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Married Quarters (MQ) Residents

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  • EmmEveEmmEve Forumite
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    I don't demand what i think i'm entitled to. I demand what i KNOW i'm entitled too lol.
  • EMM ok ok..............was just sayin i've found that demanding just gets me a "get lost" and lowest priority repair where MHS are concerned :mad:

    but a bit of chit chat and oh it must be a tough job you do, but all i need is X Y Z doing to my quarter goes a long way :rolleyes:

    seems to have got our action group further up the chain to date :-)
  • Re the boiler, euthanasia maybe? lol
  • EmmEveEmmEve Forumite
    260 posts
    I think the action group is a really good idea actually!

    The problem is generally the contractors are good, know what needs doing etc but as you say are restricted. I was told by one contractor i needed a new gate, but they won't give me one. They would rather 'save money' by repairing it. Only it gets repaired so many times they would of saved by buying a new one in the first place!

    As for the boiler, if i tried to do anything to it i'd probably end up gassing us all!
  • Hi, New to the site but seems the best place for asking MQ questions! Does anyone know how to find out the MQ entitlement based on rank? My DH has just been promoted and we have also just been told we'll be relocating to Portsmouth in the Spring.

    Been in the same MQ since we got married in 2003 and the whole system seems to have changed since then (back in the day we had a choice of places and got to go and view them first - who knew how lucky we were!) Have got a list of plots and the type of housing but don't know whether as a Lt Commander he is now entitled to a Type III or a Type IV. Any clues anyone?

    Be nice too to know if we can pick Old Portsmouth or should plump for Alverstoke. All advice gratefully received. Cheersx
  • EmmEveEmmEve Forumite
    260 posts
    Either or, think it may depend on whether you have kids or not.

    Apparently you are entitled to type III if your dh is in command of an independent unit/shore establishment.
    look at Part 1 SFA and SSFA in GB page 51 :)
  • Thanks EmmEve, that's great (think I got to about page 39 and lost the will to live!) Will have to quiz other half as to his responsibilities.

    And a trip to Portsmouth to check out the locations is on the books I think. I guess some spots are always oversubscribed though? (that's the case here in Plymouth). Have never moved so the whole prospect is a bit daunting what with march outs and schools to think about. Will have to search back on this thread to look for more hints.

    Cheers for the help, E
  • Hi there, I was hoping someone might be able to give me some advice. My husband has recently been posted away from the unit where our MQ is but we don't want to move. I am 6 months pregnant and currently teach in the local secondary school. I need to stay in our current MQ in order to be near the doctors and to be able to carry on working. In addition, in order to claim maternity pay I have to go back to the school to work. Does anyone know of any way we can stay as apparently 'spouse's job' is not a good enough reason for the HIC.....

    Fingers crossed.
  • EmmEveEmmEve Forumite
    260 posts
    I have no idea about the housing situation.

    You will be able to get your statutory maternity pay though regardless of whether you return to work or not. Its only maternity benefits offered over and above SMP that thay can claim back if you don't return to work.
  • Hi, not sure if this is the right place, and to be honest not really money saving. Anyway to cut along story short........moved to Helensbugh (Faslane) in 2007 to awful 90% empty estate suffered alot with the local wildlife shall we say (bricks through windows, petrol outside door and cars, fencing kicked down, knocking on door and running away, bins set on fire etc) anyway after begging letters, with photos and so one DHE wouldnt move us to the other estate even though there where many empty houses there and every week I went round to told be told a load of crap in we used LSAP and brought any house we could afford (which isnt really fit to live in, which we didnt relise at the time) anyway in Aug we got our move atleast (we found being somewhat forcefull helped) and now are happy. Still own a house 9 miles away but the living in the MQ has been cleared due to its state. this yr of paying rent+ mortgage is nearly making us bankrupt but we are struggling on and its not selling!

    Anyway we are moving to Plymouth next year and woundered if anyone could give us a heads up of the houses and areas? as we dont want any of the above problems.

    for my 2 pence worth - DHE are a complete waste of space and I echo my housing officers (move in out guy who is lovely) view that they are disgraceful and couldnt care less & he said many of the girls are ex armed forces wives so its even worse.

    On the + side whenever I have had to call out for repairs they have been carryed out well - execpt for fencing which was done so badly.

    Looking froward to moving to Plymouth from Faslane, just worried about the housing, after fighting so hard to move to lower churchill we now have to leave!!!

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