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Confessions of a very tired old styler. Please join in.



  • craigywv
    craigywv Posts: 2,342 Forumite
    well here goes , today would prefer to stick pins in my eyes than tackle the pile for ebay. have made dinner and don't want it want Chinese followed by box of thorntons and then a tub of ice cream. if son keeps singing we are the champions one more time in squeaky voice I SHALLNOT be responsible for my actions. and if oh asks me would I like coffee or tea again I shall take a hammer to him. alls good and calm here in chez craigywv xxx
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  • miss-scrimpy
    This feed has really made me smile :-)

    My house is beyond being able to hide the odd thing, to be quite honest it is a s**t tip!!
    I left the house today and went out so I did not have to see or deal with it. Every evening before I fall asleep I will do it tomorrow yet this has not yet been achieved. I am just so unmotivated and tired :-(

  • Fruball
    Fruball Posts: 5,739 Forumite
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    My house is so untidy now that I was able to hide all the girls' christmas presents right under their noses! The empty vacuum cleaner box that had been there for weeks contained some - it had been there so long that they didn't bother looking in there. A black sack next to my chair, draped in a bit of washing, hid more - again, they wouldn't have thought to look in there.

    Being untidy has it's advantages :rotfl:
  • Baileys_Babe
    Baileys_Babe Posts: 5,619 Forumite
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    Fruball wrote: »
    My house is so untidy now that I was able to hide all the girls' christmas presents right under their noses! The empty vacuum cleaner box that had been there for weeks contained some - it had been there so long that they didn't bother looking in there. A black sack next to my chair, draped in a bit of washing, hid more - again, they wouldn't have thought to look in there.

    Being untidy has it's advantages :rotfl:

    Thank you for justifying my messiness :beer:
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  • Mrs_Veg_Plot
    Posted this in September 2011 and guess what the dining room curtains are still pinned up:D. Even worse I have now completed a sewing course and really have no excuse.

    Had forgotten how funny this thread was.

    2013 redecorated in a different colour scheme and bought new curtains. This time I hemmed them up before I hung them up.

    However the temporary patch job OH did in grey filler on the white bedroom celing after he put his foot through the attic floor several years ago is still there. OH has informed me that it is a feature.
    I am playing all of the right notes just not necessarily in the right order :D.
  • Justcoll
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    2013 redecorated in a different colour scheme and bought new curtains. This time I hemmed them up before I hung them up.

    However the temporary patch job OH did in grey filler on the white bedroom celing after he put his foot through the attic floor several years ago is still there. OH has informed me that it is a feature.

    One of my living room curtains still has pins in (pre-tacking) from two years ago. I tell myself that we're probably moving this year and it would be silly to go to the trouble of finishing them because the new house will have different length windows.
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  • kboss2010
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    I (un characteristically for me!) did a huge spring clean of my flat last week. It doesn't look much different apart from the living room being a bit tidier but *I* can tell that my cupboards have now been cleared of all the stuff I never use and I'm slowly working my way round to clearing the overflowing pile/basket of clothes and blankets at the foot of my bed so that my OH can fit around the bed without breathing in (he has a 32" waist so it's not because he's overweight lol)

    I tell myself get a few things done each day then maybe by March it might be done! Fingers crossed!
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  • mothernerd
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    Absolutely love this thread. Currently in bed resting my leg (also have serious painkillers) on doctor's orders.

    Have been working very hard on the house (damp proof course, followed by plastering, re-painting downstairs with special new plaster paint, roof repairs - had to postpone from October to January because a leak in the bathroom brought down half the kitchen ceiling).

    Done serious de-cluttering (including DS1 who came back for 3 months following a housing crisis and was taking up bedroom 2 and mini-bedroom - stuff he left with me following an earlier move). Done as much as I possibly can by myself to save money (haven't got any due to cost of supporting Ds1 and DS2 through university and various house crises) with some help from (semi-retired) mr and mrs builder (3 of us installed my 'new' kitchen over a weekend in January for a total cost of less then £500 including labour). Also only have an oven (mine died on New Year's Eve) as mr builder brought one a few weeks ago which someone else was getting rid of (only 13 months old, mine came with the house when I bought it and when DS1 came back I had to explain how it worked as all the markings round the knobs were worn off).

    So now I am stuck in bed in a room containing half the attic stairs - DS3 is helping his friend re-build them as the previous owner had used the wrong fittings, power-driven them in and then sort of glued things in place. As DS3 lived in the attic room until DS2 moved out 2 years ago and DS3 scrapes under door-frames and is built to match the stairs have previously been repaired and are now being properly done. Access to the attic (where most of my underwear, craft stuff and other things are) is via a ladder tucked behind the bottom step, leaning against the stairs. At the top of the ladder you step onto the remaining stairs being careful only to step on bits that are fully supported - DS3 managed to do it 2 weeks ago to get me desperately needed painkillers (doctor supplied heavier ones 2 days later) and refuses to go up again.

