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The UK's cheapest dozen red roses for valentine's day.

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  • dazeddazed Forumite
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    dibbles wrote: »
    hi guys
    i was trying to find something different and stumbled across this for £2.99 it is a great gift, it arrived today and looks good! better than flowers that die after a week or so!

    they even personalised it, and it still arrive next day.... looks like i spent more than £2.99! hehe he'll never know! :A

    me too thanks :)

    But mine is a she will never know :P
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  • maybe some people wouldn't find it so traditional, but i think a plant is more romantic on valentines day than a cut flower...
    a plant will keep on growing whereas a flower will eventually die...
    it's more symbolic somehow... ;)

    What type of plant would you recommend?? I haven't a clue!
  • Not the 'cheapest in the UK' but I was looking for a local florist to deliver something to my beloved in Edinburgh, and found this:

    You actually save 10% on the stated bouquet price if you only require local delivery, plus when I registered they sent me a link to get £5 off my first order. Total cost being £22. Not the cheapest ever, but it does make a £40 bouquet affordable!

    Might be of use to someone in the Edinburgh area.

    Edited to add: Actually, they do still add delivery of £4 something even for local deliveries. Maybe not so great then! Sorry.
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  • If you want to give somebody Roses for Valentines Day, i would rather give one Beautiful Long Stem Rose Rose from the Florist and Pay £4 or £5 for it than get a dozen roses that look ordinary. And i definitely avoid Supermarket Roses, most Women can see the difference.
    If you want to save money why don`t buy Asda Roses/Flowers during the Year. Just surprise Your Girlfriend/Wife with some nice flowers and show her that you love her even when there is no Valentines day?

    And a nice Dinner cooked buy yourself is probably more appreciated anyway. Decorate the Dining Table nice, a few Candles and i promise you both will remember that day.
  • womble32 wrote: »
    Cheap is good for me - well done to the supermarkets for driving down the cost of goods. If there are people prepared to work for next to nothing then let's use them; if we didn't then they would have nothing and surely that's worse than next to nothing??

    I'm not sure the children forced into labour in third world countries in order to satisfy consumers ignorance about prices would agree?

    Sure I like a bargain but sometimes you've got to think "how can they do this for this price"? Remaindered stock is a nice bargain but two chickens for a fiver? Someone is getting turned over.

    Asda was alleged to have exploited banana growers to such an extent that it cost Sainsburys £22 million to match the price for a year. If you see exploitation as a positive thing than supermarkets are ideal.

    Don't get me wrong, I like saving money (I'm here after all!) but supermarkets have done massive damage to this country's farming and that of the World in general and its not about people being happy to work for little money.
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  • horsepills wrote: »
    What type of plant would you recommend?? I haven't a clue!

    My OH bought me a mini rose plant the other day as a just because gift. It looks wonderful on my shelf, much better than cut flowers. I've seen them in Sainsbury's for not too much money.
  • Always seems sad that we can only show how much we love them once a year.
  • As long as my OH says "I love you" & means it, I don't give a monkeys about roses. HOWEVER .............. I'll mention Morrison's offer to him tonight, ha ha !!!
  • arthaartha Forumite
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    alared wrote: »
    The last three years I have bought a dozen red roses from Morrisons for
    £4-95 and they have lasted about a month.
    I will do the same this year.

    In past years on these boards we have heard nothing but woe about Tesco and their non delivery on the day,so I would say on their past track record
    roses lasting for 4 weeks! this must be a world record. As the husband of a florist i can asure you that most roses last a week to 12 days at best.

    The other point I'd like to make is that florists are not making a killing on Valentines Day it is the suppliers/wholesalers who hike the prices at this time.

    Florists will also condition the (fresh) roses before they are sold in order to increase the longevity of the rose
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  • What's wrong with the old classic padded card for valentines day?!?
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