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Speak2 - Phone System

in Phones & TV
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  • perkstperkst Forumite
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    Thought I would update everyone on this

    Haven bought the Speak2 Premium package and installed successfully on my computer.

    My daughter can no use her pay as you go phone through the package without using any of her Orange minutes and I can keep track of who she is calling and how much she is spending.

    Its fantastic, no more having to top her phone up every two weeks.

    This is a thumbs up from me
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  • perkstperkst Forumite
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    Oh and the website is at if you need it.
  • utilitybrokerutilitybroker Forumite
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    Not exactly Money Saving normally £99.95 for a Premium Package.
    Unlimited inclusive calls including 20 Intl Destinations £20 a month .:eek:

    Plus you appear to need leave your computer and broadband connection running so you can make a call.

    Then you need to use multiple telephone providers along with other methods such as your home telephone line and mobile gateways to automatically achieve the lowest cost.
  • perkstperkst Forumite
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    I thought that, but with esculating mobile bills, I thought i would give it a try.

    I paid £99 but they refunded me back £50 as they said they where doing a special deal for May.

    Well its already paying for itself, and as long as it does that and then save me money, i am happy to pay a £100.

    However, people need to be aware that you do need Broadband and Home computer on all the time and call package. But I can choose, as it allows multiple connections.

    I am now paying 5 pence when my Daughter calls landlines and i have just ordered the Mobile adapter to get free calls from the orange phone to my computer.
  • utilitybrokerutilitybroker Forumite
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    perkst wrote: »
    i have just ordered the Mobile adapter to get free calls from the orange phone to my computer.

    Another £49.99p for the mobile adapter.

    Then Orange users will also require an extra PrePay Orange SIM card and ‘Orange Magic Number’. So you have to keep Two PAYG Sims topped up.
  • perkstperkst Forumite
    7 Posts
    You only have to top up the computer sim card as it calls you back.

    However I am switching the whole family to vodafone family pack where you only pay £5 per month for four sim cards (1 Sim Card will be in the Mobile Adapter).

    I have not signed up to the Speak2 Call Package as I went for the cheaper option of SMSListo which has no monthly contract, mobile calls 5p per minute and free landline line calls in the UK and some international.

    I can just top up the account when I need and I am using the parental control option in Speak2 to restrict the call allowance of my daughter.
  • utilitybrokerutilitybroker Forumite
    2.2K Posts
    perkst wrote: »
    I went for the cheaper option of SMSListo which has no monthly contract, mobile calls 5p per minute and free landline line calls in the UK and some international.

    How can the calls be Free when you have to buy credit regularly to maintain the service.
  • perkstperkst Forumite
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    How in this world is anything free !!

    Just like BT, or your mobile operator you have to sign up to a provider for calls, you don't have to use any Speak2 call package just because you bought the software.

    Speak2 is just a gateway, not a call package, they do have call packages, but I chose to use a cheaper provider.

    The software allows you to access multiple cheap providers with facilities as parental control, quick call nos. and conferencing etc.

    For the money, I find it a cost saving to me, other people can make a choice, I would suggest buy the software and if they don’t like it, get a refund. There is 14 day money back deal, so nothing to lose.

    But nothing is for free, unlimited is never unlimited, so look what is on offer and choose what is best for you.
  • YpaymoreYpaymore Forumite
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    Call me suspicious but i get the impression that the original poster has something to do with this product.New poster, only posts about this product,displays a good knowledge about it.Conveniently posts two press releases about in first post.
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