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Egg Policy Change ?

in Credit cards
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  • fredy34fredy34 Forumite
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    Im am so glad i found this thread ive been on hold to egg for 15 mins actually shaking thinking that some disaster had happened to my credit rating. Ive had an egg visa for 5 or 6 years and have borrowed and repaid in excess of £7k on it, never missing a payment. It is currently at pay full amount each month (usually about £80). Cant understand this at all. Im very angry about the stress they have caused.

    How do i get info on my credit? experian?
    and who do we write to or phone to complain?

    Please someone make this a sticking for the minute or put a link on the front page.

    f (annoyed)
  • Loz1984 wrote: »
    I recently phoned Egg to discuss the possibility of a deal on a balance transfer (The card is empty, 3,000 limit). I have been with Egg for 4 years and feel i have been a good customer. Their was no offer avalible so i asked to cancel the account. Most companies (and Egg in the past) fight to keep customers with their retention department (Got a great offer from Mint this way) but on this occasion Egg didn't seem to care and closed the account straight away! I also have an Egg Money Card which i have now cleared and will try the same with that one although i suspect it will be cancellation again.


    Well, i've now come home to find the very same letter! Balance has been 0 since the end of October and low and behold they don't want my custom any more! I'm even more cross as I cancelled the card myself on the 30th so i am going to make certain that my record records that I cancelled and not Egg. I will certainly be cancelling my Money card now as well!

    If i had not just got a mortgage and checked my credit report i would not be so sure that my credit score was high. I would be terrified! Certainly, had i not discovered this thread today i would be panicing! The letter is strongly worded and entirley unfair to customers whose credit rating is far from adverse! If the letter had stated something along the lines of 'Due to the way in which you are currently using your Egg card and the current financial climate we have decided to terminate your credit agreement' It would have been somewhat different!

    Anyway, Neh neh neh neh neh neh Egg I cancelled Fiiiirsssttt!!!!! :rotfl:

    [EDIT]: P.S. Just found this link: old article to exemplify BAD EGG! :-)
  • Donegal_PaulDonegal_Paul Forumite
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    slowe wrote: »
    Me too - I've had this letter which sounds quite insulting. I paid my card off in full last year and only used it 2 weeks ago in an emergency. Its handy to have but we are obviously not profiting the company by not using the card - hence they don't want to have us as customers. The letter is implying that I am in a high risk category which I know I am not. If they don't want my custom then I will take it somewhere else.

    Same here, had a £2.5k limit, paid it all off and the card was empty for over 12 months with this limit, then i needed some money for the business to tide me over winter so

    1. asked to increase the limit (for buffer purposes) to £4k and they did it immediately
    2. used £2k for the business.

    so after paying off a previous balance, then increasing the limit by another £1500, less than a month later i get this!

    I find it a bit insulting too to be honest and it really worried me as they dont explain in the letter about repaying, i was sick to my stomach thinking they wanted the whole lot back in one chunk in 35 days.

    very poor way to communicate with your customers i say.
  • I felt sick when I opened my letter and logged on to my Egg Visa account to check that there hadn't been a run on my card.
    I owe £2000 and have been up to £5000 before and paid it all off.
    I have a steady job and pay by direct debit.
    I feel personally slighted by this letter.
  • Donegal_PaulDonegal_Paul Forumite
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    ditto, the other thing too Im wondering is if they will continue to put up the interest rate while im paying it off?

    Im half tempted to empty the full amount and let them bleedin whistle for it im that angry about it!!
  • Jo77Jo77 Forumite
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    Hi, I to have received the same letter & am offended. I have been with Egg for 8 years, never been in debt, always pay my balances off & as far as I know dont have a bad credit history.

    Havent had a chance to speak to Egg about it yet. I have a Mastercard & Visa but the letter relates to the Visa.

    I also have 2 ISA's with them so I will be considering closing them & transferring elsewhere.

    I personally believe they are getting rid of Customers who arent making them enough money
  • netlangnetlang Forumite
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    I have not yet received a letter and I have the Mastercard version spending around £2k per month pay off if full by DD and get the cashback. They called me last month to ensure I was happy with everything and asked if there was anything else could do to improve their service! I will wait with interest to see if they kick me out too:eek:
  • ClarimanClariman Forumite
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    I have had a response to my email to Egg. They are maintaining that it affects customers whose "credit profiles ... had deteriorated" since joining Egg. Full reply in this thread on the stoozing site.

    Author of the first Stoozing FAQ on the Internet and Creator of the SOA & Snowball calculators at
  • Reply from BBC:

    Many thanks for your e-mail, much appreciated, I have asked one of our
    reporters to investigate.


    Tim Weber
    Business Editor
    BBC News interactive
  • My DH only opened an account with egg a fortnight ago for the 15 month 0% and did some balance transfers. Egg phoned him yesterday but he wasn't here. Did you all get phone calls first? I wonder what they wanted him for? They can't renege on the deal can they?
    He won't mind if they close the account as he has no intention of spending on it but I don't see how his credit rating can have deteriorated in 14 days!!!:rotfl:
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