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Old Style vs the USDA head-to-head challenge...

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    weezl74 wrote: »
    Thanks girlleastlikely to!

    You'll love this one then, it's how I make our lunches for work so cheap...;)


    natco dried chick peas (from 2 kg bag) 100g 7.5p
    50 ml veg oil 5p
    a few tablespoons of the water from cooking
    5g grd black pepper (rajah) 4p
    2 fat cloves garlic 8p
    salt 1 tsp less than a penny
    2 tspns lemon juice 2p
    =26.5p This makes enough for 4 weeks worth of sarnies for Mr Weezl...:j

    Soak chick peas over night. Drain then vigorously boil for 10 mins. Then simmer on hob for approx 1.5 hrs, I do mine all day in the slo cooker on low. Blitz them drained with all the other ingredients in the food processor. Lovely!:T

    Super- spendy day, add a few sundried toms, nomnomnom.:o

    Anyhow, 3 loaves of HM bread makes 45 slices, so 22 sarnies with this as a yummy filling. 1 month of work lunches batch made and frozen = 69p, just over 3p a day!!!!

    Hope you find that useful;)

    How do you keep the houmous for 4 weeks, Weezl?
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    MandM90 wrote: »
    How do you keep the houmous for 4 weeks, Weezl?

    She makes a large batch of houmous sandwiches and freezes them down. (theory being you take them out of the freezer in the morning and they've thawed by lunchtime. I still need to try this)
  • debbymdebbym Forumite
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    Bumping this thread by adding that weezl has her own website and blog now.
    weezl's website and blog
  • juejue Forumite
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    I have recently been reading this amazing thread and thought that any new people to the boards would find it interesting reading. So I am giving it a little bump, I know its a few years old but still very relevant.
    Jue :)
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    I wonder how much weezl's shopping costs now in 2016 and if some of it is still viable.Interesting posts on here though :)

    Doesn't seem to have posted for awhile
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    No problem Jackie.

    Google for Thrifty Lesley blog and many of the recipes on there are ones devised by Weezl and tested by others (including Thrifty Lesley).

    Lesley is using the basic concept from here. Some of Lesley's recipes are her own - but many of them are from here.


    Somewhere some way back on her blog she gives a link to the Wayback Machine - which has the original website up there.
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