    I also have most of the contents of the smallest bedroom in here as i was about to start painting that before I got into this state. The bathroom is also mid-paint - I had done the window and the front of the floor to ceiling cabinet but not the side of the cabinet or the old trap-door access point (although I had anti-moulded them). The bathroom floor still has plastic dustsheets and painting implements all over it (have been trying to get the rust spots off the shower rail as a replacement will cost £150 which I haven't got) and DS3 used his underpants as a bathmat because I had taken then old one away for cleaning and is genetically incapable of getting the other one out even though he has been shown where it lives (I had 3 boys, I soon learned the bathroom couldn't survive for the length of time it took one bathmat to be washed and dried).

    My own stuff has been in three boxes for several weeks as I moved into the tiny bedroom so DS3's friend could have this one, then back here before his friend went home (1st time) as it needed both of them to wrestle the bed out of the tiny room so I could start on it. When friend came back he slept on the mattress from it in DS3's room (DS3 wouldn't do the painting etc that needs doing before little bed and I could be moved back into tiny room.

    Since following doctor's orders most of my essential stuff (glasses, pills, reading books, cross stitch, moisturiser) has joined me on the bed. I also have a knife, fork,spoon (have been changed at regular intervals) and plate and did have containers of crispbread and porridge oats (I eat them in fruit yoghurt, stirred in) as it was easier than balancing plates of food or worse, getting back on the bed and remembering something I had left downstairs . I also have a hammer and a crowbar in/against the bed. DS3 was using them to reclaim stair-treads and if I put them on the remaining floor-space I will fall over them in the middle of the night.

    I am going downstairs 2 or 3 times a day and get a little bit done each time. Yesterday I set off 2 loads of washing and managed to put 1st load on the line (may bring it in later today if I can. I managed to bring a clean sheet up from the dining room (brought in on Thursday, went to take Mother's Day present on Friday) and spread it on the bed. Not 'made' but not tangled mess and didn't move the pile of stuff from the side of the bed I'm not sleeping on (did this last week but stairs were stashed under the bed then so more floor space to put things on while bed got done).

    So after six months of working harder than I have done for the past seven years (depression/ extreme hayfever/ overweight but previously active/ done too much for too long following the death of my brother and failure to complete the course I was doing + house move + sons/ son's friends/ 2 homeless kids moving in with us - up to 11 people at weekends, all with problems which needed sorting - finally started getting things together in December 2012 after being diagnosed with diabetes, lost 3st 10lbs trying to get more active) my house looks like a bomb site.

    There is a strange smell in the hall (hall, bathroom and kitchen really need mopping and I just can't do it - moving the things in the bathroom to even get to the floor would take me all day (tried to sort the laminate flooring mr builder gave me and had to stop after 3 pieces).

    All this is in aid of selling the house and buying somewhere mum and I can agree on (mission impossible) as plan is that she will come to live with me if/when anything happens to her partner and she doesn't like this house (didn't buy the one she liked) and I refused to consider buying her partner's house (if/when) - I said it was a death-trap before she fell down the stairs a year ago.
    I'm also in charge of de-cluttering the death-trap (her partner hates spending any money on the house and insists on keeping broken appliances when they have to be replaced - I've cleared nearly a whole room, had to squeeze round the door when I started).

    Okay confession time. I hate housework (mum loves it, says she doesn't but she does). My brothers were 2 and 4 years younger than me and I looked after/ entertained them from the moment they were born while she did the housework. Father Christmas brought me a swing when I was 3 and my parents put a baby swing back to back from the bars so I pushed baby brother at the same time.

    When I lived alone I did everything necessary in one day a week including washing, drying and putting away my clothes. My ex was my downfall, he was always telling me 'how to' do things whilst adopting Onslow from keeping up appearances as his own role model. After we had children I adopted the 'We all have enough to eat (mostly hm) and we all have clean clothes - anything else is a bonus. My ex did once say (nicest thing he ever did say, but don't think that was how he intended it) that I was the world's best mother and the worst housekeeper.

    I always put clothes on the line and leave them until there is room for them inside (damp washing everywhere is so depressing - important to keep a positive mental attitude). When the children were small I had 4 or 5 lines and hung everything - this helped me prioritise, school uniform brought in as needed, plenty more sheets and towels they can stay out until they get dry.

    I rarely iron. The only household chore my ex did was to iron his own shirt for work if he needed one (when we first got together I would do the whole basket, he would iron one for him and one for me if needed - this meant I was doing more than him on the one job he did, so I stopped).

