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Egg Policy Change ?

in Credit cards
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  • bushcarobushcaro Forumite
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    sds1pg wrote: »
    Just had a letter from Egg today (followed by an uninformative phone conversation). Theyre ending my use of my card with them, after 10? years based on "credit profile of this account"...

    The problem is my credit rating from Experian is excellent, Ive never missed a payment with them and I pay off the debt each month....so wheres the problem?

    The only thing I can think of is that they tell me this decision follows Citibanks takeover of Egg.

    Could it be that Citibank are simply wanting to rid themselves of customers that do not earn them interest on their accounts?

    Id be interested in any thoughts or similar experiences.

    Ditto - Also got the same letter this morning - had the card for 8 years - no arrears in payments- they have escalated my 'complaint'.
  • YorkshireBoyYorkshireBoy Forumite
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    Could I ask please, that when people report they've received the letter they say which card it releates to, ie the Egg Card (Visa) or Egg Money card (Mastercard)?

  • sloweslowe Forumite
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    Could I ask please, that when people report they've received the letter they say which card it releates to, ie the Egg Card (Visa) or Egg Money card (Mastercard)?


    Mines the egg card (visa)
  • Egg Visa Card..
  • Reading this thread has put my mind at rest I also received the same letter this morning and phoned them only to be told they had done a credit check etc... I haven't used my card in a while and when I used it last month I paid it off in full before any interest was charged. This prompted me to check my credit report which is just fine. I found the letter quite upsetting
  • gekko21gekko21 Forumite
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    I can't tell you how relieved I am to read this thread. I received the same letter this morning and like the previous poster found it quite upsetting. I've been a customer for about 8 years now (Egg Card - Visa) and like others here have never defaulted on a payment. When I phoned Egg, the man I spoke to wasn't at all helpful. He said that no-one at Egg would be able to discuss the details with me and when I asked to take it further, he said that I would get the same response whomever I spoke to. He never mentioned the Citibank takeover or change of policy. Rather, he said I should check my credit record as there may be something adverse on there that was outside of my Egg account. I explained that it was unlikely as I never default on any payments, but I have signed up with Experian to double check anyway. I pressed to escalate it as I said I felt I'd been treated very badly. No-one has called me to discuss my account in the past and they've more than happy to try and foist extra credit on me up until very recently! Anyway, someone is supposed to be calling me from Customer Relations within 5 working days.

    I'm still in disbelief to be honest at the dreadful way they've gone about this. If they were honest about the real reason (i.e. the takeover, policy reviews etc.) I wouldn't feel so bad but being made to feel like a bad debtor when I'm not really riles me. I do have an outstanding balance with them so won't be able to get shut of them immediately, but I'll be seeking to pay it off as quickly as possible so I can move on from this sorry episode.
  • DuWolfDuWolf Forumite
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    Same letter arrived here this morning.

    Had the card around 5 years .. spent around £3000 , used the card last month for £500 ( First time in 6 months balance was £0 ) and made a one of payment last week of £100 then recieved notifacation of closure of the account. Never failed to make min payments so found it a bit bizarre that there closing it.

    Shame really as its the only CC i have
  • DuWolf

    Would you mind saying if it's Egg Visa or Egg Money (Mastercard), please?

    Thanks very much.
  • G-G_4G-G_4 Forumite
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    So what happens if you have a balance on your Credit Card, are you supposed to pay it all off in one go?
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  • I'm feeling your pain gekko21.

    Like DuWolf its my only cc and I've had to apply for another as I have lots of regular mothly payments on my Egg Card (Visa)...it's going to take hours to re-arrnge all those payment details once the new card comes through.

    My mortgage is also with Egg and I would like to transfer it somewhere else but I'm not sure how willing other lenders will be to take it on as it only has less than 4 years to go.

    What really hurts is that Citi bank's mismanagement of their financial affairs - exposure to the sub prime market etc - has caused this situation and their response is to target its financially expedient customer base with letters suggesting that we are risky borrowers! Pot meet kettle!
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