Ebay Challenge for March



  • Diane_239
    Diane_239 Posts: 266 Forumite
    count me in I've made £60 so far going to sort some more stuff out and list it tue,want to try and make £200 by end of march
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  • pandapaws
    pandapaws Posts: 2,119 Forumite
    Just realised I didn't set a target!

    I'll try for £200. I'll either achieve it easily by getting loads of stuff listed, or end up listing nothing and failing miserably! Mostly depends how early/late baby arrives but I'll give it my best shot!
  • nevadagirl
    nevadagirl Posts: 162 Forumite
    I'm in too! I have just re-organised and decluttered my bedroom and ended up with four drawers-worth of unwanted bits and bobs. These need to be out of the house asap so I can get cracking on decluttering my box room next. By sheer coincidence, one of my credit cards has written to me saying my interest is going up to 20.9% as of 1 April and I want to get rid. There's £400 on it, which is quite a challenge, but I have 200 items to sell (clothes, cosmetics, books and bric a brac).

    My fiance says he reckons I'll get about £100. We'll see about that!

    Good luck everyone :p
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  • JesaRose
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    Didn't set mu target either - aim for £150
    Not been here in years! Hi everyone. Make £10 a day challenge = £78.45/155
  • Floxxie
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    Yes please, count me in!

    Like Pandapaws I also have a little one due in March and I have two years worth of things to clear so I can get some space back!

    Would like to say that writing things like 'sent at buyers risk' and 'I get proof of postage, so it's not my fault when things get lost...' don't work with eBay rules. It's down to the seller to get the item to the buyer.

    There's lots of good tips on the eBay board (I think somebody has already posted the link above).

    I also make sure that I get a confirmed address with a Paypal payment (although note that some addresses can't be confirmed, although that's rare) and if they can't confirm it, I refund them and ask for an alternative type of payment.

    Sorry that's all sounds very confusing but newbies will soon learn the ropes. I find with large items it also helps to offer a pick-up option and asking for payment on collection.

    Had better put a target...£200 for the month (hopefully more!)
    Good luck everybody.
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  • Welshlassie
    Welshlassie Posts: 1,731 Forumite
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    Cleosmum wrote: »
    Can I just check, do you all keep the money aside til the last day, or just tally it up and use it as you need, when you need?

    Just tally it up for the end and use it as you need it.
  • Little_Chicken
    Little_Chicken Posts: 2,798 Forumite
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    Hallo all - 2 days in, hope you've managed to get some things listed. I've put about 10 things on today :j
    - hope to be up to about 25 by the end of the week. And then watch the pennies roll in. am scared £500 was a bit ambitious tho....:p
    :grin: Save me from spending...
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  • pandapaws
    pandapaws Posts: 2,119 Forumite
    All the stuff about payment problems etc - newbies please don't worry too much - these problems are very rare!!! We're all talking as though it happens every day, and although it can happen, 99% of transactions are hassle free, so don't let it put you off! You find that nobody talks about these though, and we tend to focus on the rare thing that goes wrong. If you see anything at all that you don't understand on Ebay or Paypal, there are loads of people on the Ebay threads here who can offer guidance before you have to do anything about it! In my 4,000-odd transactions, I've had about half a dozen lost in transit (which I've just refunded and claimed from post office), and no Paypal chargebacks because I've always maintained good communication with buyers. Others have had more difficulties or worse luck from time to time, but generally this is rare.

    Also, if you're selling basic second hand stuff like old clothes, ornaments, books, toys etc, you're far more likely to have hassle free transactions than selling stuff that scammers are after (mobile phones, PS games, gift vouchers etc), just in the same way as you're less likely to get conned if you're buying cheap/2nd hand items than expensive/designer ones, so start off simple and you should be fine!

    Floxxie, good luck with the baby! When are you due? Any idea what flavour you're expecting?! There are loads of us DFWs due to pop soon by the looks of it!
  • Right, that is £16-19 towards this challenge from ebay - still totting up costs etc for exact figure. Still some way to go but as long as I get listing tomorrow or next Sunday I should be on track. Is it cheating to include things that were listed pre challenge but finished post challenge???
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  • Floxxie
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    Floxxie, good luck with the baby! When are you due? Any idea what flavour you're expecting?! There are loads of us DFWs due to pop soon by the looks of it![/quote]

    Due on 29th March Pandapaws and it's a boy. Think this one is trying to get out quick though and I am very disorganised. Thought I had better clear some space to put a moses basket so this challenge came at exactly the right time!

    There's nothing quite like the imminent arrival of a baby to keep you motivated - I see you are still working hard at getting that debt down. I'm very impressed!

    Ohh better get back to the thread - yes don't be put off by the horror stories about eBay. I have met (and kept in contact with) some really great people. Communication works wonders. Also make sure you have a good look through your loft for old toys, books etc. There was a great thread on the eBay board about items that make excellent money and I couldn't believe half of them.

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