    I never ironed anything that didn't need it - most things don't especially if hung on the line/ worn by small children. When my sons wanted to get 'going out' shirts I said I would teach them how to iron their shirts. DS2 moved out 2 years ago and I let him take the iron and ironing board - I haven't missed them.

    Towels need the pile to work well - this is what gets you dry. If you iron the pile flat you are decreasing it's effectiveness (and as some one has pointed out on another thread, a mildly abrasive towel is saving you a fortune on all those expensive creams which claim to exfoliate all the dead cells. Women who iron underpants should be taken out and shot (even finally converted mum to this one - she 'hates' ironing so insisted on ironing everything straight away so that it was done but somewhere in the last 17 years she has stopped and is nearly down to my level).

    DS1 went to karate for a few years. A friend (in our street) started going too - his mother ironed his suit every week and said if DS1 took his, she would iron that as well - I let her.

    I met all complaints of so-and-so's mummy does xyz for them with "That's not my job, my job is to make sure, when you want to leave home, you know how to do these things for yourself"

    However when trying to get them to tidy up they would counter with "My room is the perfect level of tidiness, every boy in this street agrees" (5 houses, 10 boys born over 26 years living there, no girls).

    Everyone always wanted to play at our house and one ex- neighbour (now in his early thirties) said recently that my sons had the best birthday parties (couldn't afford McD so did all my own food and games). One year I had forgotten the party bags, couldn't go out as I was supposed to be hosting the local NCT mothers meeting (first time I had to go and buy more mugs as ours were all broken/chipped). Only one mother turned up so we spent all afternoon on the floor making party bags and hats from newspaper with robots (cut from a 50p roll of border paper) glued on the front while our toddlers played together - the party guests got to choose their hat when they won a game, they loved them.

    April 23rd is not anyone birthday/ saints day - it's my REST DAY - 2 sons born three years apart, I would collapse and breathe in between clearing up from one party and get ready for the next.

    I quite like parties actually (kids ones) and indoor picnics - we used to have a large piece of green baize (plastic backed) and its easy enough to roll out and cover the carpet and or kitchen floor and use up any odd bits of food piled up on large plates in the middle of the floor - no plates , no cutlery, don't need to clear piles of stuff as everyone sits on the floor - it's not leftovers it's a buffet. Shake crumbs outside afterwards.

    Used the same method when they were teenagers - we lived in the town centre so groups would congregate at our house (near the bus station) until everyone
    had arrived - 3 fish fingers, 6 chicken nuggets, handful of wedges, garlic bread - heat it all up throw on a tray (basket lids covered in kitchen roll work) and put it in the middle of them = feeding of the however many.

    My drawers are neat and organised. I have given instructions to people who have never been in my house before as to which drawer and where in the drawer a certain item would be ie after DS3 was born (planned home birth, not planned in the bathroom) midwife thought he should have a pillow (not usually for under six months so was in second of two lowest drawers in big drawers in front room. House was only tidy because we thought he was going to come 5 weeks early (had spent all weekend filling the freezer as no faith that OH was capable of feeding us, post-birth) and mum and I went round cramming stuff in every available space and then was too relieved/ tired to take anything out again - didn't touch it till he was six months old.

    It's the stuff left over when the drawers have been filled that I have a problem with. Start at one end of the house,go through putting stuff 'away' and then there's stuff left over.

    I used to have a landing in my old house. We re-arranged the doors so that the boys could get to the bathroom in the middle of the night without having to cross the top of the stairs which left a space about 6'9 x 5'6 at the end of the landing. For 3 years running on Christmas Eve, having exhausted all other possibilities (no shed or garage) I would stack leftover pieces of furniture(got to put the tree somewhere) and then anything else lying around in boxes in this space - leaving room to actually get the rest of the house looking something like (OH was made redundant when DS2 was 4 months old, never worked closer than 300miles for remaining 5 years of our marriage).

    When I divorced him I just adjusted my standards to 'boy' level - the alternatives were running round after them all the time or yelling/pleading with them to do things. Boy level suited us. Didn't really fit with the neighbours -they all had super tidy houses - but their children were usually in my house.

    Enough for now - will post more confessions if requested.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • kacie
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    Got a new job that just tires me out so much, so house is in even worse state than normal. Haven't even put the recycling in the bin this week!
  • moments_of_sanity
    Sitting here looking at the carpet which needs a Hoover but wondering if I leave it long enough will anyone else notice and clean it for me.......I doubt it! Still I might have to leave it a bit longer as I have 2 border collies and 2 cats spread out across various bits and waking them up to hoover is like waking small children, something that should NEVER be done! :rotfl:
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