Money Moral Dilemma: Should you give your best mate a £1 pressie?



  • munckinpie
    munckinpie Posts: 15 Forumite
    of course i would......its the thought that counts not the amount you spend on each other and if its the type of thing you would normally buy then why not!!
  • Shiggaddi
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    I don't see the problem in doing it either. After all, instead of handing over £30, you're taking the time to fiddle about with the magazine etc. You can't buy friendship by deciding that the business that charges the most should get your money.

    To take this further, I do mystery shopping, and have used my spend to buy presents for people. Some people have said it's a bit tight, but I'm being paid to do a job and using the money I've been paid to buy the items.

    If I were to do a few hours overtime in my normal job and spent the same amount on presents at the beginning of the next month for someone, I wouldn't be called tight because the person who received the gift has discovered that I've put in a few more hours at work and see it as free money.
  • jak
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    I would give her the perfume and nothing else. I think it's a mind set you need to get past. I've bought some pressies for Christmas this year in the sales for really cheap and have to remind myself that tho I paid little for them, it's still the same product which cost a £10 and I got for 50p. It all helps. If they will like it, who cares!
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  • freddy27
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    Yes!!! Yes!!! Go for it, a winner you'll be.
  • comics
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    There's no problem that I can see with getting it for a £1. Everyone seems to confuse cost with value.

    Just because you can get it cheaper doesn't change the value of the item, if the othe person really wanted it.
    If I spent £10,000 on a car for someone who can't drive, then the value and thought is meaningless.
    For people on the competition forums, If I won a PlayStation3 for free, and gave it to a friend who wanted it, then the value who be up there with the RRP of the machine. (p.s. I wasn't lucky enough to win a ps3 that I could give away, the best I could do was win a DS game.)

    Like every says, it's the thought that counts. Not everyone is rich enough to buy things a full price (which is why we're on this site), so there's nothing wrong if you happened to find a very good bargin.
  • Alisonbel
    Alisonbel Posts: 215 Forumite
    If its what they want, of course! I remember years ago McDonalds were doing a DVD( might be VHS, it was that long ago) offer, my SIL wanted this film for christmas think I got it for a £1 and she made this comment about betting it was from McD. so what, it was what she wanted who gives a flying fig where it came from! Saying that it turned out to be a bargain,I haven't bought the ungrateful cow a present since!!!!
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  • Absolutely yes

    My best friend has been the happy recipient of many bargain gifts over the years, . This year she got about 6 presents, variously from sales, special offers, boots glitches and the like. Usually these are bought throughout the year, when I see things I know she'll like. One year I got her something that the original price was (£179) and knowing she'd be cross if she thought I'd paid anywhere near that amount, explained it was from M&S' daft stock clearance sale at £5. She was delighted both with the gift and my ability to source absolute bargains.

    Every so often she gets a handmade one including a cross stitch picture of her favourite pet, and every so often I get her something pricier because I know she'll love it.

    It is about showing that person that you've thought hard about what you've got/made them. It could be free so long as it's given with thought and care
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  • For Christmas 2006 I got my sister West Wing series 1 and series 2 boxsets she was well chuffed as she loved the series. Cost nearly £70 but thanks to Tesco's R & R I got them for free. :T The same year I got three series of the Simpsons for DD. (Santa got the crdeit for that though.) I told my sister but she didn't mind, it was worth more than she would have got if I'd paid for them. Everyone was happy.
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  • SuziK_2
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    I'd definitely give them the perfume but as others have mentioned I'd tell them it was a one off and how I'd gotten it. I'd also be one of those rubbish moneysavers who would still buy something else as well.

    I know, just another reason why my purse is often empty! ;)
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  • tallgirld
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    Nothing wrong with that. Could be seen as a cheapskate if she found out though!!!!
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