Money Moral Dilemma: Should you give your best mate a £1 pressie?



  • Makes sense to me...
  • trejoy
    trejoy Posts: 74 Forumite
    I don`t see a problem. I`ve done similar and had it done back. You tell friend that pressie was on offer, (don`t say price) so they get lunch/dinner as well.Where is there a problem?:j:beer::j
  • Chocmonster7
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    I have no problem with this at all, in fact our family make a habit out of collecting freebies throughout the year towards hampers/presents for each others birthdays & Christmas!
  • RedSpecs
    RedSpecs Posts: 42 Forumite
    Of course I would, and I would be proud to have received the present were the shoe on the other foot too.

    Why are we all obsessed with how much money we spend on others to prove how much we love them? Its the thought that counts, not the money spent.

    For example, I'd be dead chuffed to receive something that was home-made by the friend, but the materials for which cost, say, a couple of quid. To me, 'worth' is not measured in money.

    Just as well then, cos I've got hardly any of it!!:rotfl:
    Live better on less :beer:
  • Dormouse
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    We all seem to agree on this one. :D

    I would do, and have done, this sort of thing, and would be happy if someone else did that to me.
  • System
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    are you more generous if you pay the the nose at a high street retailer rather than online for the same gift? not in my book!

    same principle applies here.

    you are foregoing the special gift for yourself... your friend should be happy! you will be happy!
  • DenBo_4
    DenBo_4 Posts: 536 Forumite
    Yes, it sounds a great pressie, and I would be so pleased at not spending the other £29! Winners all round!!
  • I'd do it - I wouldn't say how much I'd spent though. I hate it when people give me a gift and tell me the exact cost when I really don't want to know - it's enough that it makes me pleased and/or they thought of me, not how much they spent...
    "don't worry, it wasn't too expensive for me, I got it on a special deal, no, really, I only spent £1, isn't it great, I got this amazing voucher, it was a total bargain! I got a subscription to Marie Claire and blah blah blah blah.."

    It's a gift! I don't want to know! It's just embarrassing when all someone does tell me exactly what they've spent on my present. My sister does this and it drives me nuts. :mad:
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  • dalesmum
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    My best friend is just as strapped for cash as I am and she would be (a) thrilled skinny to get a lovely present, (b) dead impressed that I managed to get it for so little, and (c) asking for details so she can do the same for her mother/auntie/friend. However, I would let her know it was a bargain because I wouldn't want her her feel obliged to splash out on me in return. Surely it's the thought that counts.

    Our circle of friends all have small children. We all aim to get good 'bargains' (i.e. not tat) for the childrens' birthdays. I got a princess dressing-up outfit knocked down from £20 to £5 in the January sales which was absolutely beautiful. My friend would have been appalled if I had spent £20 on it, the little girl thought it was fantastic and wore it all day and she got a much better present than something a fiver would have bought. Most people I know have a store of presents they bought in the sales to hand out through the year. Maybe I'm just lucky - I have a group of like-minded friends who have respect for people who manage to bag fantastic bargains rather than spend oodles of dosh they don't have.
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  • Kernow_Kid
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    Of course - its a running thing in our group of friends that we get each other something thats great, but also a bargin.

    My OH bought me my computer monitor for xmas - top of the range 22", costing £360 on the highstreet.
    Between us, we hunted down the same monitor on the net for £215,
    then waited till the post-xmas sales to buy it,
    along with using vouchers from an online site for free postage,
    and a discount for signing to the site with a new email address.
    Final cost?
    Over 50% off.
    And i was happy to wait 3 weeks for it and even happier to get it for a bargin.
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