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Old Style vs the USDA head-to-head challenge...



  • razra
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    hmm I'm a bit Confuzzed by that site
    Female, height 170 cm
    Your ideal body weight is 135 pounds, or 61.4 kilograms.
    Your protein intake requirement is 27.6 grams to 49.1 grams.
    If you are working endurance training, increase to 28.6 to 49.2 grams

    Now I had my medical at work last week and according to them I'm on the low side of my ideal weight at 64kgs and yet this site seems to imply I should be lighter still:confused:
    So whos right??
    and does that mean I need more food or less food:rotfl:
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  • mother_noah
    mother_noah Posts: 269 Forumite
    Can you buy frozen concentrated orange juice in England,i,ve never seen it.Have seen it listed on a few American frugal sites
  • thriftlady_2
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    Can you buy frozen concentrated orange juice in England,i,ve never seen it.Have seen it listed on a few American frugal sites
    You used to be able to get cans of florida Orange juice, but I haven't seen it for years. I'd love to be able to get cheap juice concentrate.
  • Thanks for starting this thread Weezl. I've seen you over on the grocery challenge thread and have often wondered how you spend so little. I look forward to more of your recipes and hope I'll be able to pinch a few ideas :D
  • weezl74
    weezl74 Posts: 8,701 Forumite
    Thanks girlleastlikely to!

    You'll love this one then, it's how I make our lunches for work so cheap...;)


    natco dried chick peas (from 2 kg bag) 100g 7.5p
    50 ml veg oil
    a few tablespoons of the water from cooking
    5g grd black pepper (rajah) 4p
    2 fat cloves garlic
    salt 1 tsp less than a penny
    2 tspns lemon juice
    =26.5p This makes enough for 4 weeks worth of sarnies for Mr Weezl...:j

    Soak chick peas over night. Drain then vigorously boil for 10 mins. Then simmer on hob for approx 1.5 hrs, I do mine all day in the slo cooker on low. Blitz them drained with all the other ingredients in the food processor. Lovely!:T

    Super- spendy day, add a few sundried toms, nomnomnom.:o

    Anyhow, 3 loaves of HM bread makes 45 slices, so 22 sarnies with this as a yummy filling. 1 month of work lunches batch made and frozen = 69p, just over 3p a day!!!!

    Hope you find that useful;)

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    :)Benjamin 'Kezzie' Kester Jacob, born 18/03/10, 7lb 5oz:)
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  • DenBo_4
    DenBo_4 Posts: 536 Forumite
    Hi all. Had my visit to Asda today, when I mentioned what time we had arrived the cashier said "I think you've been here longer than me today!", but it was great, so cheap compared to Tesco, we went to the one at Milton Keynes, according to the cashier it's the biggest one in Europe. I could have stayed there all day but we needed to miss the 5 o'clock traffic so had to leave..............

    I bought six of the frozen fruit for smoothies, anyone got any smoothie recipes for me please? I must confess I have never made a smoothie so some luscious recipes would be great. I am aiming to make my own yogurt and use that as a base, or kefir.

    Sadly I still can't open the link :o

    Weezl, how good a protein are lentils? I often make lentil soup, it would be interesting to know if these are high in protein, I certainly don't each much protein in a day and this would be a good, cheap way to get it.
  • Telute
    Telute Posts: 70 Forumite
    Ohh smoothies. I love them - just can never seem to be organised enough to have the ingredients in. Basically throw anything that seems like a good idea into a blender, add milk/yoghurt/juice, whizz up and check consistency. Add more liquid if need be - then drink.

    Remember that berries and oranges etc are often quite sharp so may need sweetening with apple juice or bananas or mangos etc.

    Also don't forget that ginger and mint are perfect partners for things like strawberries and pineapple. One of the best drinks i've ever had was basically a mint and pineapple smoothie thickened with a lot of crushed ice (okay it was a slush puppy in disguise).
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  • Thanks for the Houmous recipe Weezl, will try that one out. One question - does your OH eat this everyday for lunch? My OH won't eat the same thing twice on the trot :(
  • ceridwen
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    Hmmmm.....$380 in food stamps per family of 4 per month in USA. Thought I read somewhere that with dearer prices in Britain - that would mean £380 to equate to same amount of food (though a dollar is less than a £). According to my calculations £86 per single person for a month- sounds like hard going to me even if I dropped the organic price premium and my real coffee. So I shall certainly be watching this with interest.
  • ceridwen
    ceridwen Posts: 11,547 Forumite
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    Just found the following article of interest:

    Found the bit of clarification I personally was wondering about in it - food stamps are a maximum of $3 per person per day (ie $21 per week - which I gather would be £21 in British food spending power terms?)
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