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Married Quarters (MQ) Residents

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  • The site next door to us has been doing building work. All the dirt is blowing into our garden and it will get worse once the real work begins. All my windows, car etc will get dirty and I will not be able to put out my washing soo.
    Am I entitled to a temp reduction in rent whilst all this work is going on?
    :xmastree: karen :A
  • Hi everyone, a few questions about MSQ's in Bassinbourn.
    Firstly, does anybody know the names of any of the pads estates in bassingbourn?
    second, i've heard bad things about them recently and wondered if anyone could shed some light on the matter... i've read the posts here already, just wondering if anyone here lives on the patch at bassingbourn, or has photos or links to photos of some of the quarters so i can have a sneak peak at what i'm letting myself in for.
    thirdly, as me and the mrs are both serving, (Gren Gds and RADC) any ideas what type of quarter we'd be entitled to (just me and mrs... no kids... yet!) or links to relevant jsp's concerning this?

    Thanks all
  • Hi Treacle, are you on facebook? If you are there are a couple of groups that may help, they are called Married Quarters for armed forces wives and the other is married quarters r us. Both have loads of pictures of quarters all over the UK, Germany and Cyprus. Hope this helps x
  • EmmEveEmmEve Forumite
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    You will be entitled to a 2 bed treacle (although i'm assuming you are not an officer?)

    Look at JSP 464 (in parts) pgs 56/57
  • ajatukajatuk Forumite
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    hi can anyone shed any light or offer advice? currently in MQ, 4 bed as we have two 14yr olds, a 10 yr old and an 8 month old and a 14yr old who visits for every school hol so 4/5 kids..our accom is too small so we filled in an 1132 to transfer to a much larger 4 bed (our curent property cant fit a 6 seat dining table or lounge furniture for everyone to eat together or sit). housing at aldershot asked us to notify them if we heard of any local 4bed MQ's coming up tht were large enough for our needs. We did this as we heard of a family been posted in a months time..after numerous calls to and fro to aldershot HIC, we were told the address had been placed on our file and when it came up for allocation we would be strong comtenders quote "unless a welfare case or someone with higher priority came along" Last week we called for an update as the family had marched out, to be told it had been allocated already to someone else. After a bit of digging, its another transfer from a family with 3 kids, aged 22, 19 and ten, the eldest supposedly married..they are also already in a 4 bed and have 2 kids LESS thn us..after phoning housing again, i was told it was a mistake that they had been allocated the house, however they cant now revoke the allocation so basically tough!! Who do i need to speak to to get this deciaion overturned? they admitted making a mistake so someone needs to take responsibility..does anyone know of a MQ been taken away from someone once it has been allocated and who do i need to contact.? thanks in advance..
  • cgsaccgsac Forumite
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    I am having a shocking time with Kinetics...they have sent a letter arranging a visit (electrical safety) which I cannot make. I have rung their number 0808...7 times and left a message asking them to call me back (on 5 separate days) and am still waiting for a reply. They are giving MHS a really bad name as it tars all SFA maintainers with a really bad brush.

    Do I complain to MHS about them or go direct to Kinetics?

  • hi there is it true we are entitled to the whole house being carpet cleaned once every 3 years?? if so how do i arrange it?

    also if i put laminate down in my kitchen diner would i have to remove it when i move or can i leave it there?

    thanks in advance x
  • EmmEveEmmEve Forumite
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    Its every 3 years for lounge, dining and hall/stair carpets and every 5 years for bedroom carpets. Curtains are also every 3 years.....if you still have them up lol.

    I think you contact MHS. They will soon tell you if its not them.
  • marywbmarywb Forumite
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    apparently one of my neighbours rang about getting the carpet in her new babys room replaced as it was 10 years old only to be told that carpets will no longer be replaced even if older than 10 years - anyone else heard this?
  • EmmEveEmmEve Forumite
    260 posts
    no. Don't see how they can't replace them if they are worn hmmm.

    Its not mentioned in JSP yet anyway.
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