Mealplans 1st February 2008

Hi Guys!!

Where has January 2008 gone:confused: .....can't believe we are in February already!

Here is our mealplan for this week:

Friday-Curry & Rice
Saturday-At sisters (Roast Beef)
Sunday-Fish, New Pots, Veg & Parsley Sauce
Monday-Liver, Mash & Veg
Tuesday-Sauasage Cassarole & Baked Spuds
Wednesday-Chicken, Roasties, Yorkies & veg
Thursday-Cheese & Pot Pie & Spagetti

Using up the last bits in the freezer, then will probably buy enough meat/poultry items for 2-4 weeks at a time.

So, what are you all having this week?

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  • newlywed
    newlywed Forumite Posts: 8,255
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    Hi here's mine.

    Fri - sausage casserole
    Sat - Shep pie
    Sun - HM burgers
    Mon - Mackeral
    Tue - Chilli
    Wed - Pork chops
    Thur - Salmon
    working on clearing the clutterDo I want the stuff or the space?
  • joey_2
    joey_2 Forumite Posts: 240 Forumite
    Hiya Pen-Pin and Newlywed, I know January has gone quick for us too - looking forward to half term now be nice to have the dd's home for a week (I think it's a week?)
    Anyway here's my plan...

    Today - cheesy tortellini (from easycook mag!)

    Friday - lasagne, chips and sweetcorn

    Saturday - Fish-pie and peas

    Sunday - Jacket potatoes, cheese, salad

    Monday - Gnocci with bacon and cheese (easycook again )

    Tuesday - Sausage casserole, mash, veg

    Wednesday - pasta of some kind for dd's as today's ballet eve and a bit of a rush, prob something and oveb chips for me and oh!

    Thursday - Roast dinner with yorkies

  • vixtress
    vixtress Forumite Posts: 1,153
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    yeah my fave thread!!!
    it somehow makes my plan more 'binding' when its posted on here :confused:

    must make the effort with the freezer, especially the fish thats been in there too long. to wed as usual (the world revolves around the veg man)

    wed, morrocan chicken with roasted carrots

    thurs, l.o morrocan chicken bulked out with more chick peas, apricots and sweetcorn

    fri, coconut and chilli crusted halibut with hm mushy peas and pot wedges

    sat, [strike]hm pizza with mushrooms, onions [/strike] going to have a bash at hm tandori chicken, (with hm yoghurt) may still do pizza for the kids

    sun, leg of lamb with spring greens, roasted onion, yorkies, pots etc

    mon, L.O lamb with cauliflower cheese

    tues, only me so prob egg on toast

    wed, hm fish pie (coley, salmon) with leeks and peas.

    cant wait to hear everyone elses :D
    - prior planning prevents poor performance!

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  • Mrs_Toxy
    Mrs_Toxy Forumite Posts: 26 Forumite
    :hello: This is my first post (I've been lurking for a while!) .
    This week me and the OH will be eating:
    Saturday - vegetable pie and mash
    Sunday - prawn and pea risotto and salad
    Monday - veg pie with mash
    Tuesday - bacon, bean and cabbage stew followed by panckaes if OH isn't back too late from parents evening
    Wednesday - I can't remember but it will be home made!
    Thursday - home made fish and chips with peas
    Friday - cheese leek, ham and gnocchi bake with cabbage
  • patchwork_cat
    patchwork_cat Forumite Posts: 5,874 Forumite
    Vixtress Hi - what is your recipe for Moroccan chicken, please also Joey can I have the Gnocchi recipe please with bacon and cheese- is that potato gnocchi?
  • joey_2
    joey_2 Forumite Posts: 240 Forumite
    Welcome to the boards Mrs. Toxy! And hi Patchwork cat, here's the gnocci recipe, haven't tried it yet - sounds dead easy though (as it needs to be for me!).

    140g smoked streaky bacon, 250g tub mascarpone, 100g medium flavoured soft cheese such as dolcelatte, 5 sliced spring onions, 400g pack potato gnocci, 225g bag baby spinach.

