What's your weakness?

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    With me it's bargains - doesn't really matter what as long as it's cheap - my OH says it's not a bargain unless you need it I suppose that's true. I have a bathroom cupboard that would put Boots to shame, a shoe closet thats bulging, handbags galore, an attic & 2 sheds that can hardly cope. Definetly starting the bootsales ( selling instead of buying ) as soon as it gets warmish again. Would Ebay but it does take a lot of time !! Find it hard to get motivated for anything in the Winter. Getting married in 8 weeks time ( at least he knows what he's getting himself in for !! )

    Just think if your getting married soon your going to get oodles of pressies as well, where are you going to put them all :rotfl:

    Good luck with your wedding.
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    Books, posh toiletries - Molton Brown, L'Occitane etc - and Clinique facial care. I also buy make-up but I don't bother wearing it more than three times a year... go figure!!

    It basically boils down to the fact I love reading in the bath and smelling nice!

    I can't resist the odd gadget too - or software, that's the webdesigner in me I suppose :)
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    silly shoes the higher the better
    corsets and clothing

    books lots and lots of books
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    CD's/records..... and I can't resist going to as many gigs as I possibly can....

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    This thread made me smile! I have numerous weaknesses (in no particular order)...

    Cigarettes (very bad, and probably the most expensive!), books, dvds, jewellery, festival tickets... and friends & family - if I see something way over my present budget that I know they will love I can't seem to stop myself!
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  • In answer to Triker and Sophiesmum. Recently kicked a lifelong book addiction by getting a new job as the local library. You don't need to work there though to get access to all those lovely cookbooks, some of which cost the earth, just join. Even if you have to pay a reservation fee of 30p for the latest recipe book, averaging twenty to forty pounds to buy, think of the saving; when you are finished with them you no longer have to find shelf space or dust them. I also use the web a lot for recipes, www.bbc.co.uk/food is my favourite, as you put in the ingredients you have, and it brings up a selection of recipes for it. The recipes that work get written down in a nice A5 notebook and kept for use again, along of course with all the good ones from the library books. Apologies if this is not in the required format, but this is my first post.
    The answer to the Lakeland addiction is pure cold turkey in my case.
  • Apologies, all. This post should have been at the bottom of page one for the thread to make sense, hopefully this helps.
  • addicted to shoes - usually bang head of window while trying to get a better look.

    And nice bottles of wine on special offer - though cant drink any for a while atm.

    I will resist shoe temptation i dont need any more!!!!!!!
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    Bags and books - counted my bags - 36:eek: (and I got rid of some last year before moving) cant count my books have far too many and they are in boxes in the spare bedroom waiting for me to read :rolleyes: them ... oh and since joining MSE have started a money box addition :rotfl:
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