Money Moral Dilemma: Should you give your best mate a £1 pressie?



  • Yes of course, I can't see the problem, surely its the gift that matters not what you pay for it? if its your best mate too, I would have thought you would have gone past the issue of whats spent on each other?
    I've bought my best freind presents from a charity shop before if its something I think she will love!:T
    I often think about The Samuel Vimes 'Boots' Theory Of Socio-Economic Injustice. :cool:
  • yeah i would and i wouldn't buy an extra gift to make up for the fact it only cost a quid cos then they'd think i'd upped the cost of their present and i'd expect the same either in return or i'd be spending the same amount next year.
  • I've bought my best freind presents from a charity shop before if its something I think she will love!:T

    Me too, and mine has done the same for me. In the end it's the present that matters, not how much is spent.

    Money shouldn't be a measure of friendship, care and attention should.
  • ctomo1978
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    I don't think buying a present that you would normally pay £30 for but now only pay £1 is superb, if you found a bottle of wine in 1 shop for £10 and next door it was £8 you'd go next door, so the point of a morale dilema is ridiculous. your saving money, their not bothered how much it cost, if they like it they like it.
  • Badger_Lady
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    I very often get "special deal" gifts for friends and family... if it's a normal event then yes, I would just get them that gift.

    However if someone needs a particular lift, or it's a particularly special event, they will get even more.

    For example, one of my good friends has had a really, really tough year in 2007 - at Christmas I gave her:
    - a gift I thought she'd like (£5),
    - a freebie Lush bath set (worth £8 but got for free), and
    - the £50 Faith voucher that I won in a competition.

    However, I wrote a long script on the card explaining that I hadn't actually paid for the voucher so she wouldn't feel guilty! After all, she got all that and I'd still only spent £5 on her :)

    It's become a bit of a known thing now... I got a bargain on a pink digital photo frame for her birthday, and the first thing she said was "but these are really expensive!". I reminded her, "not when I buy them!" :)
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    yes, of course I'd do it. But I would tell them exactly what I'd done and that I'd spent the balance of the money on something else for them and warn them it is a one off. I've done this and the recipient was over the moon that I went to that trouble for them and it never upped the value of what we've given in subsequent years.
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    Surely as this is your best mate you will already have introduced them to money saving and they will have seen the promotion for themselves. I think Id get it for her if it was her favourite, but also spend the usual amount ( never £30!) and tell her where it came from so she wouldn't feel obliged to spend extra on me. Imagine how embarrasing it would be if you didn't tell and she found out later.
    I suppose you could take out the subscription as a gift for your friend as well.
  • Grumpysally
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    Just re read the dilemma. What magazine gives away really expensive perfume for a £1 subscription? : ) You'd probably miss the small print and end up signing up to one of these deals where you have to set up a direct debit which you need to cancel at the end of some trial period and if you are like me, forget about it and end up spending more than the perfume was worth in the first place. Doh!
  • george_2
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    Done it and will do it again!
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  • Whalie
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    Planning to do the same for my sister - saving Nescafe beans! If its my sister then I will also spend some money on a few other treats but the main pressie will be the freebie!
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