Money Moral Dilemma: Should you give your best mate a £1 pressie?



  • newmommyjen
    newmommyjen Posts: 1,169 Forumite
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    i dont see why not.
    Its not like the gift is worth £1.
    At the end of the day its the thought tat counts.
    A smile and manners doesnt cost any thing
  • PINGA14
    PINGA14 Posts: 1,220 Forumite
    It's a great present even though it only cost a pound.
    Would do it and not feel guilty at all.
  • JayD
    JayD Posts: 701 Forumite
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    I'd explain, give them the perfume/aftershave, the mag and the balance of money left for them to spend on whatever they want.

    I wouldn't feel right 'profitting' on a present for my 'closest friend'.

    I might do it with someone not so close though.
  • pixwix
    pixwix Posts: 122 Forumite
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    Why the hell not?!

    A better question would be to ask what their response might be if they knew.

    If you think they'd be offended, then your biggest problem is whether they're a real mate or not - in fact if you actually have any real mates! If I were that friend - a genuine friend - I wouldn't give a damn if it had cost 1p as long as some thought had gone into its choice.

    The very question says a hell of a lot about how far downhill our society has gone. Too many people these days know the cost of everything and the value of absolutely nothing - including friendship.
  • janbanan
    janbanan Posts: 90 Forumite
    No - I may be tight sometimes when it comes to my own stuff, but never to my closest friends or family.
  • Mrs_Boo_Boo
    I can't see the problem here even if the friend knows about the background of the present. My mum and dad got me a food processor with Barclaycard profile points and I was thrilled cos I got a fab useful present. I also buy half price Christmas presents in January and have had some great feedback. I have several mates who I know buy in the sales or get my presents from Primark and am totally satisfied with whatever they give. I even took out magazine subscriptions for some mates and then gave the free gift to the others. Why do we get sucked into the consumerist society values where the more the spend the greater valued the gift is. My family refused to play to this a few years ago and do not exchange Christmas presents apart from the children. Another thing is that most children I know get far too many presents now anyway so let the others spend more. My God daughter's birthday present this year was an £8.95 book, but we live in the same village as the authors and were able to get it signed with a personal message. She thought this was fantastic. So what's the fuss?
  • irishwench69
    Yep - definitely! I've done this, and would have NO problem doing it again!!

    Getting the best price / value for something, so your money goes further - isn't that what this site and being a moneysaver is all about?!

    IW x
    Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 222 :beer:
    :T Debt free wannabe - Proud to be dealing with my debts! :T

    Remember the MoneySaving mantras!

    IF YOU'RE SKINT......
    Do I need it? Can I afford it? Can I find it cheaper anywhere else?

    Will I use it? Is it worth it? Can I find it cheaper anywhere else?
  • suzithefloozy
    Yeah man for deffo!

    It's still their favourite perfume, even if it only cost a quid and if they did find out how much it cost you, they'd probably be well impressed that you managed to get it for that - I know I would be! :beer:
    Trust me - I'm a scientist!!! :idea:

    Mortgage - too big to comprehend!

    CC debt - none! :beer:
    Yes I Would Get Them The Perfume/aftershave. If Your A Shrewd Bargain Hunter That Takes Time In It Self & If Their Getting What They Want Why Not Donate Some Of The Other £29 To Charity!!!
  • iolande
    iolande Posts: 88 Forumite
    It's the thought that counts. Isn't it? I would rather my friends buy me something small and nice than having X amount of cash to spend and finding something expensive. And I would be impressed if they got me something for £1! Well done them!

    My boyfriend wanted to buy me a full set of golf clubs for my birthday earlier this month. Even with the sale at the golf club at 50% off they would have cost £150. Too much I thought. He then went out of his way to find a second hand set - found a lovely set that had barely been used, with a bag and lots of bits and pieces - all for £30. He then spent a couple of days polishing them all up for me. I felt so warm and fuzzy that he put so much care and effort into it. I think had he bought the expensive set I would have felt a little bit embarrassed and guilty about it.:o
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