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  • Morning everyone.

    Can I join too please? I have been selling a few things on ebay and amazon, but have been putting things off a bit. I want to do this more to finish clearing things out and get organised than anything else - so this will be "sell it" month.

    I've already sold the best things, so I think I'll just aim at £100 and see what I can get for the "treasure" I've got left.

    One question, can I count Amazon sellings as well - I tend to put books and dvds on there, just because it's easier to list. Also, I've seen other people are using Play.com, so thought I might give that a go (if I can find anything to sell that someone might want!).

  • Count me in! I'm gonna aim for £200

    Thanks for this, I need some motivation to do some ebaying - got so much tatt to get rid of it's untrue. I just hate the hassle of listing clothes.

    Good luck everyone :D
    Who says I have to be normal? :p
  • Took a load of photos yesterday - will list some stuff over the weekend. GOOD LUCK evry1.
    :grin: Save me from spending...
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  • Been meaning to photograph lots of stuff but kept putting it off...this will be the kick up the bum to do it now!
    Thank you x
  • I don't think I have anything left to ebay, anything that isn't fixed to the floors or walls in my house tends to find its way on there!

    When we move into our new house, the seller is leaving everything in there as he is going abroad, so I am going to have a field day getting rid of all his tat!
  • Hi

    I am in! I cleared most of my room out a couple of weekends ago and it is all sitting in one of my wardrobes so this will hopefully give me the motivation to list some things as I don't want to end up with £0 at the end of the month lol.
  • pandapaws
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    I'd love to join as I need motivation to get my finger out and get listing, but "Rules: You can sell anything you want on Ebay that you haven't purchased to sell on." - I've got a garage full of stock that I bought to put in my Ebay shop and haven't managed to get listed yet, so that rules me out!!! I've got a pile of personal junk to try and shift though, so I'll half-join if I may!

    Noticed a few people mentioning that they were just starting out. It might not help, and others might not agree with my opinions but here are a few tips from someone who's run a business on Ebay for several years to those who are just starting:
    • You NEED to accept Paypal, or you'll get very few bids - it isn't too complicated and once you've set it up that's it for life.
    • Keep the P&P charges reasonable rather than trying to squeeze a few extra quid out of bidders - set it too high and they just won't bid! Don't waste time & money on recorded delivery - it means nothing, and a proof of posting that you get from the post office does exactly the same job if an item gets lost in transit (BUT see posts on the next page regarding Paypal claims - remember this is just my personal opinion!)
    • Don't bother with reserves - in most cases, people just won't bid if there's one on the auction. If in doubt, just set your start price at the lowest you'd accept.
    • Your title is the most important thing in your listing, so instead of 'Blue shirt', call your listing something like 'Monsoon navy blue floral shirt/blouse/top, M/12-14, As new' (again, see posts on P3 (thanks Jesarose!) - apprently adding 'as new' can sometimes be seen by Ebay as keyword spamming, which isn't allowed. Make sure all words in your title are relevant, accurate and spelt properly!!). Think what you'd type into the search box if you were looking for that item and get as many of those words in as you can!
    • A lot of people swear by Turbo Lister. I hated it as there didn't seem to be any read advantage. I use Auctiva, which isn't perfect, BUT saves a fortune on photo fees. Take a look at www.auctiva.com. It's free and once you've got the hang of it, it saves loads of time and money. They've got a few fairly decent tutorials on the site to help you through it.
    • Get as many good clear photos on your listing as you can, and provide plenty of info on sizes, colour, condition etc. Don't clutter up your description page with too much in the way of T&Cs as they detract from the important bits. Put them on a 'ME' page if you need them.
    • Try and get a bit of feedback before you start listing valuable items or those that are more likely to be prone to fraud - very few people will bid on a mobile phone/gift vouchers/games consoles from zero or low feedback buyers. Save these things till you've got a much higher score, and start off with little things like 2nd hand clothes, baby stuff, used books etc that are clearly not nicked/fake/non-existent!
    • ALWAYS add a link to 'see my other auctions' and if there's anything particularly relevant that you're selling, mention it briefly along with 'discounted P&P for multiple purchases' or similar. There's a button on the Ebay description page that you can use to auto-insert the link if you're not too hot on HTML!
    Sorry for teaching granny to suck eggs and for sticking my nose in where it's not necessarily wanted, but it never fails to amaze me how many people start out with no idea of the basics. Good luck everyone!
  • Hi count us in too!! I have loads of stuff to flog!! SO far this year we have sold £400 so I
    We'll try and match it in March too :o)

    Good Luck All :A
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  • Lelc
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    I'll join this one too. I've never ebay'd anything before but I have friends and family who have done so hopefully they'll keep me right. I'm not sure that I'll make that much so I'll be happy with any profit.

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  • Hi PandaPaws. Thanks for your post, it will help alot. How do you get proof of posting from the post office without recorded delivery?
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