Weirdest tip ever?

I've never written on this board before so 'Hello' :wave:

Looking at a book I got from a charity shop, I came across a rather 'unusual' tip! The book is american, and its called 'Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs & More' - 1001 ingenious ways to use common household items to repair, restore, revive, or replace just about Everything in Your Life' (Phew!)

The tip was this: 'To make an excellent barrier to stop home permanent chemicals making their way to your eyes, ears or neck, dig out some sanitary minipads that have an adhesive backing. After your hair is up in the bonnet or on the pins and curlers, and before anyone applies anything liquid, attach the minipads sticky side down to the forehead, temples and back of your neck. Laid lengthwise at the edge of your hairline, they will stop all drips from reaching your face or collar.' :eek: :rotfl:

"before anyone applies anything liquid" - are they suggesting you do this at the hairdressers? :eek: Got to be the funniest/weirdest tip I've ever read! :D Unless anyone knows different?...

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  • I read a similar one advising the use of panty liners as emergency insoles for shoes.
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  • hev_2
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    I have an old book of tips and wrinkles, I think from the thirties or earlier. It was sponsored by a soap company, but I can't remember one.

    It suggested getting wine glasses which have lost their bases and filling with them with meths. Tie them to broom handles and then press them up against flies that have settled on the ceiling. The flies will then be overcome with the fumes, drop into the meths and drown.

    So... wander round a room that probably has an open fire and possibly even gas mantles (a few tips mentioned them) with a wine glass of inflammable meths tied to a long pole...

    Wonder how effective that was.
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  • kunekune
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    Well it's not housework or cooking but it is weird. When I shared this tip, found on the internet of course, with my antenatal class, we all !!!!ed ourselves laughing.

    To get a breach baby to move its position and avoid a c/section, you will need a packet of frozen peas, a torch and some soft music. Oh, and unless you are a contortionist, someone to help.

    Place the peas on your stomach where the baby's head is. Then shine the torch up between your legs (that's why I'd imagine someone who is hugely pregnant will need help). And put the music on, speakers pointing the same way as the torch.

    The theory - and I am yet to have ever met someone who tried (or admitted to trying) this - is that the baby hates the frozen peas so it decides to turn around. The light and the music are to point out which way its little head should be pointing for an easy life.
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  • Aril
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    The Reader's Digest book suggested using marshmallows to separate your toes when painting your toenails. I can sort of see where they're coming from but personally I would prefer to eat them. From my OS view I would have said that perhaps sponge would have been're hardly going to want to eat them afterwards are you and they won't be much use to reuse:D
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  • What a waste of marshmallows!
    Eat them.
    Use cotton wool balls for your toes instead.

    Actually, wouldn't they get a bit sticky - the marshmallows and the toes?
    How are you going to clean sticky marshmallow off your toes if you've just done your nails?
  • qwiksave
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    qwiksave wrote: »
    to repair, restore, revive, or [STRIKE]replace[/STRIKE] just about Everything in Your Life' (Phew!)

    Everything? - I've been looking for the one that repairs, restores & revives 40 year old husbands but I haven't found it! :rotfl:
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  • jennet1
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    iF you get hair colourant stains on your skin, rubbing cigarette ash will get them off. this does work but eeeeeeewwww!
  • qwiksave wrote: »
    Everything? - I've been looking for the one that repairs, restores & revives 40 year old husbands but I haven't found it! :rotfl:

    I would suggest that without fail a 26 - 30 year old female is the answer !:j
  • BigMummaF
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    One of the offspring received a nasty nip on the forefinger that refused to stop bleeding. Not being one who uses tea-towels unless muvva comes over, I wracked my brains to think of something that would hopefully stop the floe but not stick to the bite.

    confused-smiley-17434.gifSo that was how a 20-something, 15-stone mechanic came to be wandering the corridors of A&E with a super slim ST wrapped around his pinky:rotfl:
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  • Gorf123
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    I read a similar one advising the use of panty liners as emergency insoles for shoes.

    Never judge anyone unless you have walked a mile in their shoes

    Is that with or without their panty liner insoles? :rotfl:
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