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Married Quarters (MQ) Residents

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  • helseehelsee Forumite
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    where are you living now, do you have to be out of your present home by a given date? im guessing the easiest option would be to wait it out if you both have a place to be.Or could you rent somewhere off camp?
  • EmmEveEmmEve Forumite
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    Stay where you are or rent privately. Or you could ask for substitute sfa i believe.
  • I am renting and she is living onsite in single accomodation, Any info on substitute sfa?
  • EmmEveEmmEve Forumite
    260 posts
    None i'm afraid lol. I don't know enough about it to give you any detailed information. From what i can gather if they can't find you an SFA they have to offer you an SSFA. But i'm not sure at what point they have to do this and whether the fact you are not currenly in SFA makes any difference.
  • As far as I know you aren't entitled to a quarter until you are married. They don't have to provide you with accomodation BEFORE you are married and produce a marriage certificate. Good luck though.
  • Alias_OmegaAlias_Omega Forumite
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  • i live in a married quater and everytime it rains the ceiling in the main bedroom leaks in the corner. i have had repair men out several times now and they all say the felt in the roof is well passed its life and needs replacing but they won't do it. all they have done is replace a patch of felt above the leak which has basically achieved nothing because it still leaks. when it has been leaking black mold has been forming in the corner. to me any sort of mould is a danger as they carry spores that could move through the air. Are they required to replace this felt as i feel what they have done is not sufficient.
  • New to the blog so apologies in advance. A problem of litter. When walking to darling daughter’s preschool I find it hard to navigate the shopping trolleys, garden furniture , household doors, not to mention the broken glass and the like. I reported this to the council (Gosport) who pointed the finger at DHE (but still nothing done) . Then spoke to the hive, who said MHS(called but nothing has changed). Am I making a fuss as driving less than a mile thus knowing the safety of DD rather than walking though broken glass. At wits end any pointers
  • We have lived in the same mq for 7 years and will be staying another 3 because OH has been posted again on the same camp. I am happy with my house but I would like it decorated as it is looking rather shabby.
    My question is are MHS responsible for decorating and will they when we are living in the propert still?
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  • Hello, thanks for this thread, its nice to be able to ask questions & not get fobbed off!
    My question is reguarding decorating, We have been in our quarter for 8yrs now & will prob be moving this yr. Do we need to paint the quarter. I have read in the defence housing booklet that after 4 & half yrs your quarter has to be decorated by DE anyway, but I have known people who have been told otherwise by the housing officer. I also read that I can have my carpets & curtains cleaned aswell. thanks!!
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