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"Orange is committed to providing excellent customer service"..... my !!!!!! Blog Discu

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  • Yeah, welcome to the arsh dumbness of outsourcing deliveries!

    You would not think that, but even FedEx outsources its services! I spent an entire day playing mouse and cat with the piclkup courrier for a very important letter that had to get to Washington by next morning. kept on ringing the FedEx central who kept on puching the pickup deadline at which the bloke should come round! 5'o clock came and I had to ask my colleague to keep on harassing them as I had a doctor's appointment. She talked to them at 5h15 and got told that the pickup guy came round and asked reception if there was something for FedEx but I told FedEx to call me on my direct number not that i would leave stuff at reception. Even for that the blocke had my name and could have asked reception to contact me. Not even that, when I phoned FedEx the following morning I gave them a piece of my thinking! then it turned out that they did not have any contact with the pickup courrier as this was outsourced to a third party company!!! We were paying for a service with FedEx not with some local !!!! who did not know anything about his job. It was not them who had to explain this to my boss! And it certainly was not them who made me miss my doctor's appointment (got there too late), and missed my lunch as well (did not leave my desk at all this day)!

    So YES Martin I understand how frustrating this stuff can be!
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    I must say Tiara Noodlenose
    that I've always been happy with Oranges customer service but am always annoyed at delivery agents that can only give you am or pm as a delivery time
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    I signed up to Orange Pay Monthly about a month since. From the date of order - which happened to be a Sunday evening my phone was delivered on Tuesday morning. I have had no problems with Orange during any of my calls to customer service querying things, they were most helpful.

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  • We've recently moved offices and shortly after moving in I needed to send a package. The amount of times I had to pickup the 'lovely wonderful' phone....look out the window...and say "you see that stone house to your left....that's us". This is dispite providing instructions to go to the rear of said stone house when the collection order was placed.

    Things are moving a tad more smoothly these days, as most of the time we get the same pickup / delivery bod and they now know where we are.
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    Hi Tiara Noodlenose,

    I missed a delivery from TNT yesterday & they left a card to say to call to rearrange, I didn't call as I didn't know when I'd be here, imagine my surprise when the delivery came today, psychic delivery man thought I would be there so had arranged it to be on his delivery again, nothing to do with Orange but wanted to say there is one good delivery person in the world :)

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    Orange aaaargh! Communications companies are unable to communicate, BT are probably worse. Having said that everyone expects you to live and work in a set way, ie at the same desk all day everyday, I spend half my life chasing deliveries from couriers who ring the bell and run home office is up 2 flights..Sympathies Martin.
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    MSE_Archna wrote:
    Click reply to discuss Martin's blog here.
    Sorry to disagree with you but i cannot fault orange customer service one year my phone broke at xmas and my wife was expecting our first baby never the less did an out standing job of getting a replacement phone to me inside 12 hours another time one of the children left my phone on the bumper of my car as we drove off told orange and it was replaced in 24 hours i could go on and on.
    Just phoned for an up grade and i have got the very lastest nokia n90 out in oct and the talk plan off MY choice talk 100 for £20 i couldnt believe it i usally have to argue because my old talk plan is 8 years old.
    Orange top company for service :T
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  • I used to have a contract Orange, but it proved to be a lemon - the tin lid on the whole sorry affair was when they failed to take the direct debit 3 months running (it was set up, I could see it from eBanking) and issued a court summons.....

    Needless to say I went to court, and exacted retribution - lovely trip to Bristol at Orange's expense :D
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    I have to say that I have had some bad experiences with Orange in the last month. Firstly, let me say that their customer service agents at the other end of the line are great. However, they are sadly let down by other parts of the company. To the story

    I did an upgrade online on the Sunday. It arrived on the Tuesday morning. Ok so far. However, the phone was faulty. I called the faults line as they normally get it sorted next day. However, as the fault was not a standard one on their computer system, they had to refer it to the engineering team. I then had to wait 13 days for them to yes, the phone was fault and arange to get a replacement to me. This came on the Tuesday, exactly 2 weeks after the faulty phone was first sent. This replacement handset was faulty as well so within 10 mins of getting the new handset I called them to report that the replacement was faulty as well. I then cancelled the upgrade under their 7 days return policy (got the 7 days started from the replacement handset as the first was a DOA). It took them 8 days to get a returns bag to me and this came yesterday. It will now be 5 to 7 days to get the upgrade cleared from my account so I can choose a new upgrade handset.

    I PAY £5 PER MONTH FOR ORANGE CARE!!!!! In this case non care.

    Since all of this has happened, I have upgraded the OS on my old handset - an Motorola MS Smartphone from 2002 to 2003 and this has turned a slow old handset into a fast piece of kit. All I'm waiting for now is a new battery to be delivered that I ordered from ebay.

  • I used to have a contract Orange, but it proved to be a lemon - the tin lid on the whole sorry affair was when they failed to take the direct debit 3 months running (it was set up, I could see it from eBanking) and issued a court summons.....

    Needless to say I went to court, and exacted retribution - lovely trip to Bristol at Orange's expense :D

    sorry but this is total codswallop!! orange will never take you to court for not paying your bill, the debt gets passed to a debt collection agency for you to deal with if you dont pay your bill.
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