widescreen TVs for 49p!!!!! [CLOSED]



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    i ordered 1 on argos today i also ordered 1 on homebase tonight at .49p 3 things i like to know is iff both companys are argos or whatever iff they can honour the price
    2nd iff the mistake or con can we take them to court iff the not supply goods at price and 3rd AS ANYBODY GOT HOUSE INS FOR LGAL PROBLEMS LIKE THIS FOR THESE SOURT OF THINGS AND COULD WE CONTACT WATCH DOG OR OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING PLEASE ADVICE .
    stay lucky!
  • I have just ordered 2 ,One for the kids and one for us.

    Is it essential to print out the confirmation page as have run out of paper would you believe.AHHHHHHH ?

    Thanks OP if this works I will be soooooo amazed ,you never know.
  • You will all have to pay full price if you want to keep the tellies. 1a_y_tongue1.gif

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    they did honour the previous mis priced sagem myx7's (woolies) and also the gamecubes which were mispriced in tescos
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    Elvis...I don't think anyone here expects to get this.
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  • I think the majority of us are just seeing this as a bit of fun, great if we get it but noones holding their breath. I dont think its worth anyone get worked up about. I guess you havent placed an order then!!

    I understand what you mean savingsgirl. I know people see it as fun and thats great (and the company concerned will love your/our attitude) because its so cheap no one really expects to get it- like i said before its a no brainer, so obviously people are just going for it.

    All i was doing is pointing out why i think arg/homebase have done it- just to be aware its a little sneaky, thats all. :D

    Obviously if it comes off, ill eat my words....in fact ill eat a 28" tv and a dvd recorder if you like ;):D
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    If you wanted to save the screen instead of print out you can always save it as a pdf if you have acrobat installed. In prints there a printer named Adobe PDF it wil save the screen as a screenshoot as pdf file.
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    well ive just checked on my online account and they have aqlready taken the money for my telly orders from homebase. So we will have to wait and see.
  • You will all have to pay full price if you want to keep the tellies. 1a_y_tongue1.gif

    Then I'll say no and ask for my £5.44 back.
  • I'm a snitch, I've e-mailed Argos to tell them what's going on. 1a-a1.gif

    Well, I might get a free telly for my trouble. 1a_y_grin.gif

    Elvis, you are a horror! :p :rotfl: :rotfl:
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