The Great 'Where to meet people on the cheap' Hunt

If you've had enough of being a singleton and you're on the hunt for a new beau, there's no need to spend the earth to meet that special someone.

So we thought we'd tap MoneySavers' knowledge on where to meet single, like minded people on the cheap! Whether it's free offers for online dating sites or ideas of clubs to join tell us your top tips on living the high life on a low budget while magnetizing the man/woman of your dreams!

Or if you've snagged them already where can you go for romantic cheap dates to impress the object of your desire? Dinner for deux, dirt cheap day dates, or free fun after dark is all possible on a shoe string budget.

If you're looking for lurrvvve share your hints!



  • Li0nhead
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    Just done a quick scan and could items from this thread help:

    Not read that thread yet but thought id do a search to get the ball rolling in here.
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  • Once you've 'snagged' that date, Art galleries/museums are always good for those of use pretending to be cultcha'd.

    Going for lunch is usually cheaper than dinner, and a lot of places have a special lunch deal. Also if you go on a monday/tuesday evening, special deals also apply at quite a few places.

    In Liverpool/Manchester there's a website or that have regular voucher offers for the more upmarket restaurants/bars (about the only chance some of us mere plebians get to try the 'high' life) - great if you're out to impress ! ;)

    Orange do their 2-4-1 cinema ticket offer on a wednesday.
    There are lots and lots more... I'll put my thinking cap on... it's around here somewhere...


  • jackyw
    jackyw Posts: 12 Forumite

    I had a similar problem, which was how to find people in my age group (40's to 50's) and in my local area (Norwich) to make friends and meet up with for social activities. For some people this is a better first step than all out dating.

    The gym is a lousy place to do that, as others have commented here. People generally want to keep to themselves at the gym, I have found.

    People in my age range tend not to do the pub / club thing as a way of meeting others, and anyway I'd rather do a meal out... but no point booking a table for just me and hoping there'll be others on their own in the restaurant too as that rarely happens.

    Gumtree is one place to look, and might offer up some compatible souls. I've also made a few friends from MakeFriendsOnline, but on the whole I have found that too many people on this and other websites are only interested in chatting online rather than meeting up in person, whether as friends or more.

    What I did to overcome this (please excuse the plug) is to start my own social meets group - Social Buddies. Do have a look at it if you are in the Norfolk area and looking to increase your social life.

    There may be other groups in your local area that arrange social activities each month - IVC is aimed at people in their 20s and 30s, for example, and has local groups around the UK. Google it to find their website.

  • moneypenny2k
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    If you want to give internet dating a chance how about it's a completely free dating site and there are people all over the world. They even arrange local meets. A friend of mine put me onto it. I've not found mr right yet but I've had some nice dates and made a few friends.

    I have no affiliation and get nothing from this recomendation apart from the rosy glow of helping my fellow moneysavers.:A
  • I'm a 30 year old male, and over that last 8 months or so I think I'll have tried pretty much all the free and paid for dating sites.
    I was looking for a 'proper relationship', not just someone to chat online with, and certainly nothing else dodgy!

    I found that the free websites were full of people just 'trying it out' and that they were not really too interested in meeting up for proper dates. There are also loads and loads of old unused profiles on the free websites where people have got bored and just left them.

    For me, was by far the best site. Because its paid for (I think I paid £60 for 6 months) people tend to take it far more seriously as its costing them money, and I found it to be better than the other big pay site, dating direct.
    In fact I met my girlfriend on, and 4 months later its going really well!

    In terms of online dating, I would say you get what you pay for.
  • Lucy1982_2
    Lucy1982_2 Posts: 4,611 Forumite
    Li0nhead wrote: »
    Just done a quick scan and could items from this thread help:

    Not read that thread yet but thought id do a search to get the ball rolling in here.

    Thanks. That's my thread!! :D

    There are some good idea's there and it has been a good way to met people all on it's own!! :rotfl:

    Seriously though, it is really hard and I get really upset trying to work it all out sometimes. (sad. Yes I know!) But I think that the best way is to talk to people. Either, here if you feel comfortable (which I do) or when you are out with friends. The amount of conversation that have started because I have smiled at someone make me laugh.

    It's all about confidence... which I lack sometimes.

    Good luck everyone!!
    Current debt - £16,300 :(
    Debt at worst 17/03/2011 - £18,067.62:eek::eek:
    :ANot going anywhere else, ever again :A
  • Mips
    Mips Posts: 19,796 Forumite

    That is an excellent site, there is an in-built system where you can chat to them live via an MSN style thing..

    .. it is FREE for the ladies!!
  • jac59
    jac59 Posts: 4 Newbie
    You don't have to go to dating sites, or pay a lot of money to do this. You can meet people you know you will have someting in common with by registering with sites like to take part in groups with a particular interest -anything from art and music to walking and just socializing. It's often easier to make friends this way than specifically looking for 'dates'.Friendships just arise naturally.
    Meetup is a system that allows people to set up these groups and invite people to turn up for specific events. It's most common in big cities, such as London, where there are about 200 groups a week meeting up to share interests. Mostly it is free, because people often organise these for little or nothing, though some have occasionally have a nominal charge.Clearly there'll be a cost to going to a film, or a concert, but often there isn't , because people just meet up in pubs or go for walks.
    This isn't spam: I don't organise or run any groups, but the system is so effective I've recommended it to many people , including those who hate dating or don't have much money. Try
  • vixarooni
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    Swimming! My friend and i used to have such fun at the pool! Used to rate men under the water, you get to see their bodies in a non sexual way even before youve started. Its sooo easy to strike a convo in a pool, swim into them or splash by accident, the possibilities are endless! You get all ages at a pool, and if youre all there you all share an interest in something.

    What about getting your mates together and having a dinner party, and they all have to bring a single friend? Maybe thats a bit corny but ive heard that somewhere!

    Ok i can only think of two. I know its hard as you get older, my brother is out of a failed marraige and he is 35. Really struggling to find someone decent, especially when all of his friends are married or at least couplled off.

  • mamamia
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    How about matchmaking? Ask your friends or families if they can introduce you to someone they know very well, who is single and searching. It has worked for DH and I, we were matched by a friend many years ago. I am in the process of bringing two people I know who live 300 miles apart together.
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