How do you clean your wheelie bin?

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How do you clean your wheelie bin?

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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
My wheelie bin is absolutely MINGING!! :eek:

As it's been emptied today I am going to attempt to clean it.

I found another thread on the subject, but don't really want to pay someone, nor do something that is going to land me with a fine for putting bleach down the drains!

I don't have a pressure washer either.

How do you clean yours old stylers?



  • Al_MacAl_Mac
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    Tend to try and keep it clean, put everything in old supermarket bags.

    Prior to pressure washer, big bucket of hot soapy water and a hard bristled broom. Leave to dry thouroughly:beer:

    No doubt someone will mention white vinegar:D
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  • needmoneyneedmoney
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    Exactly the same as Al Mac, don't have to do it very often at all I find putting everything into bags helps loads.
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  • squeakysqueaky
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    Yep - but I lay mine on its side and use my mop with bog standard soapy water - turning it after I've done the side that's on the bottom.

    I also put everything in plastic bags, I don't smoke, and ZERO food goes in mine. All the green stuff goes to compost and any meat based stuff goes to the local feral cat population.

    On day's I'm sure will be sunny all day I'll often leave the lid full open just to let it air out - but since it never gets terribly stinky I don't pong out the neighbourhood.
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    I use the garden hose and brush the inside with the stiff garden broom.It did get really bad at the bottom once and I had to scrape the gunge out with a spade so now I put a square of cardboard in the bottom.If it smells I pour a bucket of boiling water and bleach in and empty it over the outside drain. It's quite hard work turning the bin on it's side etc so I do bag everything so the bin doesn't need cleaning very often
  • amieamie
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    i use a capful of really cheap disinfectant (asda smartprice 35p 1 litre bottle of pine fragrance) plus hot water, swish it round a little then pour it on2 my path 4 a quick path swill, 2 birds wiv 1 stone and all that!
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  • ashmitashmit
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    Maybe it's just the quality of your bin bags - I bag everything that goes in there (apart from any paper-based stuff that goes in the morning that it gets collected) but it's still nasty - maybe spending the extra ££s on decent bin bags is the key!
  • Thanks for all the replies. Haven't got round to it yet, but intending to do the hot soapy water and broom bit tomorrow. I do use bags, but only supermarket plastic type, so there must be leakage through the air holes or something. Before they collected today, it was crawling with ants and absolutely swarming with flies every time you lifted the lid. It doesn't help that we have fortnightly collection, so for the last few days of the fortnight the lid doesn't shut :(

  • I just try to be environmental friendly and recylcle most of my paper/bottles/can's because although I do bag up my waste in supermarket bag's I get a guilty concience as they don't decompose too well when they go into the landfill site's (just thinking of the next generation) If possible if I get cardboard boxes I will tend to use them, even if it is just a soap powder box. However I use soapy water and use the yard brush to get to the bottom, also keep the lid open when it's dry if it smell's and I have rubbish in it. I wish that they had a plastic recycling skip near to us as this would reduce even more rubbish in my bin and if it can save the money and the environment that will make me happy
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  • beachbethbeachbeth
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    My bin got particularly minging about 2 years ago as my daughter regularly cleaned out our guineapigs and just chucked the dirty sawdust in the bin. It was all stuck to the bottom and never emptied out! I put my old clothes on, tipped the bin on its side and scraped everything out (yuck! What a stink!). Then I made up a solution of water and bleach and wiped it all out (I was in the bin myself trying to reach the bottom!). I then left it to dry naturally. Since then I use the wheelie bin liners (from supermarkets or Wilkos) and also put all rubbish in the plastic shopping bags (which I get free with my shopping anyway). Every week after the bin has been emptied I spray with disinfectant, leave to dry and replace the liner. This way my bin stays lovely and clean.
  • I use boiling water mixed with a small amound of disinfectent. Put the lid back on and let them steam get to action. Leave for 30mins or so then rinse out!

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