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  • Only time for a quick update, work has gone nuts, but it's making a nice change to be actually earning some decent cash for once! :j
  • Good morning everyone!!

    Well, now is the tricky time - the couple of weeks before xmas when I tend to panic-buy presents for people. I am totally rubbish at organisation for xmas, I have made a few pressies but not nearly enough, so this is usually when I start buying stuff last-minute. I am really really going to try and stick to a budget this year, I am too generous for my own good sometimes. I truly love seeing people's faces when they receive a present they think is fab, but I am going to have to cut back, or I'm gonna land myself in the poop in January.

    So today I am heading to the pound shop - let's see what stocking fillers they have there. x
  • Well, today has been a blow. I found out a few hours ago that an old friend of mine has passed away from cancer. He was my teacher at school too, very inspiring, and meeting him completely changed the course of my life.

    I knew he was sick, but he was only diagnosed a month ago, so it has come as a great shock.

    Rest in peace Andrew xxx
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    Really sorry to hear about your friend.
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  • Thanks Dinah. It was a horrible shock, he was only 48.
  • Ay ay, back again. :wave:

    So, December is going pretty well - better than stinky old November did, anyway. Does anyone actually like that crappy month? Not me! :p

    So far I have:

    - got probably 50% of my xmas pressies
    - sorted out NYE
    - paid CC2 minimum bill for the month
    - got £90 left to pay on CC1 minimum bill for the month (by the 22nd)
    - worked a fair bit, not quite as much as I would have liked, but more than usual :T
    - done well on Swagbucks, over 700 points on there now

    Still got lots to do, but I am more sorted than in previous years! And I should have plenty of time in the last few days leading up to xmas too.
  • A quickie...(ooh-er!)...update (oh.) on how things have been going today.

    Well, I worked tonight, hurrah! I am even getting on really well with my boss at the moment. The customers were in a cheery mood too, so all is good on that front.

    Annoyingly, despite the extra earnings, my projected cash for Jan still seems a bit rubbish - I reckon I will be about 200 quid short. This is due to some extra expenses in that month, including car tax. Get me! I never normally think so far ahead, being on this site is obviously doing me some good. Yeah, I'm gonna award myself a spinny Martin for that. :money:

    Soooo I really really need to list some stuff on Ebay to try and make up the shortfall. I have it all in a box! Lol - just need to bite the bullet and list it! I have some podcasts on my computer that I could listen to, so I reckon Sunday is going to be 'list everything in the world on Ebay Day'. I am also off on a couple of days next week, so I will crack on with making pressies then. I have fridge magnets to make!
  • Completely shattered!!

    Work was exhausting. You lot, with all the Xmas partying and dancing, have worn me out!! You try running round a busy restaurant trying to dodge fellas showing me their 'moves' :D

    Righto. Tomorrow (well, later today now technically) must be Ebay-listing and tidying day. Otherwise it won't just be the Euro collapsing, but my own sanity too.
  • Oooh, and I cashed out my first Swagbucks amazon e-gift card yesterday :j That'll be a fiver off an xmas present, if it comes in time :)
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    Its hard work at the time but it always made me buzz slightly, and Christmas, as you say everyone's spirits are high so they are more entertaining (and the tips are sometimes higher ;)). I really quite miss not working in that environment sometimes as I am a people person and where I worked was a village pub/restaurant so we used to get lots of regulars. Although I did know a girl who worked at Frankie & Bennys and she would regularly come out with £40.00 tips alone from a weekend shift - whereas I would be happy with a fiver :o
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