Online Scam Website Wii Fit (zavvi impersonation)

I really hope someone will be able to help me on this one, my partner managed to order a wii fit from what he thought was a Zavvi (virgin megastore) website. The site took 69.99 from us and sent us confirmation via email, he gave our full address (for delivery) bank details (for payment) and stupidly our home telephone number. He visited the site again today ( and it has now dissappeared. I phoned my bank, had his card cancelled but they said they could do nothing for the money we lost.

Does anyone know what we an do to get this back? if anything? Also the address/phone number is a worry.

Would be V grateful for a response. Many Thanks HLM:confused:


  • I am in the same boat, really worried my bank sent a fraud form off for me but they said they don't know if I can get anything back because I authorised the payment. Surely they can't just get away with it.
  • Well sure you both paid using credit card... so just get your card companies to sort out a refund... ;)
  • Browntoa
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    this gives full decription of the owner and address

    but supect its a made up address
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  • Well mine (HSBC) didnt even offer to do that, they did say about the authorisation thing though which i suppose is fair enough but supposedly there are hoax websites all over, what do other people do? Im a bit old fasioned for a young person, I prefer to buy direct rather than online, always a little paranoid, with my partner was the same!
  • Just used a debi card unfortunately, though I'm not sure of what difference it makes, I need to be a bit more clued up!!
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    post 7

    However people have confirmed after contacting protx that they have had successful refunds but that would be from protx and not Zavvidirect.

    contact address is [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL].

    contact number will be: 0845 111 4455
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  • Poppycat
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    I hope people get there money, sadly the reality is and I hope I am wrong these scam buckets get off I hope they catch them. I hate scam buckets thieving low life's
  • Thanks for everyones help. I think I know where to go from here, though my partner informs me that his colleague has lost nearly 300 through protx as today they informed him they would not be giving refunds (worryingly)!

    Many Thanks for all the info guys! HLM:o
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    I hope you and everyone else gets their money back too, but I'm sorry to agree with Poppycat - I doubt it. (Banking Code extract below)

    12.11 If you act without resonable care, and this causes losses, you may be responsible for them.

    If the bogus website carried the Visa, MasterCard etc logos' you wonder who is policing the web for these bogus sites.

    You'd also wonder:

    Where the money ends up? i.e. who opened the account the money disappears into (This is down to Banks Knowing Their Customer).

    How the crooks extract money from the Banking System.

    (These are questions I'd be asking my card issuer).

    Back to reasonable care.

    Shopping on the internet - top ten tips (from Trading Standards click here).

    or a slightly better presentation of the same info plus links to Howard The Shopping Assistant (From North Somerset Council) click here.

    Presume you have reported this to the police?
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    Browntoa wrote: »
    this gives full decription of the owner and address

    but supect its a made up address

    Shame, I think you are right. There doesn't appear to be a Steine Road in Brighton, unless someone knows differently? The postcode given relates to Old Steine and at no. 20 there is the Pavilion Business Centre. I expect that's completely unrelated to this scam, I must say.

    But I suspect the person lives in or knows Brighton, to be aware of the unusual spelling of Steine in place-names in the area. Maybe those conned could ask their Police contact to see if Brighton Police are aware who the culprit may be, from these details? It may seem to be doing their job for them but if it were me I would mention what Browntoa has found in the quote above, and ask for Brighton Police's input.
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