What's your weakness?

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    mcrfan wrote: »
    Clothes, make-up, clothes, make-up....
    I have more tops and make-up than one person can surely need in a lifetime.....

    Can I have some of yours??:D
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    My weakness is philosophy beauty products, chanel red lipstick, and benefit stuff, plus fashion jewellery.:rolleyes:
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    Work Part Time:D

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    My weaknesses are fags and coffee (any brand rich roast instant), books and ...ahem kebabs (limited to once a month and homemade at that).:eek:

    I adore handbags too but I make them as a little sideline which is helping pay for ahem again...the fags, coffee and kebabs.:D :D:D

    Offset like a bank account I spose.....;)

    One of my really looked-forward to things at the end of a busy week is to pop in the library during late night opening on a Friday, grab a couple of books, get home, kick off my shoes and have a good old read with a cup of coffee, fags and munchies at the ready.

    love Sassers xxxx
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  • Triker, you may collect bowls; but my weakness is jugs :o
    I'm well known for my jugs :D
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    Triker wrote: »
    Ooooh I'm a books and kitchen equipment [strike]addict[/strike] collector too. :T Got a thing for big bowls (make of that what you will Freud) and cookery books, got loads, hardly made a thing from em :D , just a few select recipes.
    In fact, shhh tell no one, I've been known to read my cookery books in bed at night, dear dierdrie, is this normal?.

    Must admit, Nigella, Jamie and Rick come to bed with me too. So I'm also a bit tapped. Comes in useful when I look at the motley collection of stuff in the fridge most nights.

    Yes, I know I'm supposed to write a list, but i can't be that organised to plan what I want to eat in advance; it just depends what I fancy that day.

    And I think my weakness is food shopping, delis, butchers, give me a good cheese shop and I'm in heaven! :coffee:
  • My weaknesses are books and plants. Now books I can borrow from the library or buy cheaply from a charity shop or library sale but plants aaaah.............

    And I now have a 120 foot neglected ie bare garden to play in.

    I have sublimated my weakness by using PTA funds to make up containers to brighten up the school grounds (authorised policy and very much appreciated by the school staff) but I still feel the call of the garden centre and this is the time of year for seed and plant catalogues to fall through the letterbox........

    My local Sainsburys does good reductions on houseplants and flowers past their sellby date and as a result I came home with 5 African Violets at 50p each last week and then had to find somewhere to put them. It cost me another £12 in those stainless steel corner racks for bathrooms to fit on the bath corners but they do look really nice and of course love being in the bathroom.

    I also haunt the supermarkets for past it roses etc 20p will often get me a bunch which will never open but hung upside down will dry beautifully and 2 bunches of 30p sunflowers has given me a triffid like dried display and colourful yellow petals for potpourri bowls (but you do need to disguise the smell a bit with scented oil).

    But when it comes down to it I'm just an addict even if I do apply moneysaver principles to the process.

    However unlike sweeties plants don't usually make you fat.:A
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    OliveOyl wrote: »
    Triker, you may collect bowls; but my weakness is jugs :o
    I'm well known for my jugs :D

    Bowls and jugs eh, is that an x rated website?:rotfl:
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  • I think i am addicted to buy socks!
    I have at least 30 brand new pairs, all different bright novelty socks!! I cant bring myself to wear any of them, its like i need to keep them all!
    Oh also fleece tops, i have lots of fleece tops and many of these are still brand new aswell!
    And thinking about it shoes aswell.........
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    Mine is nice toiletries, pre LBM it used to be Molton Brown.

    The trouble is, I used to buy things, open them and have a smell, then save them, and use cheapo stuff. They all smell horrible now, because they've been there so long and not been used :confused:
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    Used to be shoes!

    Rose wine!

    Celeb gossip magazines ("oh it's only £1.40" - soon adds up!!)
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