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"Thevinternet's still in debt" diary

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  • inthegreen wrote: »
    I have just read your diary and admire your persistence. Your OH sounds like my ex, he went out a lot and nights out would mean £50-£100 boozing sessions and fags. He didn’t want to change and I couldn’t inspire, nag or force him to.
    Congratulations on graduating and good luck in the job search.

    Thanks lovely, this thread is primarily for my own benefit, so I expect it's not the most thrilling read but it's nice to get some support.

    The OH has had a very spendy couple of days but I'm hoping it will settle down a bit now until xmas :) I'm taking on board what everyone is saying about not nagging him/changing him...I'm trying my best, honest! :D

    I've still got the cold but I will hopefully only have it for about another 3 days or so. Gonna do a lot of decluttering this weekend and hopefully make some more xmas presents. It's that time of the month again, no, not the special ladytrain to hell, but instead time to start paying off the minimum payment on CC2...the balance the size of an elephant! Anyway, I paid £10.25 off it today...just another £140 to go or so before the 12th of Dec, which is very doable.
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    thevinternetthevinternet Forumite
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    Still stuck with a cold, but feeling slightly better today. Have now entered the "sneezy and constantly blowing nose" stage, as opposed to the 'sore throat and feeling like I have a head full of cotton wool' stage.

    Bad news on the job front, that catering work fell through, but I am applying for some other temp work which starts in January. The Christmas rush at my normal job starts next week, so hopefully the cash should start rolling in from then onwards.

    I have decided to set myself a new challenge - clearing my CC with the lowest debt on it by February 14th 2012. It will be a valentine's present to myself! So that's £735 in 80 days - so lets say it will be roughly £800 with interest. A tough challenge, but not impossible, I'd say!

    BTW - was wondering, a few years ago there was a thread on here called 'The Long Haulers thread', with a role call at the start. Has it now disappeared? I could do with some emotional support about now. My motivation comes and goes.
  • nbinblack wrote: »

    Thank you - that's just what I needed. I am attempting to resurrect it!!
  • Sorry that I haven't written in this diary for a few days, been coping with a rotten cold that has now left me with one of those annoying tickly coughs that won't quit. :mad:

    So, I haven't really been doing much active debt-busting that I can tell you about. I applied for that job yesterday, but have yet to hear anything from them. I have unfortunately had to spend a little bit on ebay too - I needed some new work clothes, so I needed to buy a few bits from there.

    On the plus side though, I have finally got the hang of the 'Swagbucks' site, mainly thanks to Fairyclicks and her useful tips. So I am up to 300 swagbucks on there now; I won't be able to spend any on xmas presents as hoped, but it will be useful to cash some out in the new year.

    I have also found a load of books to Ebay, I also have some leads to put on there so I will start that tonight. No other news, must get on now so I don't get too comfy on this sofa :D
  • Dinah93Dinah93 Forumite
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    Oooh whats swagbucks?
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  • Dinah93 wrote: »
    Oooh whats swagbucks?

    It is a rewards site, you basically get rewarded with their version of 'credits' called swagbucks. There are several ways you can get rewarded, such as doing surveys, searching using their search engine (which is actually pretty good), watching videos and playing games.

    Then when you have 849 points, you can exchange them for a £5 amazon e-gift card. I am currently on 300 points. It takes a while every day though so not one to do if you are busy busy, but I can show you some useful ways to save up fairly quickly. I only really 'got the hang of it' a couple of days ago.

    Here is my referral link if you decide to join up:
  • Not a great day. Both me and the OH feeling a bit down, I think the combo of his work being crappy and me not having a lot of work coming in is not working well. I tried to cheer him up a bit tonight but he still seemed a bit down. I really really love him and hate to see him upset. I wish I could go into his workplace one day, then slap his boss around the face with a big fish. He is an ogre.

    On the plus side (I am trying to stay positive!) I have started xmas shopping finally, getting a personalised mug for £1.99, including delivery, brilliant. It's the sort of thing I buy anyway, so I was very pleased.

    I MUST MUST do more work around the house tomorrow, I am turning into a right lazy bum. The cold is nearly gone now, so no more excuses. ;)
  • A better day, for both me and the OH. I finally stopped coughing, well, 90% stopped, and got a decent night's sleep.

    Tomorrow I will:

    - make a curry to freeze
    - Wash all my clothes for work
    - Tidy the house for an hour
    - Update my signature with new amounts owing

  • Ok, got two things on my list done, in the process of washing and sorting clothes now. Sadly no curry :O( but hopefully might get that done tomorrow night.

    Work tomorrow - first shift in ages :j Looking forward to the cash.

    Made a PAD today - lovely to see those loan payments going out of my account, I have updated my signature, and dropped below the 47k mark if you include student loan.

    Also a NSD today - I love my friends, even though I am the one who never has any cash, they never mind staying in to make things easier for me :) I'm a lucky girl.

    Tomorrow I will:

    - Tidy the house for an hour
    - Go to work
    - Do some dancing to burn a few calories
    - Make a PAD, even if it's a tiny one
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