.

    I've worked out how I can save 1/3 of my income into the deposit fund and still pay monthly bills, save for birthdays, get haircuts etc. Mr Pea doesn't work due to health reasons so everything is budgeted down to the last penny. Any house we buy will just be in my name and on my salary. Luckily I just got a promotion which will help a bit. It's still such a struggle and I don't know if we'll ever be able to afford to have children The only good thing about our situation is we wouldn't have to pay for childcare with Mr Pea being at home but I think he would struggle with a baby to be honest, both physically and mentally. Plus we only have a one-bedroom home! It's all a bit upsetting really but it's the reality we face.

    Anyway, not a NSD today as I needed to get a £10 shop from Aldi to see us through the week. We batch cooked at the start of the month and have things in the freezer. I'm on a diet too (have lost 7 pounds in 1 month!). I invested in a Fitbit One which I know is an additional expense but it has really helped to motivate me and seems to be producing results. I also bulk bought some dog food for the pooch (not cheap). Dog food is something I need to cut back my spending on but the tins I get are good quality and have sorted out my dog's digestion really well. I need to look online for some homemade alternatives though as spending £80-£100 on dog food per month is excessive!!

    We're off to the cinema again tonight with our unlimited cards and will take pop with us. I've completely stopped drinking at home - partly because of the diet, partly because I can't ever just have one glass and was drinking a whole bottle of wine 2 or 3 times a week, and partly because I'm so disgusted at the behaviour of the upstairs neighbour and don't want to be like that. We rarely go to the pub but the last time we did I had a soft drink. We went to a friend's house last Saturday and I shared a bottle of wine with her (instead of having a bottle plus to myself). I must say I feel much better about myself mentally as well as physically. Hasn't been easy though! Mr Pea doesn't drink so that helps.

    I'll stop babbling on now!! X
    DFD 7/3/2016
    Mortgage Free January 2048 June 2032
    Long-Term Savings Pot £500
    • Twins
    • By Twins 11th Jun 17, 9:39 AM
    • 266 Posts
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    Good Morning all!

    Welcome back princess pea Sorry to hear about your neighbour, that can be so tricky. Good luck in getting all your funds together to enable you to move. Sounds like your doing all the right things and you'll get there!

    I was totally shattered last night and went to bed a 8:30pm which is unheard of for me. I slept until 9:30am! I think my body needed it. I'm aching all over from exercise and still have a bit of a sore throat. I completed 18k steps yesterday according to my FitBit!

    Today's plans are:

    * Pop to Sainsbury and get the weekly shop
    * One lot of washing on and hang outside
    * Ironing
    * Shred some old letters
    * Maybe do a small workout at home depending on how I feel later
    * Complete some surveys
    * Wrap up any Ebay wins that end today

    Have great day and enjoy the sunshine
    LBM April 2011 Debt £30,800 now in DMP land
    Self Managing my DMP May 2017

    Slowly chipping away at my debts: April 17 £17,388 June 17 £11,268.06
    Debt free date: Jan 2023 Dec 2022. April 2019 I will be free
    £2 Savers club #39
    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 11th Jun 17, 10:25 AM
    • 3,515 Posts
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    Wow - princesspea that sounds like a nightmare. Have you complained to your housing association about your neighbour? We're having a lot of bother with anti social behaviour here - gangs of teenage boys. They don't bother me as much as they bother others but it is hard living with it. I hope that you can get something sorted really soon.
    Full day of work for me yesterday apart from an hour catching up with bestie over coffee and the bare minimum of housework. Did tutoring and exam marking. Still need to do more today but I am definitely going to have a few hours off. Me and the kids are going into Newcastle with my mam for a day out, which I'm really looking forward to. We've packed a picnic between us to save £ and I'm really lucky that my mam has bought the tickets. It may be too much to hope for a nsd but we shall see.
    DFD 6 Nov 15 - paid £28,447
    • allydowd
    • By allydowd 11th Jun 17, 3:55 PM
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    Hi June Joy-Seekers,

    DW and I are just back from a wee drive into Glasgow. I've been promising DW a new shiny something from John Lewis for a while so we went to get it. Haven't done a thing yet. Best get cracking.

    I'll add to the list as I do things.

    Debt Free-Nillionaire Continuity Plan Year Three:

    * Checked online banking.

    * Free coffee and cake for us both in John Lewis courtesy of the loyalty card. No purchase necessary. Bargain! (Link)

    * Checked 0% credit card balance.

