Great ‘Bit On The Side’ Hunt

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Great ‘Bit On The Side’ Hunt

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MSE_MartinMSE_Martin Money Saving ExpertMoneySaving Expert
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Boost Your Income
This site's all about saving money, being savvy shoppers and cutting their bills.

Yet there's another way to put more cash in your pocket, by making a biut extra on the side - legally and all declared... of course!

So ebay sellers, second jobbers, cash earners... I thought I would tap MoneySavers collective knowledge to find the best ways to pull in some extra cash or earnings.

Click reply to add your suggestion - or scroll through the thread to read others.

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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  • WSOWSO Forumite
    194 posts
    I have a website and use Google Adsense and Amazon Web Services on it. Currently getting the equiverlant of about £50-70 from Google and about £50 from Amazon each month... even though I do pay around £10 for the hosting each month, the extra revenue does help to pay for it as well as pay for a few indulgencies...

    ...best thing is that now I have set it up, I do not have to do anything - of course if ever I want more I will have to tweak it, just too busy cutting back in other areas to want to work on it!
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  • Hi Websiteowner,

    I was interested to read your post but must admit that it meant nothing to me as I don't really know about hosting websites. Would you be able to provide more info. on how you actually do this and earn money from it? Is there an initial outlay to begin with in getting your own website up and running and how is it that you earn money from Google and Amazon? Sorry, but clueless I am!

  • What a great idea, Martin. Thanks for posting this useful thread.
  • OscarOscar Forumite
    922 posts
    I am clueless about this too,but VERY interested!!
  • WSOWSO Forumite
    194 posts
    To everyone interested in owning a website, I neglected to say I own a website about owning a website... here are a few direct links to a few of my guides and articles you might be interested in (some are over several pages hence the links).

    Guide: So you want a Site? (9 article series)
    Guide: Choosing a Host (11 article series)

    As for earning money from Google and Amazon, well you will see there are "Ads by Google" and "Books of Interest" as you browse my site.

    Google Adsense automatically work out which links are suitable based on the page content and requires the least amount of work (copy and paste job).

    Using Amazon Web Services (now Amazon Ecommerce Services or something like that) is more involved but there are scripts available that allow you to set up a "store" with relative ease. My AWS is integrated into my site and I select the topics that appear beside my content... I earn from 5% to 7.5% of each sale of Amazon or 3rd party goods that goes through my site (either using my cart or a link).

    You probably could get free hosting with features that would allow you to use AWS if you are prepared to do your research (php, asp, cgi, database - depends on how you go about it)... I find it easier to pay for my host, they are reliable enough and are capable of running my strange combination of ASP with MySQL.

    I have written an article about Content on Demand which talks about the effect Amazon Web Services has had on my site.

    Hope that helps!
    The only computer error is a human one.
  • I am working at Morrison's on the weekends... 7.5 hours saturday and sunday, sunday being paid 1.5 times... after tax i get about 300 pounds extra a month

    but this website stuff my BF could do...

    Will sent this thread to him.
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  • http://www.gameaccount.com

    Get very good at one or more of the games there and keep winning.

    This currently earns me £100 - £200 a month for a few hours work.

    Probably not a good idea to do this if you can't afford to lose.
  • lellielellie Forumite
    1.5K posts
    I'm a student but I have a couple part time jobs and I'm a web designer.

    I work for the driving theory test centre for a few days a month which is pretty good (£7.80ish an hour)..

    I also work for the libraries in manchester.. for 10.5 hrs a week..

    and I do web design in my spare time.. I design sites for small businesses, bands and individuals.. :) I absolutely love it and I'm trying to get experience for when I leave uni and plan to set myself up properly.
  • lellie wrote:

    I also work for the libraries in manchester.. for 10.5 hrs a week..

    Lellie - What kind of paid part-time work can one do for libraries - branch or main library? Any qualifications required?
  • paulc1008 wrote:

    Lellie - What kind of paid part-time work can one do for libraries - branch or main library? Any qualifications required?

    Hi, sorry for butting in! In 'my' libraries in Bedfordshire the easiest role for part-time work is a library assistant - this would be issuing/returning books, shelving etc. You can get good part-time work both at central library and branch libraries. Some library services may have a 'casual' list - where they send you to libraries as and when required.
    Most recruit through council websites, local papers, etc. Or just give them a buzz re: casual work.
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