Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on (ps and if you were wondering, yes I was tempted to 'Mrs. Slocomb the title' but its rude!):

Should Karl pay for Susan's... Cat?

Karl's tabby cat Tom has been in and out of the cat flap like a thing possessed throughout the last few weeks. Then one day his neighbour Susan knocks on the door to say her cat Fluffy's had kittens and Tom's the daddy. Susan doesn't want to get rid of them, but equally can't afford the cost of keeping them all, so asks Karl to make a contribution.

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  • Pound
    Pound Posts: 2,784
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    I bet Fluffy sleeps around and has no idea who the Dad is and just wants some kitten support. Karl should get a DNA test done first.
  • Please delete this post...
  • Er... Susan should get the DNA test done. Karl could offer a saucer of milk.
  • If Susan didn't want kittens, she should have had Fluffy neutered.
  • tallgirld
    tallgirld Posts: 484
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    :rotfl: No way!! First of all Tom might not even be the dad and secondly she should of got her cat sterilised!!!
  • toadhall
    toadhall Posts: 369
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    no, could be any tom cat and she should have got the cat spayed long before kittens arrived!
  • bigpat
    bigpat Posts: 328
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    Even if Tom is the Dad, Karl is still not responsible. I think there's actually a difference in law between cats and dogs. You are responsible for your dog's actions, but not those of your cat. It's something to do with their being more independent animals. Karl doesn't "own" that cat anymore than the cat owns him.
  • Both cats should have been neutered.

    If there was any reasonable proof it was Karl's tom, then a contribution would be a fair thing.

    Without proof it's the female cat's owner that has to bear the responsibility - hopefully she'll then get any offspring neutered as well.
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  • Mrs_Thrify
    Mrs_Thrify Posts: 1,673
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    Susan could sell the kittens @ 8 weeks old, put an add in the paper, pet shop etc.... this would help pay the bills for food, cat litter .... Although Susan does want to keep cat and kittens, as they get bigger the house problen will get worse. The owner of the tom cat could offer to find new homes for half the kittens and not charge stud fee's. As for parting with money, I don't think so....
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  • This is really a question only Jeremy Kyle can answer..
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