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The UK's cheapest dozen red roses for valentine's day.

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  • lynnexxxolynnexxxo Forumite
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    russetred wrote: »
    Paula.paula I'm with you on this one.I hate my Oh throwing money away on overpriced tat for valentines.We've been together for 15 years,he either loves me to pieces or he's completely institutionalised!!

    PMSL:rotfl: :rotfl:

    Think mines is the later!
  • Mike_JMike_J Forumite
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    Last year was £1.05 for a dozen at Tesco garage......................6.30pm on 14th February!
  • Sami_BeeSami_Bee Forumite
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    I personally don't really like flowers especially roses (I think they smell pooh!)
    I would much rather my OH showed he loved me in an actual romantic way not "must buy roses for her in doors so i'm not in the doghouse"
    time + effort = romantic gift

    how about a nice hand made card -
    cover cereal box card with kitchen foil use marker/red paper/nail varnish to draw a heart on it,
    stick paper on inside write/nick of internet a nice poem et voila! your misses will think your fab (provided they're not a material girl)

    make a "mix tape" using your CD collection use the song from your first dance etc (if you're a "typical" man ask her mum/best mate for help)

    cook dinner (if you've not got kids you could do the naked under an apron trick)
    and eat at the table by candle light

    all stuff you probs have in the house and millions more romantic that some flowers that will slowly die before your eyes
    The very best is sometimes what nature gives us for free.
    3onitsway wrote: »
    I think Sami is right, as always!
  • I ordered a dozen roses from Asda last Valentines Day, they were almost dead when they arrived :mad: and their customer services didnt even bother replying to my complaint! I would steer clear even though they are cheap! Not impressed.
  • My late father used to say that Valentines (&Mother's Day, & Father's Day etc) were invented by Hallmark. Needless to say he never got a card or gift.
    I'm beginning to think the same when I see all the hype around town, although I do think I'd enjoy being surprised with a fortnight in the Carribean........;)
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  • Hey everyone,

    My friends' man did the best thing. He ordered 2 dozen red roses in october/november and then while paying he said he wanted delivery date 14th february. He got them for about £12 if I remember right. There wasn't anything the shop could do about it.

  • MrsE_2MrsE_2
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    I don't like cut flowers they remind me of funerals, really.

    But diamonds are always good.
  • whowhowhowho Forumite
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    Thanks to MSE Lawrence for this. Just to let people know though, the Waitrose Offer of 60 yellow roses for £25, works out at £30 (£5 delivery on orders under £50) and they look quite small (like rosebuds).
    They are very small tight rosebuds and come in a bucket. Doesn't sound great but they last for ages ( my mums birthday ones lasted well over a month!). Word of warning though... 60 long stemmed roses (or 5 dozen!) sounds wonderfully extravagant, but make sure you have enough vases!:rotfl:
  • kle87 wrote: »
    Last year my boyfriend bought me 24 red roses from tesco with a teddy and chocolates lucky me. Sadly they all arrived on the 13th which ruined things slightly so I rang them up and they refunded me in full. The flowers were fab and lasted 2 weeks!

    So you got the flowers, the teddy, the chocolate AND THE DOSH!!!

    Now that IS moneysaving!

    Result !!!:rotfl: :rotfl:
    Ferreting out the bargains :)
  • The trouble is that local florists are so expensive i find... is it any wonder people go to the supermarkets... it's a viscious circle, as this drives shop prices up.

    Originally Posted by energyman viewpost.gif
    Here here! Too often cheap is used as an excuse for poor behaviour. Most of the cut flowers sold in the UK are imported, often traveling on refrigerated aircraft and lorries, sometimes for many thousands of miles. Fertilisers and pesticides commonly used when growing flowers commercially can have a harmful effect on the environment. Add to that the low wages and conditions of the workers and "valentines day roses" don't have much love included! Try UK grown flowers from your local florist of if you must have roses make sure they're fair trade. - unquote!

    (sorry, trouble with my quotes!)
    I don't think many local florists flowers have travelled any less miles by refirgerated lorries etc, seems to be the way cut flowers are transported. Probably worse for environment given economy of scale and small volumes.

    And i doubt many local florists are fair trade, especially with tighter margins. To get fair trade you need to find a specialised retailer and that doesn't do the independents much good.

    Depends where your priorities lie i guess? Anti supermarket/Environment/independent retailer/fair trade???? Probably safer to opt out altogether!!!!

    Interesting thread although we're getting bogged down in other issues and not the most MSE ways to celebrate it. Must be that bleeding moral compass, it never switches off!!!!
    I'm just a seething mass of contradictions....
    (it's part of my charm!)
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