Hayfever sufferers! Fantastic bargain Lloyds Pharmacy- 'Medinose' + Ioniser £19.99!!



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    space.oca wrote: »
    Hi all,

    I am interested to purchase this from Lloydspharmacy but I was told that they only ship to UK.

    Could anyone here help me? I pay directly to Lloydspharmacy but using your UK address. Can you please help me to ship to Germany? I will bear the shipping cost.

    It might be easier for you to buy something similar on ebay - if you search for 'medinose' there are some relievers for sale with sellers who post to the European Union.


    Edited to say I found some for sale on the german ebay site:

    The IVF worked;DS born 2006.
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    I was going to order the medinose today until I came across this thread about the Lloyds brand so I nipped to the nearest one and got it for the £14.99, just tried it made me sneeze and my nose run abit more but I'll report back on how it works in a few days..

    HAyfever is killing me at the moment even with all my tablets and sprays!
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    My family haven't tried the light therapy machines yet but I did have the ioniser on last night - made me cough and I had itchy eyes, well I'm assuming it was that anyway as I was fine before.

    However we do have hard wood floors and two dogs running around so I imagine theres plenty of dust!

    One thing that does worry me is that it mentions using it in the bedroom, however if all the heavy pollen, dust etc are falling to the ground, won't they also fall onto the bed and make us worse?
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    Just bought one - will give it a go.
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    i normally wake up every morning with a really blocked nose, even with windows open all night. since we've had the purifier/ioniser, i don't!
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    Only had it for a day, but has anyone actually collected any significant dust from this device yet? My computer intake grille seems to be more effective at collecting dust!
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    Is mine working?

    I just got mine home poped the battery in, turned it on and the diods and the button flashed and beeped
    but their is no light.....
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    TechTerry wrote: »
    Is mine working?

    I just got mine home poped the battery in, turned it on and the diods and the button flashed and beeped
    but their is no light.....

    check the battery is ok, the on/off button should stay alight (blue colour) and the diode ends go bright red! maybe a faulty one??

    I've had one since saturday and to be honest I havent noticed anything at all although I do suffer really, really really bad!
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    I got one for DD today.
    She's only used it 3 times,but already her nose is visibly less swollen.
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    Just back from my local Lloyds and they charged me £19.98 for the pair (£14.99 Nose machine + £9.99 for the ioniser - £5 multi buy discount).

    Had a great laugh trying out the nose machine. It all seems too ridiculous for words, but here's hoping.............

    I won't know for a while if it works as it's a bit early in the season for me yet. I hope to head my hayfever off at the pass and hopefully get past the middle of June without any symtoms.
    No reliance should be placed on the above.
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