June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    I'd like to join the June challenge. I've never done it before and my weekly Tesco bills are usually over £100 so please put me down for £350 (a gentle start)


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    Wow this thread is moving fast!!
    Had my first spend of the month, just needed a few things (mainly fruit and milk)to tie me over till my big shop on mon/tues when I will use my £5 off sun voucher at tescos. Was so pleased went into asda and then tesco with a list and came out with only what was on list Horrah!:j So off to update signature.
    Thanks for all these lovely recipes :T I have never done so much baking.
    Also my freezer is getting emptier so will defrost it and refill with all those lovely meals for quickness:rotfl:
    Thanks to MSE savings we got to go to Disneyworld Florida.

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    Hi there Victory..

    No worries, glad you like the meal plan... somethings have to appear every week or me n hubby feel we are missing something :p we would get withdrawals if jacket potato and cottage cheese didn't appear..in fact i usually sneak an extra meal of that in over the weekend :rotfl:
    I don't specify what day i do what -it depends what we are doing, what i feel like, and what wants using first ;)
    i will type you those recipes out ..they are a make it up as you go along jobbie..most of my meals are ...well that way there is nothing to compare them to :D
    The thai steamed salmon is one of my faves plus its sooo quick and easy... hubby isn't overly ussed so he may have something slightly different... he likes chilli and im not fussed with that -so we both get our fave:T
    i will get them posted in the morning..

    Chocolate teddy... you know when you defrost your freezer..wipe the inside over with glycerine (in the baking aisles) or if you don't have any...use neat fabric softener on a cloth... shut the door and switch it on for about 1/4hr before you put your food in.. when you come to defrost it next time... you will be amazed how quickly it defrosts...anything stuck to the side comes away in sheets-i can get my freezer off, cleaned, on again and filled up in about 30 mins so it gets done every month :T . I have never had the smell transfer to any food either (a question i usually get ;) ) I guess it must freeze into the frost. hope that helps
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    MRS MAC..... A domestic goddess, I salute you.
    :T:jDabbler in all things moneysaving.Master of none:o

    Well except mastered my mortgage 5 yrs early :T:j
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    teedy23 wrote: »
    MRS MAC..... A domestic goddess, I salute you.
    :rotfl: nope.... I found that out through desperation when a couple of years back i re-stocked the freezer before we went away .and came back 2 weeks later to the most god awful smell -hubby had switched it off at the mains :wall: so a freezer full of tuna, salmon, prawns....mmmm lovely... it was the only way i could hold my head over it to clean it and get rid of the smell:rotfl: and i found out the defrosting thing as a bonus :j
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  • Did our big shop of the month today. Our month doesn't start till tomorrow, but we don't need to use any of it today. This seems to be the best way for us, as it means I don't keep popping to the supermarket and spend more than I should.
    Don't think its been mentioned here, but Asda are doing 2 x 4pints of milk for £2.00 and 2 x 6pints of milk for £3.00. Need to spend some time out in the garden tomorrow if it stays fine:o
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    Well just popping in to edit sig spent £14 on takeaway as had sis and BIL here. Going to do online shop this evening. Hope everyone else is doing better.
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    MrsM - May you change my aim for June to £50 I know its shocking for me and 2 kids but my mum is buying shopping from the 8th and she is here for the week. I will be doing an online order for that and using coupons :)
    This will include drinks i buy for kids when we are out and any food. Also all my money this month is for bills anyways...i dont even think i have £50 LOL
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    Thanks mrs m my mum loves thai food and has it often in Spain where she lives , I have asked her but she also says it is whatever is there throw it in jobbie, she loves coconut milk and ladens it with that, overly so I would say but I am not partial, weight wise I know you can get coconut milk lite, when my mum comes over I never make her thai because I have no fool proof repertoire and don't want her to sit there eating it thinking 'well, I could make that better, much better':rotfl: :rotfl:
    misspiggy wrote: »
    I'm sure you're an angel in disguise Victory :)
  • 'don't suppose you're growing beetroot are you? i don't know when to pick that!! and i've got a tub growing rather well'

    Mandy_Moo_1 I grow beetroot and we eat the young leaves before the beetroot is ready as a salad leaf. You can just pick one or two from the plant or use the ones that you have thinned out when they start to get bigger. baby leaves cost a fortune in the supermarket and cost you almost nothing.
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