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  • lingjoanna
    We went to Yo Sushi today to use the passport voucher and were very disappointed. The voucher states that it can only be used on plates off the conveyor (why??) but this means they will not let you order anything as they don't want to keep track of what has come off the conveyor and what has been ordered. I think this is not in the spirit of the offer! However.. we got round this by asking for two separate bills, one for the conveyor plates customer and one for the ordering customer! They'd be hard pushed to say that you couldn't have a bill each and you can just share your food!
  • jinkssick
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    Here is the voucher for Pizza Express, still valid as normal, just that handbag took it off as it must have been used more than they wanted.

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  • daveinliverpool
    The La Tasca 50% off voucher is for booking online only.
    Just tried to book online for lunch today at La Tasca . . . unfortunately you can only book online for parties of 6 or more. So in effect the voucher is only for parties of 6 or more.
    Phoned my local L T and they won't accept the voucher in the restaurant unless previously booked online.
    Not that good an offer then hey?
    Charles J
  • Chrissielt
    Some La Tasca's are in Hi-Life (I don't think they all are - have a look at Hi-Life's website) but you would get 2 meals for the price of 1 with Hi-Life Diners Card (doing free trial at moment - see previous post) Which is great !
  • mdcoach
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    There is a restaurant group in and around Manchester called Deckers. They are running a promotion in 2 restaurants in Rochdale, the Royal Toby and the Crimble. 2 people can eat from a restricted menu, 3 courses, salad, 3 choice main course (go for the 8oz rump - their beef is really good), strawberries and cream, and a bottle of wine for £22 !!! Trust me, these are really good restaurants and this is a great deal (only not available on Sat night and Sun lunch).

  • baxy
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    I have been a member of the High life club for 4 years now, mine is a Yorkshire card and costs £40pa (other regions are North-west, north-east and Scotland which may be different prices) You soon get your money back after a couple of visits to some lovely pubs and restaurants. You receive a book with loads of places listed that you can visit from chippes to high class hotels where you can buy one meal and receive one free (up to 3 courses) It has worked well for us and you can check it out on the website before you join.
    If any of you do join I hope you enjoy it a much as we do.
  • dollywops
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    Driving past the Old Orleans on the A41 at Watford the other day, I noticed a board advertising 241 on Fajitas. I looked on the Old Orleans website, but the offer had expired in January. I telephoned the restaurant and they confirmed they were doing chicken, chicken and lime and steak fajitas on 241 from Sunday to Thursday. I could not be bothered to cook last night, so we went out for supper. 4 main courses plus drinks came to £34. We all had more than sufficient, and the men even passed on desert.

    It might be worth ringing your local Old Orleans to see if they are doing this promotion.

    Hope this helps.
  • Britchic19
    I know this site has been mentioned before but Localkids members kids eat free at OK diner, and there are also some other restaurants locally and nationally that offer free starters or % off when you use your membership card (£12 Quid per family per year). it also gives discounts on days out so far I've saved £30 on meals out, a £10 on my Haven holiday and over the holidays I'll be looking at saving well over £100, on days out with the kids!!! (A Thrifty mum who still wants to have fun!!!!):T
  • looby-loo_2
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    I don't know if this thread is just for chains but I found this one on a recent trip. Please delete it if is inappropriate

    The deal is two home cooked meals and a bottle of surprisingly good red wine (or white, but we had red) for £15.

    I had a very large, freshly cooked lamb shank with lots of perfectly cooked fresh veg.

    The Lindens
    Halstead Road
    Mounsorrel Leicestershire
    Doing voluntary work overseas for as long as it takes .......
    My DD might make the odd post for me
  • shellyjay
    Have found the voucher that you mentioned about Pizza Express BOGOF

    Links here:

    Off to use mine tomorrow, I will get to go out to lunch after all!:j
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