Hayfever sufferers! Fantastic bargain Lloyds Pharmacy- 'Medinose' + Ioniser £19.99!!



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    It's an allergy reliever not a full-on cure. I have to say I had a couple of bad weeks when I thought it wasn't woking but now feel it is making a difference. Over the years I have spent a fortune on anti-histamines and at times I was probably over-dosing on them in my desperation to feel and sleep better. Now for the cost on one battery per year I am getting a lot of relief from the symptoms. In my opinion anything that helps alleviate the symptoms is worth the money.
  • Seems the ASA don't like the Lloyds adverts for this thing.


    The ad breached CAP (Broadcast) TV Advertising Standards Code rules 5.1.1 (Misleading advertising) and 5.2.1 (Evidence).

    I won't say who the 1 person was who made the complaint, but I will say I know more about allergic rhinitis and snotty noses than anyone deserves to know in a lifetime.
  • I bought the medinose because nothing else worked. It cost me £79 but it only relieves some of the symptoms and i have to use it 3 times a day for five mins so it is a brassy when i use it at work.

    But there is hope... I was prescribed Avamys (Fluticasone furoate) in April this year and it is like a miracle cure. I am a heavy sufferer and get really bad symptoms for 3months . But this year using it has released me from the nightmare that only serious sufferers know. If you got it bad ask your GP cos I think it's new out this year. I was begging him for kenalog and I thought he was fobbing me off with this Flixonase substitute but this is sooo much better than that. In fact if you suffer and dont ask your GP for this then hell mend you :0)

    Now go book that appointment.
  • I've suffered from hayfever really badly ever since I went on a school trip to the country when i was 6. From around the middle of may to about the middle of september every year without fail, the streaming eyes and the sneezing, the itching, it all starts! Sleeping is difficult, and to be quite honest, walking around in summer with a red snotty nose and puffy eyes not to mention being pretty miserable makes you stand out and really ruins my summer. I found some relief after going to my GP and asking if there was anything i could get on prescription to help me as everything over the counter either made me too drowsy to work or drive, or didnt have any effect at all. I was prescribed desloratidine ( Neoclarityn is its trade name i think) and though that has given me some relief, it seems on days where the pollen count is anything higher than 'low' it has no effect whatsoever.
    I saw this advertised online and remembering some news reports about them in relation to exam-takers with hayfever i thought i might aswell give it a try. Other than steroid injections (which i admit i was scared of trying) nothing else has really worked for me, so although it is an 'alternative' sort of therapy i paid the 14.99 and got myself an ioniser and the reliever.
    I cannot begin to describe how much this device has just changed my summer completely. I have the odd sneeze when i use it the first time on a morning but i think thats because i perhaps maybe pushing it up too far, but other than that i think its amazing. The itchy eyes are still there but simply eye drops sort that out and the fact that i no longer have a streaming, itchy, and sometimes blocked nose totally undermines that fact.
    I would definitely recommend this to any allergy sufferer. It sounds cheesy but it has changed my life and have only been using it for 5 days. Unless you have hayfever you could not undertsnad the frustration us sufferers go through routinely every year!
    The offer i got was from lloyds pharmacy and as far as i am aware it is an online offer only if you want both items for 14.99.
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    I have had really bad hayfever for the past 5 years...where I would get nose bleeds, runny, stuffy nose, incredibly itchy eyes - once ending up in hospital because my eyeball became swollen - itchy throat and tight chested. As you can see, I suffer pretty bad!

    I have been on all the tablets you could imagine, both over the counter and prescribed by the doctor. The tablets have worked for a bit, but last year and this year, they have only been taking the edge off the symptoms. I mainly get the sneezes and itchy eyes now and I am on the strongest meds I can have, alongside nasal spray.

    I bought the lloyds allergy reliever yesterday and already I have started to see an improvement! I don't know if its psychological (I doubt this because I didn't think that the product would work), but I have used it about 5 times, two of those being when my eyes were itching...and it has stopped this. I'm looking forward to seeing what more this product can do...after only a few treatments.

    Mine was £10, down from £40 and so far, I would recommend it! :T
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