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Helloooo! :wave:

Well, as some of you may know, tomorrow is a bit of a landmark for me, because I return to work after 12 months of maternity leave - eeek!

I've also been having a bit of a difficult time in my personal life recently, so I thought now would be a good point to leave all that behind and start a new thread.

A few days ago, I sold some shares to pay off our car loan, leaving us 'technically' debt free (having now cleared a grand total of £22k of debt over the last 10 years...goodness that sounds scary!). But that's not the whole picture....

When we took out our mortgage, we borrowed an extra £5000 to pay for some home improvements. We have always considered this part of our mortgage, but to be honest, that just feels like cheating. So my next challenge is going to be to get it paid off.

I have another sharesave that matures in August, which should give me at least £3000 towards it - hopefully more but I'm not counting my chickens (whatever that!). Our budget is tight, but I really want to get the secured loan paid off this year, so I'm going to chart my progress on here. Once I know how much I will be earning per month I will post my new SOA. Until then, our budget is a bit 'grit your teeth and hope for the best'.

Oh, and I may as well confess that I had a minor slip up with the credit card and accidentally bought a new kitchen bin and a few desperately needed work clothes - which all sounds okay until I shamefully admit to how much the kitchen bin cost..........

£50!!! :cool:

As you can see, I really need help staying on track, so if I ever start talking about expensive gadgets or 'must have' appliances, this is the place to come and shout at me. :p

And obviously, as this is a Snaggles thread (Jaffa Cake obsessive and baby bore par excellence), there will be the obligatory chat about babies, boobs and biscuits, hence the title. :D

Thanks for reading! :)

Love Snaggles xxx
"I wasn't wrong, I just wasn't right enough."


  • r.mac_2r.mac_2 Forumite
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    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck snaggles!
    aless02 wrote: »
    r.mac, you are so wise and wonderful, that post was lovely and so insightful!
    I can't promise that all my replies will illicit this response :p
  • PurplerosesPurpleroses Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker Debt-free and Proud!
    hey snaggles! hope your first day goes well for you. x
  • lynsayjanelynsayjane Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker Xmas Saver!
    I might be getting confused (which is easy really!) but was it a whole year since the 'snaggles hasn't been onlnie in five minutes she must be in labour' threads? my goodness how time flies!

    Good luck with it all and tut tut, £50 for a bin! shocking lol (I'd likely have spent that too for the perfect bin!)
  • BuffythedebtslayerBuffythedebtslayer Forumite
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    I have a shameful confession so thought I'd butt in and say hi,

    I bought an intray from Whs and it cost 20 quid. ahem. it is shiny tho, so that's ok......right?

    All the best for work hon

    Nevertheless she persisted.
  • I'm here for the boobs. :)
  • emilytemilyt Forumite
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    Hi there Snaggles well done.
    Don't be too harsh on yourself for paying that amount on a bin. I have just bought a new breadbin and it cost £40.00. DH wasn't very happy. But it's just the one i wanted and i love it.
    When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile :D
  • SnagglesSnaggles Forumite
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    r.mac & ciara, thanks very much! :)

    LJ, yep, she's a year old next month, I can't quite believe it either. :eek: :D

    Buffy - £20 on an in tray....LOL!! You're as bad as I am... :rotfl:

    Emily - was it a Brabantia? :p My bin is one of the Brabantia push-top ones - sooo fab! :o

    SS - trust you! But nice to see you. :)
    "I wasn't wrong, I just wasn't right enough."
  • hello snaggles:j
    good luck with going back to work.
    i'm totally with you on the bin thing , i understand, i have a silver kitchen, appliances too so everything has to match :D but £50 mrs s :eek: i have a plastic silver one from wilkos (but id love one of those shhhh;) ):rotfl:
  • SnagglesSnaggles Forumite
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    Hi jacs! The worst thing is, I could have bought it cheaper online, but I suddenly decided I wanted one, and HAD to have it that day!!! :o

    Definitely never doing that again....:A
    "I wasn't wrong, I just wasn't right enough."
  • ZTDZTD Forumite
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    What is this "matching" thing of which you talk?
    "Follow the money!" - Deepthroat (AKA William Mark Felt Sr - Associate Director of the FBI)
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