Ebay Challenge for March



  • Welshlassie
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    More the merrier!!
  • Yorkielass
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    Count me in too - ebay is something I keep meaning to do but never get round to it :rolleyes: :o

    I'm going for £100 by the end of March and I'll add this to my Olympic Challenge but this thread will keep me motivated on ebay I hope
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  • i'm joining in too. I've got a stack of things to go and had a row with my OH about it this morning. He seems to think i'm greedy about selling my stuff. When all I'm trying to do is make some cash back on the loads i shelled out buy it. :rolleyes:
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  • nimbo
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    i'd love to join, just signed up forebay/amazon.

    and would love to make £100!!!!:rotfl: :rotfl:

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  • CBI
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    Count me in, got to raise funds for a holiday somehow :rotfl:

    Target: £250
  • ikkleosu
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    Count me in please. I'm getting married in August, so I need the cash. But also, I'm moving from a 3 bedroomed house shared with my Mum, to a 1 bedroomed flat with my new hubby. Therefor I need to HALF my possessions at least!

    I'm hoping for £100. As it's mostly clothes that won't go for a lot.
  • Oooh i would love to join this..

    I have alot of wedding things to get rid of. After our wedding 18 months ago. Would that be ok ? I didnt buy them to sell on i bought them to use :)

    If i join it will spur me on to having a clear spare room again :)
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  • You can't put a reserve on for less than £50 these days. If you want it to be lower you just need to start your auction at the price you want for it.

    Another way, if it still works, is to login to ebay.com not ebay.co.uk and list the item from the US site. I came across the info when looking for why I couldn't set a reserve lower than £50. I never got around to trying it but if it still works then you can set a lower reserve price by that method.
  • I'll give it a go!

    I too have been using amazon lately and have been happy with the results and recently sold an item on ebay for the first time and made £41 on a bag I got for chistmas that I didn't love. That's given me the bug now so I want to see what else I can sell!!

    Any suggestions? Are clothes worth selling or do they make next to nothing? I suppose every little helps.

    Im interested to hear hoq you all get on!

    My goal will be.... £100

    Looks like I'm finding things to sell this weekend then!!
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  • Welshlassie
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    Amazon/Play.com etc all welcome.
    Sell whatever you want, as long as it wasn't bought with the intention of selling it on without using it.
    Clothes tend to be a mixed bag, depends what you've got. I was amazed to find my DH's used swimming trunks selling for over £5 in some cases, plus postage. try it, It doesn't cost much to list to list things and if it doesn't sell, it doesn't sell you haven't shelled out much.
    I've got a spreadsheet somewhere which another MSE member created for the Money for Anything Challenge last year which works out your profit if you plug in your sales figures.
    It needs updating with the new ebay fee structure, but I can pass it on to anyone who wants it if you PM me your email address.
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