Money Moral Dilemma: Should you give your best mate a £1 pressie?



  • Sigur_2
    Sigur_2 Posts: 3,868 Forumite
    Yes, but I'd also buy them something else.
  • luby-lou
    luby-lou Posts: 245 Forumite
    Funny - I have just been contemplating this over the last week. Last Saturday I found a really nice top in the sales and paid £1.60 for it - I reckon it'd be about £35 new. It was an M&S autograph range one that will fit my SIL and would be great for a birthday present for her in September. Its one that will be great for going out over Christmas in. So was wondering myself whether to get something else as well. Maybe I'll get something else little, then I've still spent less that I would have and don't feel so bad.
  • youngmoney_2
    I'd go a step further! Sign up with ipoints (or similar), set up a free email address to send spam to, sign up to all of the free deals on the site, get enough points for a free 12 month subscription to a magazine, present to friend.

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  • The_Simonator
    Get the offer and save yourself the £29, just dont tell them about it and everyones happy.
  • bigdave_4
    bigdave_4 Posts: 19 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    He is getting a £30 prezzie, which you have bought for £1

    Martin would be proud
    Nice to save.
  • loulew
    loulew Posts: 5 Forumite
    I do not give to receive. My friends would think I was crazy, if I paid full price for a present that I could have got for £1. It is very much the thought that counts, not the price tag!
  • thriftymomma
    thriftymomma Posts: 1,107 Forumite
    Of course - it's the thought that counts!
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  • 2loula
    2loula Posts: 12 Forumite
    yep no worries or guilt have done this many times already;) :rotfl:
  • krazykidskate
    krazykidskate Posts: 1,958 Forumite
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    Now thats my problem - I would have to supplement the £1 gift with another pressie to pass on the bargain I'd got to them. I can't explain why :confused: maybe its fear of being caught out I don't know but I'd feel like I was cheating them somehow.
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  • sunshinejoclaire
    I did this the other week actually (in a roundabout way). My best mate was desperate fro some new perfume. The day before her birthday I still hadn't gotten her anything - and walked past the Ex Catalogue Shop. I caught sight of some beautiful shoes and found myself in there. The shoes (for me) were only £3 so I went to pay for them. At the counter they had a lovely Elizabeth Arden perfume reduced to £8.49 - i looked closer and it was in the 1/2 price sale.

    So a lovely perfume for the princley sum of £4.25.. priced at £21 in Debenhams..

    I also then later in the day saw a gorgeous very 'her' top in a shop reduced dramticly to about a £5. I put both items in a gift bag for her.

    The following morning I was in Boots picking up a prescription, and they had some Rimmel lippies reduced to £1 each.. I bought 2 (one for me, one for her) with my Boots Points.

    Hey presto for less than a tenner she got three lovely items and was thrilled to bits. She knew I had been bargain hunting straight away though - we've known each other a long time ;)
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