The Great ‘how to win at hotel bidding websites’ Hunt



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    I have used Priceline in the past and managed a good deal for Paris. Off to Toronto & New York for 2 weeks and I hope I will save over 50% on Priceline.

    Before everyone runs off and starts bidding away, make sure you read as there are some cons eg. once you have the hotel, its paid for and you cant change your mind. Also, if your bid fails, you cant rebid for another 24 hours unless you change your search criteria.
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  • I will always try to use Priceline if they offer rooms in a city where I am visiting . The US offers the best choice but London is also well served .We even stayed in 2 fantastic 5* hotels in China for £40 a night

    I have stayed in so many lovely hotels and saved thousands but my best buy is for an upcoming trip to New York which was booked back in October 2007 . We bagged 6 nights at the Sheraton Manhattan Times Square for £336 ,thats £55 a night . To book direct with the hotel would cost £1230 or £205 per night,so my whole trip including flights is cheaper than I would have paid for the hotel alone .

    The sites and are essential aids to getting Priceline rooms at the right price and winning a room at a great discount is such a buzz :p
  • I used the sites mentioned to research and followed their bidding guide. I used Priceline with the bidding in £. I paid £50 a nights for 5 nights in January at the Roosevelt, which is a fantastic hotel, just around the corner from central station. Other holiday sites were showing it for £150.

    Make sure you read the bidding advice first and be sure of the area that you are bidding for.
  • I tried to book a hotel on priceline via the bidding system but they are requesting a USA address. Clearly UK users have used the company. How?

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    valt61 wrote: »
    I tried to book a hotel on priceline via the bidding system but they are requesting a USA address. Clearly UK users have used the company. How?


    Read the guide I posted at post number #2 on this thread:confused:
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    Originally Posted by valt61 viewpost.gif
    I tried to book a hotel on priceline via the bidding system but they are requesting a USA address. Clearly UK users have used the company. How?


    I too have already answerd this above on entering a bid you will need to change a couple of your adress and telephone details so it looks like you are bidding from the USA address but dont worry a booking is a booking

    Things to change are basically the state and your telephone number to look like a US number or zip code.. have a look and a play or read all guides posted to get around this.

    Priceline works and saves money, but a bid is a bid and will be paid for and very unlikely that you will get a refund if need arises to cancel.
    :hello: Lets all save a £ or two, lets all earn a £ or two, and lets all enjoy spending that £ or two wisely.
  • There is a UK version of the site Then click on Name your own price

    The inventory is the same as the US site and all prices are in Sterling , as a rule of thumb just half the rates . I have found that the rates are a fair conversion i.e a win at $100 on the us site would be approximately £50 on the UK site . One downside is that you must increase your bids by a minimum of £1 whereas its only $1 on the US site.
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    I used Priceline for locating hotel rooms in the Toronto area last summer.
    My Canadian friend passed on the web site and I have to say it was perfect!

    Booking two months in advance, I managed to bag two twin rooms (both double beds) for four nights at an inclusive total of US$469.78 (currently available for $117.62 - $270.62 CAD per room) bidding not more than $50 per room/night.

    This was the Holiday Inn in Markham which is slightly outside 'downtown' Toronto but was still in the areas I specified. I had already hired car making all the difference.

    No breakfast was included but use of the Gym, spa, pool etc was allowed.

    Because I booked sufficiently far in advance, a call to the said hotel secured adjoining rooms for my family and I. This was at no additional cost.

    Allow me to put the price into perspective. A family room for four in the Youth Hostel at Niagara was priced $67.80 so cheaper to use Priceline and hardly fair to compare facilities apples with apples!

    Would I use them again? Too right! My Canadian friend also uses the site constantly.
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    I've finally booked my hotels (leave on Thursday)!

    I am staying at:


    24 - 27 Westin Copley Square £55 per night
    27 - 29 Marriott Copley Square £55 per night

    New York

    29 - 01/05 Millenium Broadway £86 per night

    I could have got even cheaper, but anyone that knows me knows I don't do less than 4*! ;)
    Gone ... or have I?
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    We stayed in the Westin, Copley Square, fabulous public rooms but our bedroom was pretty average.
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