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  • margaretclare
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    Margaret Clare, that is just about the same as what we want AND there is a green burial site near where we come from in the Midlands.

    Is that £2500 for the two?

    Ah no. I should be so lucky! Each.

    Whereabouts in the Midlands? I know of one near Ripley, Derbyshire, right next door to the Midland Railway site. Peace Funerals of Gleadless, Sheffield will do them. I should have done that for my younger daughter but of course, I wasn't her next-of-kin. Her husband's mother has a prejudice against burials and I think he listened to her....

    I shall never, never ever again go to any funeral at a crematorium. Back in the spring we went to the funeral of a friend of DH, an ex-Navy man, near Portsmouth. Because of a backlog at the crematorium that poor man had been in cold storage for about 3 weeks. And they were expecting us to take a wreath with us, and we didn't. And we walked into the crematorium chapel with people chattering and giggling behind us. And people not knowing what to do, not knowing the hymns...I said to DH 'Please promise me that you won't allow anything like this for me'. We won't allow it for each other.

    Luckily church will do refreshments - I was there having lunch yesterday in between morning service and a meeting, which I didn't stay for.
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  • seven-day-weekend
    It is actually at Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary Perton, Staffordshire (you have horses grazing on top of you!).

    I thought £2500 for two was too good to be true!

    Still it is something we have to sort out; my husband was saying that only the other day.
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  • balmaiden
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    We have a green burial sorted as well,wicker coffin,no flowers, no service. Family to say a few words if they would like to. Everyone back to our local for a "celebration of life." Our green burial site is also a pet cemetery. I can think of no finer thing than to lie for eternity amongst furry and feathered companions.

    My Dad died in July and was cremated. We were given the option of a service in the small new chapel in our local cemetery. Something they have started to do recently to save the bereaved the long journey to our nearest crem. More likely to speed up the amount that can be cremated in a day, but, anyway, so much nicer than the crematorium. Dad was brought to the chapel we held the service and left. Dad was then taken to the crem and his ashes brought back and interred in the cemetery. So much less stressful and less "conveyer belt like."
    Recently we went to order a small cornish granite stone to be placed over where his ashes lie. We wanted very little written on the tablet but did want d.o.b and date of death, but, were warned not to use his date of birth as people could then use this this information for identity theft.
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  • mostlycheerful
    I just did a London cremation for £772 medical certificate 142 cremation 340 coffin 75 delivery 215 total £772. I hope this info is of use or help or interest.
  • Simon_Boliver
    Very informative & interesting thread. I certainly have benefitted
    from useful advice in it.

    Simon Boliver
  • anonamous_2_u
    Pre Paid Funeral Plans

    I work as a consultant for a Pre Paid Funeral company and so many times I come across people whom have the belief that a over 50's plan will pay for the cost of a funeral at their time of departure. It is only when they then look at what has been paid in and for the period of time that they have and will have to continue paying that most people come to the realisation of why insurance companies offer such insurance.

    With a pre paid plan, a set amount has to be paid, either in a lump sum or over a period of up to 10yrs, the main difference being that once paid the full costs of a funeral are met, with additional costs for crematorium, service, certification, etc also being paid.

    The emotional burden is also eased with loved ones not having to organise a funeral for their loved one, safe in the knowledge that the wishes of the departed will be carried out as they wanted.

    The Daily Mail had an article only a week or so ago, this article was based on a study from a university, the findings showed that around 100,000 people int he UK will be hit by funeral poverty. Quite simply they will not have the finds to pay for a funeral. With doorstep lenders so often filling the financial void at a high rate of interest.

    To pre arrange and pre pay with a funeral plan is morally the only way to help those whom you leave behind. To expect those same loved ones to commit to financial borrowing at your departure is unrealistic and damaging to families at a time when emotions run high.

    Social responsibility, socially correct and above all it protects your family whilst leaving and inheritance intact.
  • Rev_BJohnson
    I'm an Independent Celebrant, and one of the most upsetting things families say to me when we are planning a funeral is that they don't know what someone wanted, because they never talked about it.

    I offer FREE advice on planning the ceremony, not the financial side, but I help people create a meaningful, personalized ceremony that reflects their beliefs, whatever they happen to be.

    You can download a FREE funeral planning document at
  • jacob_scough
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    When my grandfather passed away, he had already pre-arranged and paid for his funeral using a funeral plan and it saved my parents the financial worry.

    Funeral costs are rising faster than inflation it seems!

    This site may help others decide on planning your own funeral:
  • cydney65
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    Both myself and my partner have funeral plans. We paid over 12 months and now we don't have to worry about our daughters' having to find the money.

    Wills are also up to date and a trust fund outlined for our eldest. I'm only 49 but it has given me a great deal of comfort knowing everything is sorted.
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  • Mojisola
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    cydney65 wrote: »
    Both myself and my partner have funeral plans. We paid over 12 months and now we don't have to worry about our daughters' having to find the money.

    Wills are also up to date and a trust fund outlined for our eldest. I'm only 49 but it has given me a great deal of comfort knowing everything is sorted.

    It is a big relief to know that things are going to be as easy as possible for those you leave behind.

    It's worth reviewing your will every so often to make sure it's still what you want.
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