    Cook bacon till crispy, drain on kitchen paper, spoon mascarpone into large deep pan, add the blue cheese and spring onions and leave to melt over medium heat stirring occassionally. Cook the gnocci according to pack instructions until they rise to surface. Add spinach to cheese mixture and stir until wilted. Crumble in half the bacon, drain the gnocci and stir into cheese mixture then crumble over remaining bacon.

    Got from EasyCook magazine (my new favourite!) thought I'd try it on my dd's trying to widen their variety of foods.

    Mrs. Toxy - I'd love to have your cheese, leek, ham and gnocci bake recipe if that's poss please?
  • Skint_Catt
    Skint_Catt Forumite Posts: 11,548 Forumite
    Friday - out for Indian with OH's work
    Saturday - left over Steakand Mushroom pie from Thursday
    Sunday - roast of somekind
    Monday - chicken casserole (changed to Fishcakes)
    Tuesday - Tagliatelle with mushrooms
    Wednesday - Quorn sausage casserole (might change)
    Thursday - Chinese New Year - might go out - otherwise something from Freezer
    Friday - Quorn Chilli Con Carne

    Catt xx
  • Mrs_Toxy
    Mrs_Toxy Forumite Posts: 26 Forumite
    Vixtress Hi - what is your recipe for Moroccan chicken, please also Joey can I have the Gnocchi recipe please with bacon and cheese- is that potato gnocchi?

    I know you asked for Joeys, but it sounds similar to mine so am posting the recipe. It's from a Sainsbury's magazine and feeds four (or me and a greedy OH).

    1 pack potato gnocchi
    2 leeks
    100g ham or bacon
    approx 300g cheese sauce

    chop leeks and cook until soft. fry off bacon if using. cook gnocchi as packet instructions. Mix leeks, gnocchi, cheese sauce and ham in a baking dish. Mix parmesan, thyme and breadcrumbs and scatter over the top. Bake for 25 mins or so until golden at about 180 C.

    Hope this helps
  • vixtress
    vixtress Forumite Posts: 1,153
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Vixtress Hi - what is your recipe for Moroccan chicken, please also Joey can I have the Gnocchi recipe please with bacon and cheese- is that potato gnocchi?
    its a recipe from this site so i cant take cedit for it, very nice it is though.

    i do it in slow cooker but doesnt have to be,

    chop up some onions and a couple of cloves of garlic, put in sc with either chopped lamb or chicken portions (i take the meat off and put it back in when there cooked)
    add 1tsp each of ground ginger, cinnamon & tumeric.
    bung in 1 or 2 tins of chick peas, a big handful of chopped, dried apricots and salt/pepper as required.
    add a pint of chicken stock and cook all day in sc.
    serve with veg, cous cous or even potatoes.....enjoy
    - prior planning prevents poor performance!

    May Grocery challenge £150 136/150
  • queenpig
    queenpig Forumite Posts: 419 Forumite
    Haven't took part in this for ages!!!

    My god! I didnt even realize its the last day of the month today!!!


    Fri - pizza garlic bread HM garlic and herb wedges.

    Sat - Tea at my lovely nanas so just snacky stuff

    sunday probably roast chicken dinner.

    Mon - lentil soup made from left over veggies and chicken carcass(sp)

    Tues - (baking day) Corned beef pie or pasties served with chips and gravy(jam tarts rock buns and cheese scones)

    Weds - cumberland sausage, mixed roast veggies garlic and herb mash.

    thurs - chicken and veg curry and fried/boiled rice

    fri - fish in HM batter (mine without) mash and mushy peas (heaven forbit i don't serve fish two fridays off the belt:rotfl: )

    I've managed to do the meal plan for the whole month (apart from having to get yogurts veg fruit sarnie meat thought the month) although maybe toward the end it mybe eating what i call a freezer surprise:rotfl: bit of this bit of that ....:o
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