    * Checked Nectar Points and loaded special offers on petrol to card.

    * Drive to Glasgow as that was cheaper on a Sunday than going any other way.

    * Listed stamps from RMSurveys on eBay.

    * Sorted out RM Surveys for next week.

    Onwards and upwards.
    Last edited by allydowd; 11-06-2017 at 4:20 PM.
    Debt-free day: 8th May 2015
    The Joy Account: £1

    Bold Bicycle Bonanza: 93.01 km
    "Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck," Dalai Llama
    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 11th Jun 17, 6:44 PM
    • 5,119 Posts
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    Evening all, today has been a busy one!

    I sold my armchair for £40 (it only cost me £16 about a year ago )

    Took back two non plant items to GS that I bought on payday for a refund, one has sat in my garden for two weeks but still had the price tag on so £36.98 being refunded to my bank account.

    YS strawberries for breakfast.

    Bacon and egg sandwiches for lunch (from stores)

    I have drilled holes into the bottom of a grey plastic storage box to use as a planter for parsnips.

    Availed myself of a pallet to turn into a leaning-against-the-wall strawberry planter but it has too many uprights so I will take it back and rethink which one I want.

    I cut back the rambling roses in the front garden so we can get in and out without thorns snagging our hair.

    Filled the garden refuse bin to the brim with off cuts and swept up bits.

    Potted on a cucumber seedling I bought yesterday.

    I tried to attach brackets to the wall for my herb window box but it's too solid so they will have to stay where they are, they look okay.

    Dinner tonight is going to be salami and courgette pasta using my first two courgettes

    I'm going to go down for the YS run as they have trifle (which DS loves) and those lovely red grapes (which I love.)

    DSXGF has asked if I can help her move her stuff sitting room will be a lot tidier as it's currently lined up in boxes behind the sofa.

    Wrap and drop off a book I have sold on eBay!
    Last edited by FatVonD; 11-06-2017 at 6:46 PM.
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • Happy Kitties
    • By Happy Kitties 11th Jun 17, 7:01 PM
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    Happy Kitties
    Didn't get as much done today as I would have liked, but was still productive.
    Some housework done, geranium still not outside, weather not great-very windy and overcast.
    Made a Sunday lunch using up the bits and bobs in the fridge that I was determined were not going to waste. Extras left made up a small lunch for me tomorrow using a few stray bits from the freezer aswell.DD has exams so likes to have a snack like a panini or scrambled eggs just before.
    Must get certain items of paperwork completed, just can't seem to get myself motivated to get these done at the minute.
    Have a good evening everyone x
    2017 birthday savings shopping frugally = 481.15:money. 2018 birthday savings so far=359.51
    • mumofthetwins
    • By mumofthetwins 11th Jun 17, 7:27 PM
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    Well guys been missing a couple of days as I've been at a posh wedding all weekend at sandoaks .. Supposebly it's posh lol
    Back today though and just put the washing on ... Had a couple of ebay payments over the weekend and got a few things finishing tonight (wasn't the best of planning lol.
    I did manage £850 PAD over the weekend though so yay !

    Just sitting down with a cuppa and writing my meal plan and shopping list for the week ... Gotta say I'm one determined lady this month

    I did take £100 out of the bank for the weekend and expected to need more out but I've managed to come back with £27 change out of the £100 and it feels like ive had a fab break ... So going to pay this in the bank tomorrow and make another PAD

    Lisa x
    May £2585/£23042
    April £1266.27/£25843.54 STF £1500/£1500
    NSD 7/15
    MFW OP 2018 £400
    GC MAY £78.84/£250 April £149.35/£250
    • katy_ann
    • By katy_ann 11th Jun 17, 7:40 PM
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    Evening everyone, sorry I've been AWOL, I've been having a really tough time with my PND, its caused a lot of problems with me and DH but we are now working together to fix it The downside of my depression is spending money though My savings account to cover my maternity pay has taken a hit, its not awful, about £100 but I could of still done with the money and its not even things I can return, mostly its been clothes and things for DS as we have just finished his nursery. But I have to draw a line under that and tomorrow is a completely fresh start!

    I don't really have a list for today as everything has been a bit all over the place, but I'm just about to order a healthy Mr A shop to be delivered tomorrow and sorting out my finances so that I won't be taking any further money out of my savings account!

    I hope everyone is well and enjoying the spot of nice weather we've had for the past few days! x
    Officially Debt Free on 10/12/2015 | Married on 02/07/2016
    Mummy to a little prince 25/11/2016

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